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 +[[Release Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 4.7 - Key Features ======
 +===== Event Duplication =====
 +Many of you (particularly Cub leaders who cycle through their program every three years) have asked to be able to duplicate events. You now can do so, and have the option to schedule the duplicated event in the next logical date (e.g., if your meetings are on Monday, then the duplicated event event will be on the next free Monday), or at the same time of year (e.g., if your Fall camp was in the 2nd weekend of October last year, it'll be placed at the same weekend this year).
 +===== Important Dates =====
 +Many of you asked for the ability to add arbitrary entries to your schedules (e.g., Holidays, Mark Break, Popcorn deadlines, registration dates, or whatever else you feel is worth putting on a calendar).
 +So now, when you create an event, you can use a new label to specify that it is just an "​Important Date". "​Important Dates" differ only from other events in that they have no participants,​ no cost and no related requirements.
 +===== Participation Report =====
 +This report now includes Leaders'​ participation.
 +===== Opera Support =====
 +For the 2% who use that browser (particularly on Android devices)!
 +===== Mobility Enhancements =====
 +  * You can now swipe between events on touch devices
 +  * Home screen icons and startup screens support iPad and Retina resolutions
 +  * Better support toggling between cached and non-cached access
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * TROOP: FAST badge was showing the Cub FLEX image, and was missing from Record Sheets
 +  * PACK: missing event icons in Record Sheets
 +  * PACK: Specialty Badges, Link and FLEX were missing from Record Sheets
 +  * PACK: "My Path" link should not be visible
 +  * COMPANY: fixed the requirements in couple of awards
 +  * APPLE iPad/​iPhone/​iPod:​ fuzzy rendering on apple mobile devices (drill down to badge details, click on floaty, go to select scout, click back)
 +  * Date picker was visible in empty Ready-to-Award reports
 +===== Patch 4.7.1 (2011-12-30) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * You can now filter an event'​s related requirements for arbitrary text. E.g., type in "​lash"​ and the list of badges will be reduced to just those that have a requirement that mention lashing, making it easier to create a complete list of related requirements.
 +  * You can now turn off highliting of search text by clicking a cancel icon in the search field
 +  * The badge name is now shown at the top of the related events picker
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * SAFARI: you couldn'​t connect if you were in "​private browsing"​ mode (both desktop and mobile)
 +  * OPERA: warn users that Opera Mini (i.e., on the iPhone) lacks the functionality to run the app
 +  * You could get duplicate events if you created a new event, and then marked it as finalized with a couple of seconds of initially saving it
 +  * If a requirement'​s tally exceeded the required count, you could actually get completion scores of more than 100%, and some cub stars could be flagged as ready-to-award,​ even though parts A & B weren'​t both completed