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 +[[Release_Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 16.0 - Key Features ======
 +===== Scouts Canada National Licence =====
 +ScoutsTracker is now free for all members of Scouts Canada.
 +Switching to a National licence also had some impacts. ​ Most notably, the "​Master"​ login that was previously a feature of Group/​Area/​Council licences is now a feature of an official Group account. ​ This means that you can create an Master login for any Group, that will grant access to any of the section accounts in that Group.
 +This "​Master"​ login setting used to exist under "​Account"​ | "​Licence",​ but can now be found directly under "​Account"​ (since there is no more "​Licence"​).
 +For security reasons, you can no longer change the Group of an official account, nor create a new Group account where one already exists.
 +But with everything being licensed, there was the real risk that Groups that had legacy accounts. ​ To illustrate, consider a Pack that had recorded lots of records for 2014-18, but then due to a turnover in Scouters, the old Pack account lapsed, and eventually a new one was started in 2020 that now contains the latest information. ​ The old account was still accessible, and indeed some of the Scouters did occasional consult it for ideas about past events. ​ And there was never any risk that a Scouter would start adding events or updating badge records in the old lapsed account, because expired accounts cannot be updated. ​ However, now with all accounts being licensed by National, there is no such thing as an expired account, and it would be theoretically possible for scouters to update the lapsed account rather than the current account. ​  ​Consequently there is now an account "​Status"​ setting, that can be used to mark an account as inactive, thereby preventing inadvertent updates. ​  For accounts that expired recently, any admin can change the Status back to "​Active"​. ​ But for accounts that expired more than several months ago, marking them as active will require an email to support asking that the legacy account be re-activated.
 +===== Adventure Teams =====
 +For years, Patrols (a.k.a., Lairs, Lodges) have been the standard way of dividing up a section in small working groups.
 +However, there is frequently a need to create //​additional//​ event- or project-specific collections of youth, typically centred around a single Adventure. E.g., you might want a grouping of those Scouts going to WJ'24, or a groupings of the two gaggles of Venturers heading down to the Adirondacks for the Feb 7th weekend (one team doing the "​beginner"​ peak, and one doing the "​advanced"​ peak).
 +These special purpose grouping of members are called "​Adventure Teams"​. ​ You can go to "​Account"​ | "​Scouts"​ | "​Manage list of Adventure Teams" and create as many as you want (e.g., "​Adirondack 2021 - Beginner"​ and "​Adirondack 2021 - Advanced"​),​ and assign members to them.  Additionally,​ when editing a member'​s details, you can choose which Adventure Team(s) they belong to, in a manner similar to picking which Patrol they belong to.
 +Indeed, Adventure Teams are pretty similar to Patrols, but they have a couple of key differences
 +  * You can belong to as many Adventure Teams as you want... whereas you can only belong to a single Patrol at a time
 +  * Scouters and Other Participants can belong to Adventure Teams, along with the youth! This means that you can define which Company Scouters will be accompanying the Venturers tackling the beginner summit vs. the advanced summit
 +One key use of Adventure Teams is that you can now filter most key lists and reports by an Adventure Team (you'​ll find a new "​Filter by" option at the top of the page), which then hides all the members who aren't on the selected Adventure Team*. ​ E.g., you can edit the signup for an pre-Jamboree camp, and filter it by just those youth in the "​WJ'​24"​ Adventure Team, making it trivial to set only the appropriate youth as eligible for the camp (indeed there is now an "​All"​ button above the signup page's "​Eligible"​ column which marks/​unmarks all the visible members as Eligible).
 +Similarly, when sending out emails about the Adirondack hike, you can filter the recipient Quick Pick list down to just the "​Adirondack 2021 - Beginner"​ and select all members, and send a message, then send a slightly different message to all the "​Adirondack 2021 - Advanced"​ members.
 +Another use of Adventure Teams is to support the new COVID-19 policies, specifically that you can divide your section in to two sub-sections (each having fewer than 16 youth, as per policy) that will meet in different locations.
