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 +[[Release Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 4.0 - Key Features ======
 +===== Leader Tracking =====
 +Leader records: including name, rank, entry date, and active status, but also a link to the leader'​s Login information.
 +Leader participation in meetings and events can be specified just like the youth, and show up in the event summary and Attendance report in the same way
 +Leader records were automatically created for Leader logins, but you may want to review the data--especially the "​joined"​ date, which defaulted to Aug 15, 2009 for all leaders.
 +===== Attendance Report =====
 +Spiffy report shows who (both youth and leaders) has attended what
 +Participation in future events are shown with the "​planned"​ icon (instead of checkmark) so you can record expected attendance for upcoming events
 +The report can be filtered by label (e.g., "all events",​ "​meetings",​ "​camps",​ etc.) AND by scouting year
 +The individual groupings in the Events report all have a link to the appropriately-filtered Attendance report
 +===== Presence =====
 +You can now see who from your section is currently using through familiar green, orange and grey orbs beside their names in "​Account"​ | "​Logins"​
 +===== "Ready to Test" Report =====
 +The specific requirement numbers that are ready-to-test are now included in the report (previously it was just a link to the badge)
 +When a youth'​s ready-to-test requirements would finish off a badge, the words "​(final requirements)"​ are appended to the list of ready-to-test requirements in the report, and also to the progress status when viewing the badge details
 +When the "Ready to Test" report is printed, it includes each requirement'​s text, so you can work from the print-out at the meeting without having to flip through the Handbook to look up the requirements.
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +  * Show inactive scouts in event participant list
 +  * Show inactive scouts in Youth/​Parent Login list (i.e., shows if parent logins are accessing inactive youth)
 +  * More clarity for parents/​youth re changing their own passwords
 +  * TROOP: Added workbooks for all Challenge Badges
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * More explicit on-line/​off-line terminology (it was confusing)
 +  * Clicking patrol divider to add multiple youth to an event resulted in patrol'​s inactive scouts being added, too
 +  * Published Record Sheets weren'​t showing formatted description and leaders'​ notes
 +  * Event'​s "​shared"​ property wasn't correctly initialized when editing events
 +  * Fixed links broken by recent website overhaul
 +  * Added requirement numbers to column headers of "​Completion"​ reports
 +  * Add value checking on outing total/​program cost fields before saving events
 +  * On the day of an event, the event could show both as "​scheduled"​ and "not finalized"​