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Release 1.1 - Key Features

  • The ability to actually mark requirements as complete… when a sufficient number of requirements are complete, the entire badge is marked as complete. Each badge has its own logic to determine what requirements must be met… (e.g., to earn the computer badge you must complete all of requirements A1-A3, four of requirements B1-B10, one of requirements C1-C2, and all of requirements D1-D3.
  • The ability to “bookmark” interesting requirements. Useful for youths planning what badges they're going to work on, and similarly for program planning by leaders.
  • A bookmark list to quickly get to the badges you're interested in.
  • Implementation of off-line storage via html5 database, rather than “localStorage”. This makes the off-line access more robust as content can't be inadvertently blown away by a user clearing the Safari cache.
  • A myriad of bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.
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