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 +[[Release Notes|<< List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 2.2 - Key Features ======
 +A completion matrix report for any badge or award.  This shows you the requirement completion for your entire troop/pack at a single glance.  To illustrate, I've attached two screenshots... the second clearly shows that V. Citizenship #8 is the only requirement that is holding back the Lynx from earning this activity badge!
 +Better support for intermittent network conditions.  Now if you're on a intermittent wifi network, or a weak 3G connection, or heavy network traffic is interfering with the server communication, the app will just pretend it's off-line.  I.e., you can still make updates to the youths' records, and they'll get synchronized next time you use the application with a clean connection
 +Cub "At-a-glance" snapshot now shows the progress on all stars, not just the ones being worked on
 +A myriad of minor cosmetic tweaks, and a couple of bug fixes