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Release 1.2 - Key Features

  • Secure login with (nonce-based encryption)
  • Multiple leaders can manage the data (e.g., the troop's leaders can all be updating badges)
  • Parents/scouts can view/bookmark their own records (but not mark requirements as complete… only leaders can do that).
  • Offline badge updating… when you are at a camp, you can mark the kids' as having completed requirements/badges, and then when you're back in civilization the pent-up changes will be applied to the server next time you use the app. Even my 12-year-old son said… “Now, that is cool!”
  • Batch updating (multiple youth)… mark a single single complete for a bunch of kids at once (i.e., everyone who went on the hike)
  • Batch updating (multiple requirements)… mark an entire badge as complete
  • An explicit “personal” mode (free) which allows a leader/scout to view and mark requirements as (in)complete, or bookmark them. The main limitation is that in “personal” mode, there is only one “youth”, and there is no remote repository to sync with, so the records only ever exist on the one iPhone/iPod Touch.
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