 +There is also now an easier way to manage the membership in an Adventure Team (or Patrol). ​ I.e., when you click "​Account"​ | "​Scouts"​ | "​Manage list of Adventure Teams" (or Patrols), you'll be able to click through to the members, and quickly add/remove people, or change their role in (e.g., "​Member",​ "​Assistant Team Lead", "Team Lead"​).
 +*Filtering also works by Patrols
 +===== Per-Member Event Fee Overrides =====
 +A long-requested feature is now available! ​ In addition to setting the default Youth, Scouter and Guest pricing, you can also specify individual pricing for different members.
 +E.g., you have a Scout who can only stay one night of a two-night camp, so you only charge her $25 for the camp, rather than $40.   Or, you have an in-Group implementation of a NOLB program in which you are subsidizing the costs for a couple of struggling families.
 +You can also use this manage different costs based on optional activities... e.g., if you have some youth that want to do a canyon zip-line near to the camp.  These youths'​ fees can be adjusted to include the cost of the optional zip-lining.
 +Per-member pricing can be specified when editing and event and going to "​Signup & Fee Options"​ | "​Per-member overrides"​.
 +===== COVID-19 Enhancements ====
 +  * Mandatory Attendance (from now, until further notice) supported by reminding you of recent event that have no attendance recorded, and requiring a confirmation when trying to finalize a non-virtual event that has no attendees
 +  * You are presented with a dismissable tip about enabling signup for all events (to facilitate note-taking re attendance)
 +  * Updated Parent/​Guardian Consent Form to include the "risk of disease"​ clause
 +  * Adventure Teams to help partition your section (see description above)
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +  * Can record call-in details (zoom, google meet, etc) for "​Virtual"​ events
 +  * Added ability to inactivate/​reactivate accounts
 +  * Hide anything to do with licensing
 +  * Added tooltips to payment/​attendance report explaining the reason behind each greyed-out cells
 +  * SIGNUP: Made "​All"​ button above Attendance column toggle status
 +  * Added ani-placeholders to manage-patrol
 +  * SCHEMA: More migrations
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Disabled ability to create "​personal"​ events
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Hide "​Section Key" field for Sections that haven'​t accepted your invitation
 +  * HELLO: The Commissioner-defined display name for a section now supercedes the section'​s own group+subgroup name
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * SS-2415: SQL error meant you couldn'​t customize badge requirements
 +  * SS-2415: Bad SQL fetching badge requirements could mean some were being flagged as customized
 +  * Miscellaneous cleanup of SQL errors and ASSERTS
 +  * SS-2418: Payment checkbox in signup page was disabled if the cost was zero for youth, but non-zero for guests
 +  * SS-2414: PAB's completed without any notes were not showing up on the "​Reports"​ | "​Personal Achievement Badges"​
 +  * Couldn'​t drill down to "​Account"​ | "​Inventory"​
 +  * Diet/​Allergy/​Health Notes weren'​t being cleared before creating a new member
 +  * "​Account"​ | "​Advanced"​ | "​Customize Badges"​ item has grey text on expired accounts
 +  * Signin "​password"​ field is missing placeholder text
 +  * OAS's were annotated with "(Old Program)"​
 +  * Check marks indicating number of stages completed for OAS's were vertically misaligned
 +  * SS-2434: "​Personal"​ visibility option was incorrectly hidden, depending on where you clicked the mouse
 +  * SS-2443: Some events'​ signup/​attendance couldn'​t be updated
 +  * SS-2241: Embedded calendar was showing "​map"​ instead of the "​Call-in details"​ label for Virtual events
 +  * SS-2447, SS-2449: Inventory appearing to not be saved
 +  * SS-2437: Clear default login when encountering a "no youth associated with this login" situation
 +  * Fixed a couple of bugs related to migration of master login from Licence to Group
 +  * SS-2463: Use of "​license"​ rather than "​licence"​
 +  * Signup sheet was not showing the refund amounts for some people who paid but subsequently changed their signup to "​NO"​
 +  * Signup sheet "​All"​ buttons under "​payment"​ and "​attendance"​ were not handling non-member participants
 +  * Fixed payment report to not exclude people who are completely up-to-date on events
 +  * Event signup notification recipients list is missing inter-glyph spacing
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Remove incorrect message when trying to make Council/​Area accounts official