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 +[[Release Notes|<< List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 6.10 - Key Features ======
 +===== New Underlying Platform =====
 +The platform was completely rebuilt... the operating system and libraries have all been brought up-to-date, and huge amounts of superfluous code have be removed. The result is a vastly streamlined application that starts in 2 seconds, rather than 24. This means that as patches are applied, you're less likely to encounter a "intermittent network connectivity" message if you do an operation while the server is restarting.
 +One key benefit is that upgrading the database libraries (which required updating the OS!), enables data replication as described below.
 +===== Hot Standby Replication =====
 +In addition to the nightly backups, database updates are now continuously streamed to a second hot standby server. In the event of a major server crash, the standby server can replace the main production server (in a manner of minutes), with all your current data intact.
 +Additionally, if the server were to crash. I'd now be alerted via email and text so that I could switch promote the standby to be new production server as quickly as possible.
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * The inventory demand for uniform-invariant inventory items (e.g., Scuba badge) wasn't being calculated for youth with the NEW uniform
 +  * IE9: navigator.cookieEnabled always returns true. So users who had cookies disabled were trying (and failing) to sign in without learning why
 +  * Apache rewrite wasn't enabled for non-Canadian national organizations
 +  * When viewing parent/youth logins (by Email), the list wasn't sorted
 +  * Youth that were ineligible for events incorrectly had those events showing up in their "My Events"
 +  * You'd get an error message when trying to PREVIEW a welcome message for a login whose email was used in other logins
 +  * Drilling down on an event's "Email Notifications" shows a "are you sure you want to navigate away from this event" message
 +  * Updated "event has been changed" flag for more attributes
 +  * Added a zero-nights option for overrides
 +  * Events weren't showing label attributes in summary view
 +  * BEAVERS: app wouldn't cache, preventing offline use
 +  * Upgrading from Personal results in undefined taxation rate