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 +[[Release Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 8.3 - Key Features ======
 +===== Tax Receipts =====
 +Tweaked the generation of tax receipts, over the last three weeks
 +  * Filter out youth with NO activities in the tax year
 +  * Blank out date field
 +  * Add year to Program Name
 +  * Add warning if first_name or last_name is blank
 +  * Receipt included word "​undefined"​ if it sum wasn't in whole dollars
 +===== Commissioner Edition =====
 +Fixed a number of bugs relating to the way invites were accepted and/or displayed:
 +  * Unaccepted email invites to same email with different sections to join organization were only showing up as a single section
 +  * Bugs associated with invites when there are multiple invites (eg, filter+email or declined_email+email)
 +  * Editing Invitee Collaboration details could result in a section being displayed in the "​Other"​ list rather than with the other invitees
 +===== Custom Badges (Ground Work) =====
 +Laid the ground work for creating your own "Trail Cards" and badges (following the Plan-Do-Review model). Although this functionality isn't exposed in ScoutsTracker,​ allowing youth to choose their own path, is a key element of the Canadian Paths.
 +The first two elements are the ability to wiki format the badge text, and the ability to upload files (which will also enable support for adding attachments to events, emails, and electronic form (e.g., Camping & Outdoor Activity) submission)
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * Updated openssl to protect against "​Heartbleed"​
 +  * IE: pop-up menu wasn't appear when you clicked on badge requirements
 +  * PACK: deprecated Canadian Heritage Trails award wasn't showing up in Personal Record Sheet
 +  * Not hiding ul's correctly when there are no organizations
 +  * Badges not sorted when viewing Ready-to-Award report by youth
 +  * Transferring youth didn't re-render names as vertical text
 +  * Don't prevent saves when max youth is exceeded (could happen as a result of transfers/​move ups)
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +  * Youth tooltip over note says "​Me"​ when it should say youth'​s name (e.g., if there are multiple youth'​s visible to parent or leaders)
 +  * Added favicon and tooltip to email verification landing page
 +  * East/West Scarborough Areas merged
 +====== Guiding-Specific Enhancements ======
 +  * Rebranded to "​MyGuides"​
 +  * Mandrill template was still referring to "​"​
 +  * Added Edit Badges capability
 +  * Added image upload
 +  * PATHFINDERS:​ category count logic in Canada Cord isn't supported
 +  * PATHFINDERS:​ click on '​Canada Cord' in snapshot takes you '​Program Areas',​ not the badge
 +  * PATHFINDERS:​ email verification template was missing