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 +[[Release Notes|<< List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 3.0 - Key Features ======
 +This represents the first non-beta release of the software! Leaders can now create and administer their own group accounts without having to ask me to set things up for them, and expected user features such as "forgot my password" are now supported. Other than that, this release is mostly about streamlining the experience, and improving performance.
 +  * Upgraded the server to have about 2.5x the performance of the old server
 +  * Added self-serve Group Account creation and administration
 +  * Added "forgot my password" support (sends out an email with the reset password)
 +  * Added PayPal integration
 +  * Added support for "badgemaster" leaders. Non-badgemasters can see all the youths' records and view troop/pack reports, but can't add/modify/delete records.
 +  * Improved performance for youth/parent logins (doesn't try to synchronize the entire troop's/pack's records)
 +  * More consistent (and hopefully, helpful) new user experience
 +  * Added limited support for 2nd gen iPod Touch
 +  * Bug fixes