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 +[[Release_Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 15.3 - Key Features ======
 +===== Feature: Parent/​Guardian Consent =====
 +According to the Scouts Canada Adventure Standard, Parent/​Guardian consent to participate is required for all events that involve any out-of-country travel (even for short/​nearby trips that don't require a Tour Permit) or that are risk category 3. When either of those two conditions are met, ScoutsTracker will automatically help you collect that consent.
 +To support this, there is now a new "​out-of-country"​ checkbox for events.
 +When an event requires Parent/​Guardian Consent, scouters and/or parents will be record consent for that event. ​ Most easily, it can be done by completely a pre-filled form, and clicking submit. ​ This can be done parents or Scouters who happen to be parents of members. ​ Additionally,​ consent can be provided via scan(s)/​photograph(s) of a printed-out and signed pre-filled form.
 +Consent can also be provided via the RSVP email buttons.
 +Consent is fully-integrated into the Adventure Application Form, with the GC being able to click on a link beside each under-18 member (youth or Scouter) to see what was recorded.
 +Consent is also integrated into the "Quick Pick" mechanism so, for example, you can select all "​YES"​ signups and add them as recipients, then select all those that submitted consent and removed them from the recipient list, leaving on the people you have to send a nag message to.
 +For more details, see the quick reference guide (https://​​wiki/​doku.php?​id=quick_reference_guide#​parent_guardian_consent_form)
 +===== Feature: Organization-Wide Licensing Prep =====
 +The information website ( and the "​Account"​ | "​License"​ page have been updated to explain the details of the new license, which will kick in on July 1st.
 +The "​Account"​ | "​License"​ page also includes details about whether you will be offered the option to request a refund, and exactly how much that refund would be.
 +===== Feature: National/​Council Calendar Synchronization =====
 +In anticipation of the new organization-wide license, there is now a mechanism in place to automatically synchronize events from the official Scouts Canada national and Council Calendars. ​  I.e., when staff add an event to the national calendar, that event will be automatically visible to any account that has opted to display the national calendar.
 +===== Adventure Application Form Enhancements =====
 +  * ENH: SS-2206: Don't allow resend of AAF if the event category has changed
 +  * ENH: Offer an "​attendance list is attached"​ option
 +  * ENH: Explicitly mention the Section Level of the submitted, e.g., "1st Muddy Paw - Scouts"​ rather than just "1st Muddy Paw"​. ​ Yes, it's inferrable from the word "​Scouts"​ in the participation list, but it could explicit?
 +  * ENH: SS-2074: Allow modifications of all-day events within the first 24 hours of the start time
 +  * ENH: Feedback to submitter before submission if the GC has opted out of receiving emails
 +  * ENH: Confirmation to submitter before submission if the GC email address isn't on the list of GC's
 +  * BUG: "​target=_blank"​ link icon is left-aligned in approval email
 +  * BUG: SS-2004: Misleading error message when attempting to modify submitted forms
 +  * BUG: SS-2129: "form too large" errors eventually kick you offline, rather than reporting a useful message
 +===== PRC Support Removed =====
 +PRC dates are no longer tracked for Scouter and Rover members, and the the "PRC Expiry"​ report has been removed.
 +SC was concerned that having data in ScoutsTracker might mean that people wouldn'​t be too concerned about making sure that MyScouts was promptly updated, and for liability reasons, it is imperative that MyScouts be the sole "​record of truth" for PRC's.
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +  * Fixed SC typos in risk categories descriptions
 +  * SS-2109: When changing the Grouping on the signup worksheets, don't warn about losing work (since it's just a printable worksheet)
 +  * Keep lightboxes displayed until page is updated after adding/​removing attachments
 +  * Sync doesn'​t dismiss extent lightboxes
 +  * Consolidate all alertIcons on calendar to show that there'​s something missing (e.g., no SFA, no AAF, missing consent) rather than showing multiple icons
 +  * SS-2132: Offer the ability to hide inactive logins when editing a Youth'​s logins
 +  * Prevent migration notifications from being sent if no recipients have opted in (was defaulting to no-reply)
 +  * EMAIL: Show/Hide 'Add all Signed up YES' and 'Add all Non-RSVP'​d'​ for events that do/​don'​t have signup enabled
 +  * Add "By Risk Category"​ to event grouping
 +  * Improved warning when deleting event that has signup or payment information
 +  * SS-2103: Pasting into editor needs to strip out id (and class?) tags
 +  * Added volume-based transaction lookup
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * Adding a new login via "​Account"​ | "​Logins"​ | <Youth Name> | "​Add"​ was showing the wrong name in a message box if the added email address also accessed another youth in the section
 +  * SS-2143: Events in calendar collapse after saving event and clicking "<<​ Schedule"​ button
 +  * SS-2144: Clicking "​Accept"​ on the EULA page doesn'​t take you anywhere
 +  * SS-2131: "​Account"​ | "​Logins"​ logins was showing "​0"​ for all "Other Participants",​ even if they did have some logins
 +  * SS-2135: Horizontal charts grouping of youth wasn't always reflecting the "Group by" toggle if changed on an other page, first
 +  * SS-2123: Clicking "​Accept"​ on the EULA doesn'​t do anything
