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Release 10.4 - Key Features

I have a policy of not simultaneously changing the underlying guts of ScoutsTracker at the same time that I introduce new features or change the UI, as it can make troubleshooting users' problems much more difficult.

Consequently this is just an architectural and database schema change, for the purposes of preparing for some expanded Canadian Path support. But otherwise almost everything should work exactly as it did before, with few exceptions described below.

But because this is a pretty huge change, please email me at if you have any issues. I'll do my best to react quickly.

Group Level Identification

Just like you currently pick your Council and Area from a dropdown list when creating an account, you now also can (and must) pick your Group from a dropdown list.

For existing accounts, I've done as much automatic Group identification as possible, but it's possible that I wasn't able to do a match (e.g., you originally created an account as “3rd Bluesky”, but your Area merged some Groups, and now officially there is only the “11th Bluesky”). If this is the case, you'll be asked to pick your Group when you next connect.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • COMMISSIONERS: add hierarchy designator (Group, Area, Council, National)
  • Google Calendar should show items from beginning of season
  • Add “now you need to modify the logins” message after toggling “Allow scouts to help manage records”
  • Added microsoft email domains (hotmail, live, outlook) to the list of domains that you can't send from
  • “Connect via another login” now shows whether non-scouter logins are actually “Parent” or “Scout”
  • Updated Vertical Skills 2 and 3 with new requirements
  • ADMIN: addNonPayPalPayment: tax calculated incorrectly, section_id should default to -1, taxation was being left blank
  • ADMIN: addNonPayPayToGroup needs “update expiry?” option
  • ADMIN: added requirement migration
  • ADMIN: added Janitor process for culling Log records

Bug Fixes

  • Checkmarks in Personal Record Sheets were showing up as missing
  • Some event label/attribute images in Personal Record Sheets were showing up as missing images
  • Council invite was showing with “Accept/Decline” option in sections with Council-wide license
  • Create new leader, uncheck 'can administer account', and 'contact settings' would disappear
  • Update youth contacts when importing from MyScouts
  • Signup of leaders without the “manage schedule” permission were creating duplicate records
  • CANADIAN PATH: Program areas weren't being propagated as part of subscriptions
  • Fixed a typo (missing punctuation/space) in the transfer notification email
  • Click on other subscribed event, then “modify” in the top subsection. And you'd get time-of-day fields
  • Editing subscribed events can sometimes show an empty list for “Plan”
  • COMMISSIONERS: Toggling “Account” | “Sections” | “Expired Sections” hides the Create new Account button row.

Patch (2015-12-29)

  • Deleting a patrol with one member in it gives a warning message with plurals
  • Deleting a patrol with one or more members only affects first
  • Deleting a patrol with one or more members deletes youthContact info
  • COMMISSIONER: could not load list of sections if you had unaccepted email invites
  • “Account” | “Collaboration” has double tags on section names when sorted by “Grouping Label”
  • COMMISSIONER: setting group's scope to be “All Groups” (i.e., Area account) would change the name of the account to “All Groups” instead of the Area name
  • Couldn't manually add new youth
  • Couldn't delete or update recently manually-added youth/leaders

Patch (2016-01-03)

  • Duplicating ID generated “there may have been a problem saving your event” error message
  • Some new accounts were being created with a name of “No Name”

Patch (2016-01-04)

  • You could edit an account and clear the name and still be allowed to save it
  • Not all section badge transactions were being downloaded

Patch (2016-01-06)

  • Scouter-only events reported “No participants” even if Scouters did attend
  • Simultaneously updating youth record and login record was bypassing rid initialization
  • You could (unsuccessfully try to) add an attachment to an event that you hadn't yet saved
  • ADMIN: improved the wording of new account notification messages

Patch (2016-01-08)

  • Leader migration code was re-entrant
  • Script to correct migration errors in leader signup
  • ADMIN: count of events in searchSections should probably only return non-deleted ones

Patch (2016-01-14)

  • ADMIN: account creation notification emails of personal accounts were not reporting name(s) correctly
  • ADMIN: account creation notification emails of accounts with subgroups were listing subgroups twice
  • RocketMail and YMail added to DMARC domain list
  • COMMISSIONER: event view was showing out-of-date section name for sections that had collaborated with sections before inviting them and then subsequently been rename
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