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 +[[Release Notes|<< List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 6.2 - Key Features ======
 +===== Email Support =====
 +The "Welcome" emails that you can send to your youth/parents/leaders can now come from YOUR address, rather than "". You'll note that when you are editing/creating a Login, in the Welcome Message section you'll initially see a "You are not able to send emails" message with an "Authorize" button. Clicking that button will cause a verification email to be sent to your email address, that contains a link that you can click to show that you are indeed the real person you say you are.
 +Thereafter, any emails you send out will come from you. This means that your youth/parents/leaders can click the "reply" button in their email program to respond and ask you questions. Currently, a surprising number of people try to reply to the message that comes from "no-reply".
 +If you choose not to authorize your email address, then it will still default to ""
 +===== Outlook/iCal/Google Calendar Integration =====
 +When looking at the calendar of your events, you'll notice a button in the bottom that lets you add your ScoutsTracker events to your favourite calendar app (e.g., Outlook or Google Calendar, or most other modern programs).
 +When you view an event in your calendar program, you'll just see the event summary, location and description. But there is also a link to the original event in ScoutsTracker, so if you want to see the leaders' notes, or the related badge requirements, you can effortlessly do so.
 +===== Usability enhancements =====
 +These items are generally in response to support queries from you.
 +  * Optionally hide previous years' meetings
 +  * Optionally hide inactive scouts/leaders/logins from the Accounts pages
 +  * Added a new/old toggle on badge inventory page
 +  * Easier access to changing your own password for leaders
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * Couldn't import an event key via "Section Events" | "Import"
 +  * Inventory was missing old-uniform woggle
 +  * SEA SCOUTS: some labels were too long
 +  * Shared badges no longer show partially completed status for reqs dependent on customized completion logic
 +  * APPLE: no select/copy on Apple mobile devices
 +  * APPLE: double "Troop Files" on small mobile devices