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Import Format

An export from MyScouts can be imported directly into ScoutsTracker. The following information applies only if you have records for youth and leaders in a non-MyScouts spreadsheet.

  • The spreadsheet must be in an .xls format (i.e., not .xlsx), or a delimited text file (e.g., “.csv”, “.txt”, “.tsv”)
  • A header row must exist, and must be on row 2 (row 1 is ignored).
  • All the header labels specified below are case insensitive (i.e., you can use upper or lower-case letters, or a mix… it doesn't matter)
  • You cannot add or remove bits from the header labels (e.g., if the required label is Email Address, then you cannot just specify Email)
  • It does not matter which columns are which order (e.g., you can make column 1 be First Name or Member Type or Status)
  • Columns not specified below will be safely ignored (i.e., if you have a custom Allergies column, it will not interfere with the import)
Column Label Required? Default Value Description
Member Type Required none Either “Volunteer” or “Participant” or “Non Member” (case insensitive)
First Name Required blank The member's given name.
Last Name Required blank The member's surname.
Display Name Optional blank A nickname, or abbreviation (e.g., “Michael C”) to display in lieu of First Name and Last Name.
Member Number Required blank A unique identifier (e.g., Scouts Canada member number). This field prevents repeated imports from creating duplicate records.
Scouting Role Optional “Scout” or “Scout Counsellor” Participants: “Scout” (or other section specific name)
Volunteers: One of “Troop Scouter” or “Scout Counsellor”
Non Members: One of “Parent Overnight”, “Parent Helper”, “Adult Overnight”, “Friend”
Status Optional active Either “active” or “inactive” (case insensitive).
Email Address Optional blank An email to use to automatically create a Login for this member.
Birth Date Optional blank Only applicable to youth. Scouter's birthdates are ignored.
Join Date Optional blank The date the member joined Scouting.
Photo Consent Optional blank A flag (“true”/“false”) indicating whether they've given Scouts Canada permission to use photos
Daytime Phone Optional blank A phone number.
Evening Phone Optional blank A phone number.
Alternate Phone Optional blank A phone number.
PRC Expiry Optional blank A date. (NOT CURRENTLY SUPPORTED)
Notes Optional blank Extra data/text that you want recorded for participants.
Create Login Optional true A flag (“true”/“false”) that specifies whether a login should be created for this member using the specified email address. If 'false', no login will be created


The following is an example of a spreadsheet that would be successfully be imported. It would create two leader records, three youth records, and the Logins for two leaders and one youth. The custom Allergies column would be ignored.

1 1st Newbury Pack ← Ignored row
2 Member Type DISPLAY NAME email address Scouting Role Allergies ← Mandatory header row
3 Volunteer Scouter Dave (Akela) Troop Scouter none ← Member records start here
5 participant Wei pl none
6 PaRtiCiPant Marcus peanuts, eggs
7 volunteer Scouter Cynthia (Bagheera) none
7 PARENT Mom Smith none
7 adult Trainer Joe none
^ ignored column
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