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 +[[Release Notes|<< List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 9.0 - Key Features ======
 +===== Youth Led Management =====
 +You now have the OPTION to grant any login the ability to help manage the account. This lets the youth in the Company Executive or Court of Honour update the section's schedule, or send emails to members. In particular, there are the following five permissions
 +The "administrator" permission governs the ability to change account settings, add/remove members, customize badges, etc. This corresponds to the old "can update records" setting. Note: logins with this permission have complete control over the account!
 +The "can see all records" permission lets the login SEE all the records (but not necessarily update anything). This corresponds to what leaders who did NOT have the "can update records" setting could see. Note: this permission lets a youth see other youths' records.
 +The "can manage the schedule" permission determines whether the login can add/modify/remove events from the schedule, including sign-up and payment information.
 +The "can update badges" permission lets the login mark badge requirements as complete, and award badges.
 +The "can send emails" permission lets the login send emails to scouters/youth/parents.
 +Obviously, this feature is more attuned to the senior sections, so the ability to grant permissions to youth can be completely disabled (indeed, it is disabled by default).
 +===== Miscellaneous Bug Fixes =====
 +  * In the Youth status picker, the "Inactive - Transferred" option wasn't showing up for Venturers, but the "Inactive - Moved Up" option was.
 +  * Fixed spacing of Collab "Accept/Decline" button
 +  * ORG: re-sharing a section event does not correctly show which groups have subscribed to it.
 +  * ORG: couldn't drill down on other section's events
 +  * FIREFOX: fixed rendering of current scout drop-down in sidebar
 +  * BCC settings weren't being respected, due to changes in ESP API
 +  * Users with multiple logins in same section level had 50% chance of opt in preferences not be saved
 +  * Missing leader-only files link when connecting in "secure access mode"
 +  * The "this event needs to be synced" message wasn't immediately going away for new events after manual sync