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 +[[Release Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 8.4 - Key Features ======
 +===== Attachments =====
 +You can now attach files to your **EVENTS** (e.g., gear list, map of the hiking trail, etc). Files can optionally be flagged as "​leader-only"​ so that you can share info (e.g., duty roster, SC forms) that wouldn'​t otherwise be of interest (and won't be visible) to the youth and/or their parents.
 +You can now attach files to your **EMAILS**, so your youth and/or parents can get the information they need without having to click on a link to view the event details in ScoutsTracker. Additionally,​ if the email is about a specific event, you can quickly pick from existing event attachments (e.g., gear list, directions to camp) rather than having to browse to your desktop and risk attaching a different version of the file that's already attached to your event.
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +Draft Emails are now properly saved, so that you can maintain any number of draft emails that you can access from any device, rather than just having a single locally stored draft.
 +You can now specify a prefix (e.g., "​CUBS"​) that will automatically get prepended to your email subject to help youth/​parents recognize that emails are about a Pack activity.
 +Entering a collaboration section key in the invitation field now just does the right thing (i.e., treats it like you clicked "Add other section"​),​ rather than simply telling you that they key isn't a valid invitation.
 +All new youth are created with the new uniform, rather than evaluating the most-commonly used uniform and using that as the default.
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +Most of the following had been rolled out in previous patches, but bear documenting
 +  * You could get a blank "Give Credit"​ screen if you clicked "Give Credit"​ within three seconds of saving the event
 +  * You could (try to) move up youth to an invalid official account (e.g., to calendar account, or from Scouts to Beavers)
 +  * A selectable but non-functional colour swatch was showing up in the youth'​s Edit details
 +  * Miscellaneous bug fixes and usability tweaks