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 +[[Release Notes|<< List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 9.4 - Key Features ======
 +===== Signup / Payment / Attendance New Features =====
 +  * For a particular event you can optionally allow youth to sign up guests (e.g., parents / friends).
 +  * Leaders and Guests can have event fees that can differ from that of the youth.
 +  * Added signup instructions so you can pass on important information / requirements to those signing up.
 +  * You can optionally remove "Maybe" as a signup option if you just want firm yes/no commitment from the youth.
 +  * Youth can add comments when signing up.
 +  * You can print out a paper "Sign Up List" for circulating around the horseshoe or pinning up on the door to your meeting room for parents to annotate.
 +  * You can designate certain leaders as "non-participating". E.g., your Group Treasure may need a login to your account, but you don't want her always cluttering up the signup and attendance lists.
 +  * You can now update the signup/attendance/payment without having to actually edit the event.
 +  * "Troop Reports" | "Payments" report now shows subtotals on rows and columns.
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +  * Overriding attendance to be zero days should be treated like the checkbox was unchecked
 +  * Post-mortem notes now hidden until after the event is passed
 +  * When a youth's "allow youth to be contacted" is unchecked, the email Quick Pick should say "contact not permitted" rather than "no contact information"
 +  * Hid login's "signature" field, as its use was violating Facebook policy
 +===== Bug Fixes (including implemented patches) =====
 +  * Event email "Quick Pick" was adding multiple alert icons for each undeliverable mail
 +  * Implicit (auto-created) events couldn't be removed from queued updates list
 +  * (Patch) FB: fb-beta override was preventing SECTION_FILES from being read
 +  * (Patch) FB: "also post" checkbox was visible for "Ask a Question" emails
 +  * (Patch) Email: "To" recipients was visible for "Ask a Question" emails
 +  * (Patch) Couldn't save changes to youth who had subsequently deleted logins
 +  * (Patch) "Save" button was showing up in troop details of personal accounts