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 +[[Release Notes|<< List of all previous releases]] 
 +====== Release 1.9 - Key Features ====== 
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements ===== 
 +  * Parent/Youth Logins can finally change their own password 
 +  * 'By Badge' report now has sub-selection by individual requirement (helps you with program planning, in that it quickly see who has/has not completed a particular requirement) 
 +  * 'By Badge' report's youth are now grouped by patrols 
 +  * Consistent presentation of patrols (always sorted by patrol name) 
 +  * Allow badge completion logic to be overridden in DB 
 +  * Allow badge requirement re-ordering/re-labeling in DB 
 +  * Easier selection of multiple youth when marking requirements/badges in bulk 
 +===== Bug Fixes ===== 
 +  * Synced updates for awarded badges weren't applying the timestamp 
 +  * Apply awarded badges timestamp to non-DB impletantions (e.g., FireFox) 
 +  * Corrected escaping/encoding of data (now supports display names like "Alice & Bob" or "Sam <Dad>"
 +  * TROOP: P.Personal Development #5 was missing from the database! 
 +  * Completion changes made to multiple youth after initially viewing reports, are now correctly reflected when the reports are re-viewed