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 +[[Release Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 5.2 - Key Features ======
 +===== "By Popular Demand"​ Enhancements =====
 +  * A new "Wall Chart" report shows all the badges, for all the youth
 +  * The calendar view now shows the location of your events ​
 +  * PACK: Tenderpad requirements now added as a badge
 +  * "​Other"​ events can now be multi-day ​
 +  * You can now customize the completion logic for a requirement (e.g., change it to completion by subrequirements) from the requirement popup menu
 +  * Adaptively compress the font/layout of outings so that you can fit more than 32 on a record sheet 
 +  * There'​s a "My Thanks"​ link that will take youth/​parents to the new OSA Recognition page.
 +===== Bug fixes =====
 +  * Publish error of the Section Summary for large, highly active sections ​
 +  * One-day events were showing up as two-day events ​
 +  * Completion logic error for "​complete 1 of N" expressions
 +  * Inactive scouts are no longer included in summary report ​
 +  * Pasting from clipboard into an input field resulted in double text 
 +  * Going to "My Events",​ and then creating a new event from the Schedule would initialize the participants with the current youth
 +  * Drilling down to an event type via All Events, and then creating a new event from the Schedule would set the event type
 +  * If you included specialty badges, marked some reqs as ready-to-test,​ and then re-excluded the specialty badges, the ready-to-test report would be corrupt
 +  * Better detection of browser'​s localstorage limit being exceeded
 +  * Detect if cookies aren't enabled and warn the user accordingly
 +  * Embedded calendar could loop forever, trying to fetch data
 +  * TROOP: Lifesaving badge referred to "Life Saving Society III" instead of "​Bronze Star"
 +  * PACK: error in Reader #3a,#3b completion logic 
 +  * PACK: typo in Geocaching bug
 +  * COLONY: bronze beaver #3 was incorrectly labelled as #4