 +  * SS-2167: Quick Pick shouldn'​t select non-paying members if the fee for that member is zero
 +  * PayPal refund doesn'​t update volume expiry
 +  * SS-2214: Meetings with signup and guests allowed but zero costs for guests was causing the prepaid dues setting to be ignored for youth who were bringing guests
 +  * SS-2208: Facebook-appended parameters were screwing up links to badges
 +  * EMAIL: Could open wrong draft after viewing event between draft sessions
 +  * EMAIL: Could end up with a long breadtrail crumb when navigating in and out of email archive report
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Hide empty line that shows up in unaccepted section invitations
 +===== Patch (2020-03-10) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * Don't use scary deletion warning for youth with no meaningful records
 +  * Show scary warning when deleting events with meaningful records
 +  * SS-2238: Subscribing to an event with a Transportation Plan should let you edit your own copy of that plan
 +  * Reject emails that end with "​.cm",​ "​.ocm"​ or "​.om"​
 +  * Move change password and change security PIN into their own pages
 +  * Prevent browser from asking if you want save the security PIN as a password
 +  * Eliminate need for re-signing in after changing your own email address
 +  * Lists of logins are now dynamically created
 +  * Resetting the password and/or PIN of a section master login should update the commissioner login
 +  * SS-2248: Permit pasting of HTML-styled text into editor, while still stripping out id and class attributes
 +  * ADMIN: Special license message for Carleton Area accounts
 +  * Suppress red-herring asserts for login -1
 +  * ADMIN: Added a SOAP method to record a nat'l license refund
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * SS-2232: Clicking EULA on sometimes doesn'​t navigate to anywhere
 +  * Drilling down youth details to "​Amounts Owed" report has a back button erroneously labelled as "​Home"​
 +  * "​Amounts Owed" icons were overlapping
 +  * SS-2227: Exception when trying to determine if deleted member had provided consent
 +  * SS-2235: More bad links from SC website redesign
 +  * SS-2234: Couldn'​t send emails from some events with guests
 +  * SS-2231: RSVP-generated parent/​guardian contsent wasn't being tagged with an account ID
 +  * Couldn'​t merge youth
 +  * Individual purchases made after a multi-section purchase were skewing the refund entitlement calculation
 +  * SS-2244: Couldn'​t send emails for events with required deposits
 +  * QUADRANT: Marks of zero not included in transcript
 +  * Subscription events have a non-editable Transportation field in summary AND an editable Transportation textarea
 +  * Prevent metadata decryption exceptions after changing the PIN
 +  * Fixed HashSet ConcurrentModificationException when importing Pack events into the Troop
 +  * SS-2250: Auto-collaborate toggle switch not being initialized correctly after Group sets mandatory auto-collaborate
 +===== Patch (2020-03-24) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * ADMIN: Added constrained options to SoapTest
 +  * Removed deprecated "bring a buddy pin" from inventory
 +  * Added an "​include youth" toggle to qualifications report
 +  * SS-1108, SS-2281: CP: Cub woggles
 +  * Only permit a single GC per group
 +  * SS-2284: Added "​Cancelled"​ tweaks to VCalendar export
 +  * Better tracking of subscription status of re-pushed events
 +  * Added "​Trouble signing in" topics to help and welcome page
 +  * AAF: Tweaked wording in Tour Permit section
 +  * When merging, Wasn't showing discrepancy in the no-contact-permitted setting
 +  * SS-2283: Some "Other Participants"​ were being listed as Youth in Attendance summary
 +  * AAF: COMMISSIONERS:​ Add "John Doe, since this application requires a Tour Permit, it is your responsibility as GC to forward this approved AAF to the appropriate [Scouting Service Centre], along with all the attachments required by a Tour Permit, at least FOUR weeks in advance of the event."​ text to archiving email
 +  * AAF: Tweak text associated with Tour Permit to make sure it's clear that it's the same thing as the AAF
 +  * Tweaked styling of cancelled events
 +  * SS-2279: Applied enhanced styling of cancelled events to embedded calendar
 +  * Massive eslint cleanup
 +  * SS-2290: Implicitly give Scouters the "​GC"​ label if they are defined as such in the Commissioner edition
 +  * Don't prompt for security PIN if the authentication token has also expired
 +  * Allow 'Use a Different Login' to work even when off-line
 +  * Renamed table Catalog to CatalogBadge
 +  * Replaced deprecated '​id'​ column with '​hibernate_id',​ removed unused methods
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * SAFARI: SS-2259: Duplicate variable name was preventing ScoutsTracker from launching
 +  * Renewal of volume purchases was generating a NPE
 +  * EMAIL: SS-2282: Links to badges not correct
 +  * The "​unsaved changes to youth" message could reference "other participant"​ instead of youth
 +  * Couldn'​t re-enable youth contact-permitted for a youth with no logins and no other email addresses
 +  * Could get overlaid toolbar buttons on some pages
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ SS-2288: Clicking on "​Connect"​ badges might not do anything
 +  * SS-2291: Some sections couldn'​t launch ScoutsTracker,​ based their Scouters'​ "Other roles" fields
 +  * SS-2274: Scouters that signed up for an event, and then were marked as not participating in events, were affecting the min qual satisfaction but you couldn'​t see why
 +  * Deprecated old program setting and catalog
 +  * PRS was generating an exception when there was only a single permit available to a section