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 +[[Release Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]] 
 +====== Release 1.8 - Key Features ====== 
 +  * Reports can now be grouped by either "​scout/​cub"​ or by "​badge"​. ​ This offers the ideal presentation for both a) going to the badge box, and b) handing out the badges to each youth in the ceremony. 
 +  * Order of Scout "​Personal Development"​ and "​Outdoor Skills"​ activity badges swapped to conform with long-established paper record sheets and the handbook. 
 +  * "​Awarded'​ date now shows up in the badge details status. 
 +  * Updated requirements for Scout Swimming and Sailing challenge badges to cover new acceptable certification levels. 
 +  * Tweaked the UI presentation of auto requirements for Parent/​Youth login accounts. 
 +  * Highlight when Parent/​Youth Logins have no accessed Scouts/Cubs defined (makes the login kinda useless!) 
 +  * Moved the Save/Cancel buttons to the toolbar of the Youth/Login pickers... Scrolling to the bottom of the page to save was a pain. 
 +  * Added a checkmark after badge links in certain badge requirements (e.g., Voyageur Scout Award has a requirement that  that Citizenship/​Leadership/​PersonalDev/​Outdoor activity badges all be earned), and the UI now shows which ones have been earned or not.  
 +  * A variety of bug fixes (hopefully most of which you haven'​t encountered!)