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 +[[Release Notes|<< List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 1.3 - Key Features ======
 +===== Major items include =====
 +  * Youth are now grouped by patrols.  Patrols can be created/modify/deleted from within the app.
 +  * Added a "Ready to Test" state, in response to user feedback!
 +  * A variety of user experience tweaks resulting from user feedback
 +  * Improved Firefox experience
 +  * Bug fixes
 +===== Update Experience =====
 +Note, this update involves a schema change to the database.  So, in terms of what you'll experience the next time you launch the app: first, you'll see the app update itself and then the iPhone/iPod database will rebuild itself from the data in the on-line repository, during which time you'll see a progress bar as the app re-downloads ALL the updates you've applied to your sections's youth.
 +Thankfully, re-applying all the record updates is only done once... after they've all been reapplied to the rebuilt database, you'll only ever see incremental record updates.
 +===== Ready-to-Test Status =====
 +The idea behind this status is that the youth can mark some requirements as "Ready to Test", and a leader can quickly see what's going to need testing at the next meeting/camp.  Note, a leader is still the only individual who can actually mark a requirement/badge as complete, but this gives the youth a means of bringing attention to certain badges.
 +Along with this new status comes the first troop-wide report.   In this case, it shows the leader a list of all the youth who have badges ready for testing, and with the ability to tap/click on a badge name, to see what the youth has requested testing on.
 +===== Patrol Assignments =====
 +Initially all your youth will be in an 'Unassigned' patrol.  Patrol is a property of the youth, so to assign a youth to another patrol, go to Settings, drill down to the scout you'd like to assign, and click on Patrol.  Initially this will offer you a choice of only 'Unassigned' So, click on the Edit button above the list of patrols, and you'll be able to create/rename/delete patrols.