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 +[[Release Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 10.4 - Key Features ======
 +I have a policy of not simultaneously changing the underlying guts of ScoutsTracker at the same time that I introduce new features or change the UI, as it can make troubleshooting users' problems much more difficult.
 +Consequently this is just an architectural and database schema change, for the purposes of preparing for some expanded Canadian Path support. ​ But otherwise almost everything should work exactly as it did before, with few exceptions described below.
 +But because this is a pretty huge change, please email me at if you have any issues. ​ I'll do my best to react quickly.
 +===== Group Level Identification =====
 +Just like you currently pick your Council and Area from a dropdown list when creating an account, you now also can (and must) pick your Group from a dropdown list.
 +For existing accounts, I've done as much automatic Group identification as possible, but it's possible that I wasn't able to do a match (e.g., you originally created an account as "3rd Bluesky",​ but your Area merged some Groups, and now officially there is only the "11th Bluesky"​). ​ If this is the case, you'll be asked to pick your Group when you next connect.
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ add hierarchy designator (Group, Area, Council, National)
 +  * Google Calendar should show items from beginning of season
 +  * Add "now you need to modify the logins"​ message after toggling "Allow scouts to help manage records"​
 +  * Added microsoft email domains (hotmail, live, outlook) to the list of domains that you can't send from
 +  * "​Connect via another login" now shows whether non-scouter logins are actually "​Parent"​ or "​Scout"​
 +  * Updated Vertical Skills 2 and 3 with new requirements
 +  * ADMIN: addNonPayPalPayment:​ tax calculated incorrectly,​ section_id should default to -1, taxation was being left blank
 +  * ADMIN: addNonPayPayToGroup needs "​update expiry?"​ option
 +  * ADMIN: added requirement migration
 +  * ADMIN: added Janitor process for culling Log records
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * Checkmarks in Personal Record Sheets were showing up as missing
 +  * Some event label/​attribute images in Personal Record Sheets were showing up as missing images
 +  * Council invite was showing with "​Accept/​Decline"​ option in sections with Council-wide license
 +  * Create new leader, uncheck 'can administer account',​ and '​contact settings'​ would disappear
 +  * Update youth contacts when importing from MyScouts
 +  * Signup of leaders without the "​manage schedule"​ permission were creating duplicate records
 +  * CANADIAN PATH: Program areas weren'​t being propagated as part of subscriptions
 +  * Fixed a typo (missing punctuation/​space) in the transfer notification email
 +  * Click on other subscribed event, then "​modify"​ in the top subsection. And you'd get time-of-day fields
 +  * Editing subscribed events can sometimes show an empty list for "​Plan"​
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Toggling "​Account"​ | "​Sections"​ | "​Expired Sections"​ hides the Create new Account button row.
 +===== Patch (2015-12-29) =====
 +  * Deleting a patrol with one member in it gives a warning message with plurals
 +  * Deleting a patrol with one or more members only affects first
 +  * Deleting a patrol with one or more members deletes youthContact info
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ could not load list of sections if you had unaccepted email invites
 +  * "​Account"​ | "​Collaboration"​ has double tags on section names when sorted by "​Grouping Label"
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ setting group'​s scope to be "All Groups"​ (i.e., Area account) would change the name of the account to "All Groups"​ instead of the Area name
 +  * Couldn'​t manually add new youth
 +  * Couldn'​t delete or update recently manually-added youth/​leaders
 +===== Patch (2016-01-03) =====
 +  * Duplicating ID generated "there may have been a problem saving your event" error message
 +  * Some new accounts were being created with a name of "No Name"
 +===== Patch (2016-01-04) =====
 +  * You could edit an account and clear the name and still be allowed to save it
 +  * Not all section badge transactions were being downloaded
 +===== Patch (2016-01-06) =====
 +  * Scouter-only events reported "No participants"​ even if Scouters did attend
 +  * Simultaneously updating youth record and login record was bypassing rid initialization
 +  * You could (unsuccessfully try to) add an attachment to an event that you hadn't yet saved
 +  * ADMIN: improved the wording of new account notification messages
 +===== Patch (2016-01-08) =====
 +  * Leader migration code was re-entrant
 +  * Script to correct migration errors in leader signup
 +  * ADMIN: count of events in searchSections should probably only return non-deleted ones
 +===== Patch (2016-01-14) =====
 +  * ADMIN: account creation notification emails of personal accounts were not reporting name(s) correctly
 +  * ADMIN: account creation notification emails of accounts with subgroups were listing subgroups twice
 +  * RocketMail and YMail added to DMARC domain list
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ event view was showing out-of-date section name for sections that had collaborated with sections before inviting them and then subsequently been rename