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 +[[Release_Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 13.0 - Key Features ======
 +===== Login-less Signup of Events in Emails =====
 +It can be a pain convincing parents/​youth to connect to ScoutsTracker and sign up for events!
 +So now there is an "​RSVP"​ button in the email editor that will insert a placeholder for signup buttons in an email. ​ These buttons will be individually-customized when the email is sent out to include the information about the members who are being asked to sign up (e.g., name and event fee, if applicable).
 +If an email is associated with multiple members... e.g., a scouter and her child, or two siblings, then there will be a customized set of buttons for //each// member so that their individual signups can be appropriately recorded.
 +Additionally,​ if you add the RSVP buttons to an email for an event that didn't have sign-up enabled, the event will automatically be modified to have sign-up enabled.
 +===== Youth Can Create Personal Events =====
 +In order to assist with the youth-led nature of the Canadian Path, youth are now (optionally) allowed to create //​Personal//​ events on the schedule. ​ This lets the youth record their own adventures, or capture plans to be undertaken by their patrol/lair or by the entire section.
 +As personal events, they are only visible to the youth who created the event, and their scouters. ​ But if you want the event to be visible to all youth/​parents in the section (i.e., you're comfortable with a Scout'​s plan for a Troop event) then you can subsequently change the visibility.
 +You can enable this feature by going to "​Account"​ | "​Advanced"​. ​ Note that is a much softer section-wide version of the existing per-login permission of "Can Manage Schedule"​. ​ The latter gives a youth the ability to make //any// change to the schedule, whereas this new feature only lets youth create their own personal events.
 +    ​
 +===== Commissioners Can Email Scouters/​Parents/​Youth in Their Sections =====
 +A frequently-requested feature, Commissioners now have the ability to select "​everyone"​ and/or "​parents"​ and/or "​leaders"​ on the email composition page.
 +This will then take advantage of the records kept by each section account, and send a BCC message to all sections in the Group.
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +  * Always show all OAS Stages in the list of related requirements
 +  * Add a "Do you want to navigate away from this page" warning when managing attendance
 +  * Many javascript confirm'​s changed to lightboxes
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ made "​master"​ settings visible for all accounts, but with helpful tips if you're not qualified to set it
 +  * If an event has zero attendance, don't include it in the count of events used in the percentage attendance score in the Attendance table
 +  * The words "not me" and "maybe me" reports of your own signup should be bold
 +  * Optimized "Other Badges"​ page generation
 +  * Remove the "learn about transitioning to the canadian path" button on the Home Screen
 +  * Make the "Start a New Year" and "Wrap up the current Year" Home Screen buttons time-dependent ​ * WIKI: auto open/close the wiki navigation tab based on screen size (because quick reference is unreadable on small screens, and people didn't know to click open/close button)
 +  * ADMIN: Tag purchases to volume licenses
 +  * ADMIN: Sending a receipt has option to send to different address than payer
 +  * ADMIN: should automatically send a receipt upon recording a non paypal payment
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * Catch a potential NPE when there is a delay getting the Logins data
 +  * CP: If same badge name were used in the old and CP Programs, it could cause a column to be missing in the "Give Credit"​ table
 +  * IMPORT: youth'​s year-in-program value wasn't being updated on re-import
 +  * Related Requirements picker needs a "Show all Stages"​ button, because oherwise Vents can't pick something from Camping Outdoor Skills #1.
 +  * Inactive scouts ready-to-award should not impact the inventory '​demand'​
 +  * "​Account"​ | "​Youth"​ | <some kid> | "Add Login" does not add the new login as one of the youth'​s contacts
 +  * Fixed a typo in shared inventory error message
 +  * Removed some non-functional event options from parent/​youth view
 +  * Fixed Nov 1st "​nMonths not defined"​ message
 +  * Duplicate word "​Scouts"​ in event summary when there is a different guest/youth price
 +  * Fixed an issue with left-over events when swapping between different accounts at the same level using logins with the same email address
 +  * ADMIN: Recording non-paypal doesn'​t update the license size
 +  * ADMIN: sendReceipt shows current size of license as opposed to # purchase
 +  * ADMIN: Use section'​s default domain if host is an IP address
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Some commissioners couldn'​t unlicense accounts
 +===== Patch 13.0.1 (2017-11-06) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * RSVP: "Add non-rsvp'​d"​ participants to compose email
 +  * RSVP: "Add signed up YES" participants to compose email
 +  * RSVP: Include "​RSVP"​ annotation beside some emails
 +  * RSVP: Includes a dynamic image that shows member'​s current signup, in GMail/​Outlook/​etc.
 +  * Signup notification email now includes # guests and comments
 +  * Option to make signup for non-meetings on or off by default
 +  * Can specify a list of default recipients of event signup notification emails
 +  * Fixed some links recently broken by SC during the redesign
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * RSVP: Not including the sender in the list of the recipients... therefore no mergevars!
 +  * RSVP: Only sending out one email per youth (i.e., skipping multiple parents)
 +  * RSVP: sender was getting double button rows if they were also in the to/cc/bcc row
 +  * RSVP: was not sending out signup notification email when RSVP button used to change signup
 +  * Text error in "​Account"​ | "​Inventory"​ | "​Options"​
 +===== Patch 13.0.2 (2017-11-10) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * RSVP: better feedback upon resubmitting signup
 +  * RSVP: More informative messages about culling recipients from RSVP messages
 +  * "Add Recipients"​ should respect where the cursor is.  E.g., if you have it it in "​CC"​ field and click "Add Scouters"​ it should not insert them into "​To"​ line.  But must respect BCC requirements
 +  * Add a "​exclude from emails"​ option for scouters (enabled by default for "​master",​ disabled by default for all other scouters)
 +  * Added ani-placeholders for event name/​location
 +  * ADMIN: addNonPayPal should send receipt directly to payer_email
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * Fixed blank edit-email page
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Restored 'Quick Pick' to composition add recipients drop-down
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Selecting "Add Key People"​ was actually adding all section scouters
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Only the license contact_email could set the "​master"​ login, but they don't always have logins...
