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Note: This page does not apply to Pioneer Tracker, as Scouts Australia makes it freely available to all members.

Licensing Tiers


Handbook Mode

If you just want to use ScoutsTracker as a resource that you can check at any time (even on an off-line mobile device!), then it's Free. In fact, you don't even need to create an account.

Personal Account

If you just want to use ScoutsTracker as a secure, backed-up way to keep the records for a couple of youths, you can create a Free Personal account.

Individual Account License (Section and Commissioner)

If you want to use ScoutsTracker to track the badges, events and events for your entire section, and you want everyone (parents included) to be able to see the badge records and events, then you'll need a Section Account.

Similarly, if you're a commissioner and want to use ScoutsTracker to push events to your entire Group or Area, or want to make your Group gear show up in all your sections' inventory, or want to do Group-wide imports from MyScouts, then you'll need a Commissioner Account.

The easiest way to get this is by creating a trial account (Section or Commissioner), and then going to “Account” | “License” and paying by credit card. Alternatively, you can pay by cheque or email transfer (see below).

Group/Area/Council License

There are Group, Area and Council discounts, starting with the Group “buy 3, get one free” model. E.g., if you pay for Pack, Troop and Company, you can get Colony (or a second Pack, etc.) for free.

For larger volumes, the discount schedule (for a single transaction) is given below.

  • 4-9 accounts: 25% discount
  • 10-19 accounts: 30% discount
  • 20-99 accounts: 35% discount
  • 100+ accounts: 40% discount

The best way to find out how much any particular configuration will cost is to go to where you can play with a Pricing Calculator.

How to Place an Order

If you're just interested in setting up an Individual license or Group license for fewer than 10 sections, you can do that from within ScoutsTracker, by going to “Account” | “License”, selecting the number of accounts you want (both section and Commissioner), the term you want, and then choosing your preferred payment method.

Otherwise, if you're interested in setting up a volume license for more than 9 sections, please use the pricing calculator, then contact us with the

  • Contact name
  • Contact email
  • Description of what you're paying for (e.g., “Gilwell Area”)
  • # of accounts (both section and Commissioner) to be covered
  • # of years

Note: orders for more than 9 accounts must be made by cheque or email transfer.

Payment by Cheques and Email Transfer

For cheques, please make them out to Dave Caughey, and send it to 10 Plaza Court Ottawa, ON K2H 7W1 Please ensure that your cheque includes a note saying which account the payment applies to (e.g., “99th Gilwell Pack” or “Mafeking Area” and the number of years, if applicable)

For email transfers please contact to get the necessary payment email address.

Deploying a Group/Area/Council license

Once you've paid for your Group/Area/Council license, you'll get an automatic email that includes an activation code that you can then share with your section scouters.

Sections with existing accounts can redeem this activation code by going to “Account” | “License” and entering it the “Activation Code” field. Otherwise, the activation code can be redeemed when a scouter creates a new account for their section

As the license administrator, you'll get a notification email every time someone redeems your activation code, so you can keep track of who's part of your Group/Area/Council license.

Integrating already-licensed accounts

If some of your sections have already licensed ScoutsTracker, then their license is merged in with your new volume license, to proportionally extend the duration of your volume license. In this manner, previous purchases aren't “wasted” when a section joins your license.

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