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Release 11.3 - Key Features

Bulk Updates of Youth

You can now change multiple properties of multiple youth, simultaneously.

Additionally, if you change the status of the youth to “Inactive - Moved Up”, it'll now let you migrate a bunch of youth up to the next section, making end-of-year changes much simpler!

"Start a New Year" Guide

This is a seven-step guide (found on the “Home” page) to the things you need to do each year. E.g., reset the leadership roles, change patrols, update each youth's year-in-program.

It makes use of the new Bulk Updates of Youth feature to simplify the administrative tasks.

Additionally, this guide can be dismissed when it is no longer needed, whereupon it'll remain hidden until about this time, next year.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Better instructions for “Import from MyScouts” for scouters with roles in multiple organizations

Bug Fixes

  • When editing notes, list of “Affected Youth” is now reset when you go to a different badge
  • When editing notes, list of “Affected Youth” is now reset when you switch Cubs
  • There was a cap of 255 characters in email subjects
  • Added getSectionProtocol to ensure that links in emails are always appropriate to the domain
  • ADMIN: increased open file limit
  • ADMIN: added watchdog test to check for unresponsive jetty
  • ADMIN: added watchdog test for poison pill
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