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Release 11.4 - Key Features

Canadian Path Personal Progression

One key element of the Canadian path is the age / year-by-year progression the Scouting Program. There is now a means by which you can record the youths' progression. Unlike all other elements in the SC programs, a youth is given a badge to show what s/he is now working on, rather than what they've finished. I.e., upon their first meeting, a new Scout is considered a “Pioneer” scout. Also unusual is the fact that the “requirements” to complete the level are extremely soft… i.e., nothing other than an end-of-year are actually required, and even then the youth will be progressed without it (according to the Canadian Path team). Consequently, there's only a single requirement for each progression level… and that's simply to be at the level.

Canadian Path Journey Cards

The end-of-year review is a key component of the Canadian Path, and Scouts Canada has developed a worksheet (i.e., “Journey Card”) that Scouters should print off and give to the youth to complete. Those Journey Cards are now implemented in ScoutsTracker and pre-filled with the pertinent information for each youth (including their progression, their OAS, their activities, etc.) so that neither the Scouter nor the youth are expected to do the “busy work” of filling in the data.

Journey Cards make use of “Program Cycles” (e.g., season) which are now offered as a property of each event. By default, the Program Cycle is inferred from the event's date, but it can be overridden (e.g., if you consider a Dec 11th camp to be a Winter event, even though it technically falls in the Fall Cycle). The Program Cycles are now an optional way of grouping your section's events under “Troop Events”.

Other Canadian Path Enhancements

You can set the maximum and minimum stage of OAS that your section is interested in. So Beavers no longer need to be intimidated by Stage 9 competencies, and similarly, Venturers don't need to be bothered with Stage 1 and 2 competencies. This also affects which inventory items are shown. There are default values for these settings, that can be customized under “Account” | “Advanced”

The inventory and wall chart reports have be re-laid out to emphasize the Canadian Path elements (vs the old program elements).

The link to the Scouter Manual has been updated to latest version.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • ADMIN: enabled chat listeners for ELB instances
  • ADMIN: re-enabled ELB health-check driven reboot
  • ADMIN: record restart reason

Bug Fixes

  • Bulk youth editing ignored the possibility that payment tracking could be disabled
  • Couldn't customize the text of badge requirements
  • CANADIAN PATH: New CP badges were showing up in inventory as having new/old variants
  • CANADIAN PATH: Canadian Rover Award listed twice in “Other”
  • BEAVERS: customize badges shows UK elements, but not canadian path badges
  • BEAVERS: UK badge program still shown as option

Patch (2016-07-13)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Added “Show all stages” button to bottom of OAS badge listings
  • COMMISSIONERS: resorted list of other logins
  • ADMIN: Better way to restart specific ELB servers
  • ADMIN: Improve sync sanity check

Bug Fixes

  • COMMISSIONERS: Tech Support logins couldn't delete accounts
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