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 +[[Release Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 10.1 - Key Features ======
 +===== Merging Youth =====
 +It is possible to end up with multiple records for the same youth, particularly after a MyScouts import when the names and/or Scouts Canada member number don't match for particular youth, or when you Link/Move Up a youth to the next section in which the Scouters had already manually created a record for that youth).
 +So now, you can merge the two records so that the youth'​s Logins, Contact Emails, Signups/​Payments/​Attendance,​ badge records, etc. are all appropriately combined.
 +===== Delegate Email Address =====
 +Some sections want any email sent out from the adult leadership team to come from a single email address, e.g., "​",​ regardless of which Scouter actually sent the email. ​ So you can now edit your own login and specify the address that you want to appear on the FROM line of your emails. ​ A verification process is in place to ensure that you actually have permission to use the delegate email address.
 +Additionally,​ if you have a Yahoo! or AOL email address, you'll find that both companies recently implemented policies in which services like ScoutsTracker are no longer permitted to let you send emails. ​ This meant that your emails had to be sent from,​ with you being CC'd on the email. ​ This had the unfortunate side-effect that some parents would try to respond to your email and their reply would bounce. ​  Now, if you have a Yahoo! or AOL email address, you'll be able to specify a delegate email address you can access (e.g., "​"​).
 +===== Canadian Path Implementation =====
 +The Aquatic Skills were added, bringing the total of released badges to five.
 +Images for all the supported OAS badges were added.
 +Renamed "Ready to Test" (as used when setting a requirement status, and in the Troop Reports) to be "Ready to Demonstrate"​. ​ This is to emphasize that the Scouting Programs are not about school-like assessment.
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +  * Leave the "​Edit"​ button exposed for other section'​s events, and display "you have to import it first, or edit it in the other account"​ message.
 +  * Added "Ways to Pay" page to clarify payment options
 +  * Better default values for the "​include in annual report"​ flag
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * EMAIL: Clicking "Add Parents"​ was removing the two-deep leaders from the CC line
 +  * EMAIL: You would incorrectly get a "You have no parent email addresses"​ message if you had "Other Email Addresses"​ specified for a youth, but no parent logins
 +  * EMAIL: "Quick Pick" for an event email had a typo in one of the cell tooltips
 +  * EMAIL: Don't reject forbidden domains when the sender is a parent/​youth asking a question
 +  * Sharing/​opening links to events/​badges didn't work if you were currently signed in on an account with "ultra secure mode" set
 +  * Couldn'​t drill down on some external events
 +  * Formatting of printed-out calendar was broken
 +  * Line height of multi-line event/badge was too small
 +  * Birthday events incorrectly supported an email archive
 +  * MYSCOUTS: possible error trying to import file