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 [[Release Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]] [[Release Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 ====== Release 1.2 - Key Features ====== ====== Release 1.2 - Key Features ======
-  * The ability to actually ​mark requirements as complete... when a sufficient number of requirements ​are complete, the entire badge is marked ​as complete. ​ Each badge has its own logic to determine what requirements ​must be met... (e.g., to earn the computer badge you must complete ​all of requirements A1-A3, four of requirements B1-B10, one of requirements C1-C2, and all of requirements D1-D3+  * Secure login with (nonce-based encryption) 
-  * The ability to "​bookmark"​ interesting ​requirements. ​  Useful for youths planning what badges they'​re going to work on, and similarly for program planning by leaders+  * Multiple leaders can manage the data (e.g., the troop'​s leaders can all be updating badges) 
-  * A bookmark list to quickly get to the badges you're interested ​in. +  * Parents/​scouts can view/​bookmark their own records (but not mark requirements as complete... only leaders can do that). 
-  * Implementation of off-line storage via html5 databaserather than "localStorage".  This makes the off-line access more robust as content can't be inadvertently blown away by a user clearing ​the Safari cache+  * Offline badge updating... when you are at a campyou can mark the kids' ​as having completed ​requirements/badges, and then when you're back in civilization the pent-up changes will be applied to the server next time you use the app Even my 12-year-old son said... "Now, that is cool!"​ 
-  * A myriad of bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.+  * Batch updating ​(multiple youth)... mark a single single ​complete ​for a bunch of kids at once (i.e., everyone who went on the hike) 
 +  * Batch updating (multiple ​requirements)... mark an entire badge as complete 
 +  * An explicit "​personal"​ mode (free) which allows a leader/​scout ​to view and mark requirements as (in)complete, or bookmark them  The main limitation is that in "​personal"​ modethere is only one "youth", and there is no remote repository to sync with, so the records only ever exist on the one iPhone/iPod Touch