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Release 5.3 - Key Features

Group Licensing

A Group license covers up to four sections, and represents a 25% discount. It also consolidates purchasing under a single individual, so other Section leaders don't ever have to worry about licensing. As with individual Section licensing, signing up for multiple years gives an additional discounts.

You can create a Group license by going to to “Account” | “Section Details / Payment”, where you will see there is now a “License Type” toggle. After you complete the purchase, you'll receive a license key by email that you can redeem with your other existing sections or with new sections. E.g., at the time you create a new section, you can enter the license key… and that the new section will be automatically added to your Group. Similarly, you can redeem a key on an existing section account, and that section will be added to your group.

Note, if you redeem a key on an already-licensed group, your Group's expiry date will be increased proportionally (i.e., you get additional credit for what you've already paid for). In other words, you don't lose anything by consolidating your existing Section accounts into a new Group license.

I've also added support for volume licensing for Areas or Councils. You can get a volume discount of 25%, 35% or even 50%, based on the size of the purchase. Contact if you'd like to set this up.

Bug Fixes

  • You were inappropriately prompted for youth to access when creating an Login for an existing Leader record
  • Not updating max # of youth when upgrading Personal to Section accounts
  • Not updating section record after clearing PayPal eChecks
  • TROOP: engineering badge completion logic was wrong
  • PACK: display logic for Canadian Family Care #3 was confusing
  • IE8: clicking on event in Schedule opened up new event instead showing selected event
  • PlayBook: worked around RIM-specific bug that prevented date picker from working
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