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Release 10.0 - Key Features

Canadian Path

Program Areas

ScoutsTracker now integrates the Canadian Paths Program Areas. These are an alternative way of tagging events. E.g., something that you've defined as a “Hike” can now independently tagged as an “Environment & Outdoors” or “Active & Healthy Living”. When you got to “Pack Events”, you can choose to group your events by Label (e.g., Hike, Camp, Planning, Training, Fundraising) or by Program Area. There's now a Home page link to the Program Areas that shows the relevant events, and even links to the “Map” for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Adventure Skills:

The first two Skills (Trail and Camping) have been released, and are now accessible through a link on the Home page. Achievements in the 9 stages of each Skill will stick with the youth as they swim/leap/slouch up to the next section level so they can seamlessly continue to progress through their entire tenure in Scouts Canada. The remaining Adventure Skills will be added as they are released by SC (no I don't know any dates). Note: there are no physical badges yet that you can buy from the Scout Shop (no I don't know any dates).


The event editing user interface is now explicitly segmented into sections that address the Plan, Do and Review. Additionally, the controls are designed such that the relevant fields (depending on whether you are planning your event or doing a post-mortem) are exposed and the remainder are presented as summaries (which you can, of course edit in detail). SPICES:

When doing your event post-mortem (i.e., the Review), there's a link to the Canadian Path section-specific Tips that help you focus on the SPICES.


… and, there's a new look-and-feel (e.g., new colours, fonts, flatter buttons in line with current style of iOS and Android, etc.) that is modelled after The look-and-feel is now consistent across all the Scouts Canada sections.

More Canadian Path changes will be integrated as they are made available by SC.

Rover Section

NEW FEATURE: ScoutsTracker now formally supports all youth sections (for rovers, go to


  • NEW FEATURE: Logins can now be tagged as “Parent” emails. The email composition window then lets you quickly add “All Parents”, “All Leaders” or “Everyone”. Similarly, when you're actually picking individual recipients, you can toggle an option to “Show only parent email” addresses (e.g., in case you need to send an email to JUST the parents of a troublesome Patrol)
  • Editing draft emails didn't show scouter's addresses in the “Quick Pick” list until you re-edited the draft
  • The count of an event's “Email History” could be incorrect until you drilled down

Payment Tracking

  • NEW FEATURE: “Zero all balances” (in “Account” | “Advanced”) now takes a date option
  • NEW FEATURE: Scouters now included in Owing and Payment reports, and can be drilled down on (if applicable)
  • Deposit-only payments and scouter payments weren't being cleared by “Zero all Balances”
  • Printout of payments report would show date ranges like “All Events: 2011-20111”
  • Payment balance wasn't being shown for events in which there was a per-guest cost, but not for the youth
  • The “guest” dropdown shows up for ineligible youth in signup/payment/attendance table


  • Improved usability of calendar to differentiate when you'll create a new event vs edit existing one
  • Schedule sometimes defaulted to List view (rather than Calendar), even on wide screen
  • Shared schedule always defaulted to List View even when there was enough width to show Calendar View
  • Creating new event from calendar on non-meeting day, and setting the label to 'meeting', and accepting “automatically set name, date and location” would quietly change the date to the next meeting date, rather than using the selected date
  • Meetings were disappearing from Calendar view after switching from to List View

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • NEW FEATURE: Enable inventory for Groups so they can track capital equipment
  • NEW FEATURE: Area/Council tech contact can lock down group name/council/area to make for easier license administration
  • Hide “Complete” option in floaty for infinite tally reqs (e.g., targeted fundraising)
  • Show signup instructions in printed signup sheet and signup/payment/attendance page
  • Suppress projected demand for custom inventory items (should be shown for earnable badges only)

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Leaders that couldn't manage the schedule couldn't actually see it either (PATCH)
  • PACK: Geocaching .#.7a. was not a tally requirement (PATCH)
  • Events that had payments recorded, but then had the cost changed to zero weren't showing up in the payments-by-year report (PATCH)
  • TROOP: the links to the listed permit docs didn't work
  • Emblems show up in “Permits and Other Awards” section of PRS
  • You couldn't edit a leader by drilling through from “Account” | “Logins”
  • The “this event needs to be re-finalized” message was showing up even on events that didn't have links
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