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Release 10.1 - Key Features

Merging Youth

It is possible to end up with multiple records for the same youth, particularly after a MyScouts import when the names and/or Scouts Canada member number don't match for particular youth, or when you Link/Move Up a youth to the next section in which the Scouters had already manually created a record for that youth).

So now, you can merge the two records so that the youth's Logins, Contact Emails, Signups/Payments/Attendance, badge records, etc. are all appropriately combined.

Delegate Email Address

Some sections want any email sent out from the adult leadership team to come from a single email address, e.g., “”, regardless of which Scouter actually sent the email. So you can now edit your own login and specify the address that you want to appear on the FROM line of your emails. A verification process is in place to ensure that you actually have permission to use the delegate email address.

Additionally, if you have a Yahoo! or AOL email address, you'll find that both companies recently implemented policies in which services like ScoutsTracker are no longer permitted to let you send emails. This meant that your emails had to be sent from, with you being CC'd on the email. This had the unfortunate side-effect that some parents would try to respond to your email and their reply would bounce. Now, if you have a Yahoo! or AOL email address, you'll be able to specify a delegate email address you can access (e.g., “”).

Canadian Path Implementation

The Aquatic Skills were added, bringing the total of released badges to five.

Images for all the supported OAS badges were added.

Renamed “Ready to Test” (as used when setting a requirement status, and in the Troop Reports) to be “Ready to Demonstrate”. This is to emphasize that the Scouting Programs are not about school-like assessment.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Leave the “Edit” button exposed for other section's events, and display “you have to import it first, or edit it in the other account” message.
  • Added “Ways to Pay” page to clarify payment options
  • Better default values for the “include in annual report” flag

Bug Fixes

  • EMAIL: Clicking “Add Parents” was removing the two-deep leaders from the CC line
  • EMAIL: You would incorrectly get a “You have no parent email addresses” message if you had “Other Email Addresses” specified for a youth, but no parent logins
  • EMAIL: “Quick Pick” for an event email had a typo in one of the cell tooltips
  • EMAIL: Don't reject forbidden domains when the sender is a parent/youth asking a question
  • Sharing/opening links to events/badges didn't work if you were currently signed in on an account with “ultra secure mode” set
  • Couldn't drill down on some external events
  • Formatting of printed-out calendar was broken
  • Line height of multi-line event/badge was too small
  • Birthday events incorrectly supported an email archive
  • MYSCOUTS: possible error trying to import file
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