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 +[[Release_Notes|<< List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 11.2 - Key Features ======
 +===== Canadian Path Personal Achievement Badges =====
 +Individual youth are able to describe their 3-, 4-, or 5-step adventures via a fill-in-the-blanks Plan-Do-Review structure for the badge(s), based on the templates and the questions/suggestions in Scouts Canada section-specific guides
 +Once the scouter and youth have agreed to the plan, the scouter can "lock" the requirements so the youth can't retroactively alter the agreed-upon requirements
 +There is support for applying details to multiple youth, so that if a Lair all decide that they want to collectively undertake Caving, they don't have to each manually re-enter the agreed-upon adventure details.  I.e., a Scouter can quickly apply one youth's requirements to the others in the lair
 +There is a new report that shows which youth are working on each of the PAB's, and conversely, what youth-defined badges have been created for each PAB.
 +PAB's are also listed in the youths' Personal Record Sheets.
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +  * Added tally of events in each program area
 +  * Have a year-0 option for youth
 +  * Changing current scout whilst editing notes, kicks you back up to the badge view
 +  * Events a youth isn't eligible for aren't downloaded from the database
 +  * Added "parent participation" label
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * Still getting "forbidden domain" message
 +  * "Account" | "Collaboration" | "Other Sections" was unnecessarily showing the section level twice
 +  * Description and Scouters Notes were blank upon first import/push of an event
 +  * Multi-event owing report was showing "paid" checkmarks for youth who were ineligible to attend the event
 +  * Couldn't re-license for 3- or 6-month terms in some section levels
 +===== Patch (2016-05-09) =====
 +  * BUG: count of current youth's completed PAB's was never updated
 +  * BUG: embedded calendars weren't loading
 +  * ENH: added "parent participation" label
 +===== Patch (2016-05-11) =====
 +  * BUG: youth/parents could edit personal notes, but not add them
 +  * BUG: caught situation in which events could have null names
 +  * BUG: drilling down on a related requirement in an unfinalized past event was causing the list of badge requirements to be truncated
 +===== Patch (2016-05-18) =====
 +==== Canadian Path Top Section Awards ====
 +The new Canadian Path top section awards are now included for all youth sections.
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * COMMISSIONERS: added auto-assignment of sections to Grouping labels
 +  * scrub legacy notes as they get replaced by new content (prevent ASSERT's)
 +  * added link to Release Notes under "Account" | "About"
 +  * auto-logging of error msg when events don't sync
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * Some webhook sync message could overrun 255 chars
 +  * Incorrectly challenged for Group name when purchasing, after trying and failing to enter a license key
 +  * Irrelevant merging text included in many "Move Up" emails
 +  * COMMISSIONERS: "Environmental Projects" label used wrong key
 +===== Patch (2016-05-26) =====
 +  * BUG: Fixed a SQL grammar problem with parent accesses
 +  * BUG: Fixed a NPE when anonymously accessing a Commissioner account schedule
 +  * BUG: Attempt to circumvent a SQL grammar exception when fetching reject list
 +  * BUG: Signup notes glyph wasn't showing tooltip with the youth's signup notes
 +  * BUG: Multi-event owing report had alignment problems when youth didn't owe anything because they hadn't signed up
 +  * BUG: Toggling options in "multi-event" signup report causes "group by" dropdowns to appear in each divider
 +  * BUG: Search match in "troop news" causes blank entry to be showni in search results
 +  * BUG: Count of event participants was including scouters when signed in as a Youth/Parent
 +===== Patch (2016-06-01) =====
 +  * BUG: GUIDES: References to "Old Program" should only visible in Scouting versions
 +  * BUG: Caught a NPE when viewing a specific report
 +  * BUG: SOAP::sendReceipt was still only sending to support email address
 +  * BUG: Posting to Closed FB was failing but only reporting a cryptic "error 100" message
 +===== Patch (2016-06-08) =====
 +  * BUG: COMMISSIONERS: Fixed a NPE associated with email-based invitations
 +  * BUG: Added auto-poll mechanism to compensate for lost webhook messages
 +  * ENH: Added a timer parameter to improve responsiveness of first status pol
 +  * ENH: Added better logic to re-start timer when scrolling through emails
 +  * ENH: ADMIN: Write a "health check" servlet to replace default ELB method