 +  * After signing out, the "​Collaboration"​ link remained visible
 +  * Disabling 'allow youth led' still left the youth who'd previously been granted extra permission with the same access
 +  * Updating collaboration color wasn't updating list in "​Account"​ | "​Collaboration"​ until next reconnection
 +  * ADMIN: Export was spitting out "​null"​ for missing transaction.outing_key
 +===== Patch 13.0.3 (2017-11-15) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * IMPORT: Changed the way that "​pending"​ and "​inactive"​ members are handled, for both youth and Scouters, and for both new and existing members
 +  * IMPORT: Report members who were, or ought to be, inactivatied
 +  * Improved tooltip for signups where the parental login that signed it up has no display name
 +  * RSVP: Make a best-effort attempt to infer who is doing the signup, based on the recipient'​s email address
 +  * EMAIL: Email add distinct "Add Recipients"​ buttons for each of the to/bcc/cc fields, except when "alway Bcc is set"
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * EMAIL: Fixed a bug selecting names from quick pick
 +  * RSVP: mergevars were using a email->​member mapping that incorrectly took a login'​s "​delegate"​ email address into consideration
 +  * If you toggled "​Account"​ | "​Advanced"​ | "Allow youth to help manage the account",​ then "​Account"​ | "​Logins"​ | <some youth> wasn't showing/​hiding the youth'​s login permissions until you next connected (i.e., refreshed)
 +  * If you went to "​Account"​ | "​Logins"​ and set show by "Email Addresses"​ AND you had "Allow youth to help manage the account"​ set, then any youth with the "Can see all youth" permission was being hidden from this list of logins
 +  * Updating inventory was failing if you were editing a uniform-invariant item, and you'd never previously edited any uniform-invariant item
 +===== Patch 13.0.4 (2017-12-11) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * RSVP: Better inference of who the signer-upper is when there are no YouthContact records
 +  * The '​All'​ button for recording attendance/​payment now works on Scouters as well as Youth
 +  * Exclude youth attendance from the attendance report for scouter-only events, even when youth were previously-marked as attending
 +  * Resend license key upon group license renewal
 +  * Rename "​Section Key" to "​Customer"​ in the PayPal form to reduce confusion
 +  * Flag members who were NOT in the Import from MyScouts file (for subsequent culling)
 +  * Changed the sort order of Group Names in the "​Account"​ | "​Public Profile"​ | "​Groups"​ selector
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ When you *unlicense* an account, it shouldn'​t be necessary have to refetch the "Usage Report"​ (since there'​s no *new* data)
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * Error trying to print signup sheet from event details pages
 +  * Avoid an error when the connection is taking too long
 +  * Detect a case where the login name is shown as '​undefined'​ rather than '​Unknown'​
 +  * RSVP: When dealing with Scouters with very old logins, there was a rare change that "Thank you, <​NAME>"​ would show the wrong name
 +  * Clicking on "Print as Signup Sheet" from the event'​s signup management page wasn't doing anything
 +  * When you connect to an expired account, it says "You can't do that with an expired account",​ before you even try to do anything
 +  * When creating a new event from the calendar, and deselecting the eligible flag, you'd get a message incorrectly saying the event had already started
 +  * "​Home"​ | "Pond Map" | "​Ringtail'​s Hollow"​ | "​next"​ | "​prev"​ gives you an empty list of events
 +  * ROVERS: "​Canadian Rover Badge" wasn't selectable on the Related Badges list, or on the list of selcetable badges for "​Completion"​ report
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ If you invite/​uninvite/​re-invite a section, you can't subsequently uninvite it
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Drilling down to a Group/Area account under "​Account"​ | "​Sections",​ the "​License"​ field was incorrectly showing as "​Free"​
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Sometimes when creating a new section, after having clicked on "​Home"​ | "​Sections",​ you wouldn'​t be able to see your Group selection
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ When creating Group/Area section accounts, the entered license key would be scrubbed... leaving the new account in a '​Trial'​ state
 +  * ADMIN: Volume'​s expiry date could, in some cases, use the customer section ID's expiry
 +===== Patch 13.0.5 (2018-02-21) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * Added "Troop Leader"​ woggles for Scouts/Sea Scouts
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ misleading error message when trying to change "​master"​ login in non-licensing account
 +  * Catch potential exception in getRequirementWeight
 +  * Fixed an issue in which a birthday event was missing the '​isimplicit'​ flag, and was therefore getting stuck in the "​Queued Events"​ list
 +  * Fixed a typo in the renewed Group license email
 +  * Badge requirements that were marked as complete, and associated with an event, via the "In Bulk" interface weren'​t having those events show up in the "​Related Events"​ listing for the badge
 +  * Fixed potential exception upon startup synchronization problem
 +  * Fixed harmless DOM error
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ you could get a mismatch between a new section'​s canononical name "1st Muddy Paw - Group" and the actual level of the account being created.
 +  * Fixed link to Thanks submission page, that was broken in the latest SC website redesign
 +  * Forbid payment until the council/​area/​group have been selected (for establishing taxation)