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Release 11.1 - Key Features

Transferrable Scouters

You can now drill down to a Scouter record and Move/Link Up or Migrated to another Troop, just like you can with youth records.

One big difference is that that no login permissions are transferred, because someone who is a non-administrator in your Troop may not be entitled to the same powers in the new Troop. Consequently, any login found that has no permissions is explicitly flagged as “Pending”, with instructions on how to enable their login (basically, grant them at least one login permission). The migration notification email has also been modified to tell the receiving scouters that they need to complete this task before the migratee can actually sign into their new account.

Tax Receipts

After answering the question “where do I find the tax receipts” a few too many times, I've finally just renamed the “Troop Reports” | “Program Costs” report to be “Tax Receipts”.

Additionally, you can now multi-select which youth you'd like to generate receipts for, rather than having to generate the all and selectively print off individual pages.


You can now embed images in Emails, Login Signatures, Troop News, Event Notes and Badge Requirement Notes. The maxmimum size of images is as follows

  • Emails: 4MB each, with a limit of 8MB for the entire email
  • Troop News: 500 KB… the intent is to allow you to include a single appropriately-sized photo or graphic
  • Login Signature: 20 KB… the intent is to allow you to include your Group crest or the “thanks” button
  • Event Notes and Badge Requirement Notes: 10 KB… the intent is to just allow you to include badge or event crest.

The limitation on the image sizes is to prevent you from running into the browser-imposed memory limit (as low as 5MB) which has to be shared across all storage used by ScoutsTracker (i.e., badge definitions, youths' progress, schedule).

Additionally, the attachment size has

  • Enabled spellchecker for the editor
  • Changed paragraph spacing to be zero, to align with GMail and Facebook
  • Increased general attachments size to 4MB

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Need a way to a) report the version, and b) force a reload if it's not current
  • improved License Status notification email
  • Postmortem notes are no longer shareable
  • Replaced youth-led permission confirmation message boxes with easier-to-read lightboxes
  • COLONY: UK Badge Programme “Hikes Away” and “Nights Away” no longer have stage number prefixed on badges

Bug Fixes

  • Postmortem notes revert to wiki formatting
  • Subscription notes weren't overriding legacy notes
  • Edit Login page had reference to “Leader” rather than “Scouter”
  • Fixed exploit in switching an individual license to a Group license
  • A blank “Troop News” was hidden from youth with “can update schedule”
  • A youth can hover over calendar and get tooltips saying they can create events, despite the fact that they don't have the login perms
  • Hint about using “Give Credit” button was showing for upcoming events
  • Youth with the “can see all youth” permission but not the “can manage schedule” permission had no “Sign Up!” button
  • Upon initial startup, the “Troop News” could show as blank until you navigated somewhere
  • Tweak to plaintext conversion of linebreaks
  • Found, fixed and recovered from a youth migration issues
  • Subscription chains weren't getting propagated properly

Patch (2016-04-02)


  • Added “linking event” label
  • When duplicating events, maintain same difference between signup deadline and date
  • EDITOR: wiki to HTML conversion now handles tables
  • EDITOR: extra space between “In Reply To” and the body
  • EDITOR: improvements to styling of emails and tinymce (when editing emails)
  • EDITOR: explain why you still have the creole editor when editing notes
  • EDITOR: only copy plaintext versions of emails to clipboard if the user actually selected “Also paste to facebook”

Bug Fixes

  • SC member number wasn't being moved up with a youth
  • Enable daily subscription cleanup
  • Signup deadline for past events wasn't being displayed for unfinalized events
  • EDITOR: Wiki to HTML conversion now correctly deals with adjacent level-1 headers
  • EDITOR: Login.signature should use richtext editor, not ishtml
  • EDITOR: Error sending emails containing embedded images

Patch (2016-04-07)


  • User-defined email templates
  • Be able to unbookmark or mark extra reqs as complete
  • ADMIN: added method to generate payment receipts
  • EDITOR: auto-convert of wiki to HTML on saving of notes with no wiki formatting

Bug Fixes

  • Login email addresses containing apostrophes caused problems
  • Subscribed calendar deleted events aren't being removed from the calendar.
  • EDITOR: better detecting of internal links
  • EDITOR: links of events with ampersands in the the title no longer encode the ampersand
  • EDITOR: Ampersands in event names showing up as “&amp;”
  • Catch a potential NPE upon delayed startup
  • COMMISSIONERS: don't create InvitationSent/Rcvd for email invites that can't be delivered
  • Broke Ready-to-Demonstrate report with last patch
  • Found/fixed a NPE when transferring youth

Patch (2016-04-11)


  • Added signup notes and event ID to the event search algorithm

Bug Fixes

  • Webhook updates to EmailBlacklist were recording some senders as 'null' rather than null
  • If there were multiple blacklist entries, checking opt-in wasn't deleting them all
  • Youth/leader/outing “clone” method wasn't reseting the “rid” property
  • If your senior-section award had requirements with “do X of Y” subrequirements, incomplete subrequirements were unnecessarily being incluude in the “My Path” report
  • Troop News kept reverting to blank
  • Catch potential NPE in getRejects when section ID reverts to -1

Patch (2016-04-21)


  • EDITOR: reduced the amount of processing in onInputPaste
  • Re-enable column-spanning “Awarded” for non in-bulk reports

Bug Fixes

  • EDITOR: superscript displays as red in event summary
  • Postmortem notes from subscription events aren't showing up in the event overview
  • Fixed event ID's for events duplicated when transferring youth
  • Cleaned up duplicate event label/attributes
  • “Scouter's Files” link was missing the first time you connected after previously signing out.
  • Merging you set incorrect timestamp for inserted-into-database date

Patch (2016-04-26)


  • Mandrill changed its email policy, requiring section delegate email addresses
  • Added “tip” mechanism for dismissable hints, change notices, etc.

Bug Fixes

  • Multi-Event Owing report was showing checkmark for youth who had signed up “NO” to events
  • Incorrect border color in email Quick Pick table for youth who signup up “NO” to events
  • Ask a question shows “track email opens”
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