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Importing Events from Other Web Apps

To enable another web app to create ScoutsTracker-compatible events, generate a URL like


where SECTION is one of “scouts”, “cubs”, “beavers” or “venturers”

and EVENT_JSON is the text rendition of a JSON object according the following table

Field Mandatory Data Type Description Example
externalid yes string Any unique string that will uniquely identify an event (thereby preventing duplicate insertions) WBC377276X
date yes long (epoch time in millis) Start of the event 1376744400000
timestampend yes long (epoch time in millis) End of the event 1376856000000
isallday yes boolean if the event is not specified as all day, start/end times will be displayed false
timestampsignup no* long (epoch time in millis) Determines whether people can sign up for this event in ScoutsTracker. If not specified, then signup is not enabled. If specified with a value of -1, then signup is enabled, but there is no deadline. Otherwise, the value is the deadline. * A deadline must be specified if the event requires a deposit (see cost) 1376495295949
displayname yes string The title of the event WB1 Course
location no string Brief description of where the event will be held Community Hall, 123 Maple St, Hogtown
notes no string Textual description for view by all ScoutsTracker users in your section. May be formatted with wiki markup as described in the ScoutsTracker formatting tips. Offered through Nepean Area.\n\nPlease bring\n*a bag lunch\n*a coffee mug
leadernotes no string As with “notes” but only visible to leaders
cost no JSON Object cost of the event, represented as a JSON object with total cost (i.e., “total2”) the deposit amount “deposit”, and the portion of the total cost that is program related (“program”). If you specify a deposit, then you must also specify timestampsignup {“total2”:“40”,“deposit”:“10”,“program”:“20”}

Example:{"externalid":"WBC377276X","date":1376744400000,"timestampend":1376856000000,"isallday":false,"timestampsignup":1376676262000,"displayname":"WB1 Course","location":"Community Hall, 123 Maple St, Hogtown","notes":"Offered through Nepean Area.\n\nPlease bring\n* a bag lunch\n* a coffee mug","cost":{"total2":"40","deposit":"10","program":"20"}}

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