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In order to cross-post to a Facebook Group or Page, you need to make sure the ScoutsTracker app has been granted sufficient privileges.

Typically you'll get an “insufficient permissions” message for three reasons…

  • you're not logged into Facebook with an account that lets you post to your desired group/page (some people maintain a personal facebook account and a scouting facebook account, of which only one has permission to post to a Group)
  • the app has not been granted permission to post on your behalf, and
  • the audience isn't correctly set.

To check the latter two cases, you need to check Facebook's App Settings for ScoutsTracker. I.e., do the following:

  1. Sign into Facebook
  2. Click on the little menu dropdown in the upper right of the Facebook toolbar.
  3. Click on the “Settings” item in the dropdown menu
  4. Click on “Apps” from the left-hand sidebar.
  5. Click on “ScoutsTracker” (note, if you have a lot of Facebook apps, you may have to click on “Show All” to see ScoutsTracker in the list)

Is there a section for “Post” in the “This App Can” section?

If YES (there is a “Post” item in “This App Can” section), make sure the checkmark to the right of “Post” is selected AND that the “App visibility and Post audience” setting is is set to “Friends”. You should be able to then re-connect to ScoutsTracker, and try to post.

If NO (you are missing the “Post” item in the “This App Can” section), then do the following:

  1. Cancel out of the App settings for ScoutsTracker (in Facebook)
  2. Delete the ScoutsTracker app from Facebook as shown in the image below.
  3. Re-connect to ScoutsTracker
  4. Go to “Account” | “Advanced” | “Facebook settings”
  5. Click on the “FB Log In” button, but make sure that when FB asks you if ScoutsTracker can post on your behalf, you click “Okay” (as shown below).

Also, your Facebook account must have permission to post to the the designated group or page. I.e., if you have a personal facebook account, and a Scouting facebook account, and only the latter can post to the page or group, then you have to make sure you are connecting with the right Facebook account. ScoutsTracker shows you which account you are logged in with.

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