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Release 12.1 - Key Features

Inventory Changes

You can now share your inventory with other accounts. This works within a section level (e.g., Pack/Pack, Colony/Colony) AND/OR within a Group.

Within a section level, your Monday Pack and Tuesday Pack can have identical views of their inventory (OAS's, PAB's, Seeonee award, Howler woggles, etc), and modifications made by one account will affect the inventory seen by the other, and vice versa. Similarly, the Group-wide inventory sharing lets you define Group inventory (tents, stoves, neckers, etc.) that will be seen and updated by all accounts within your Group. Section-level sharing works in conjunction (optionally) with the Group-wide sharing, so Colony A and Colony B can both share their program/uniform inventory AND see the Group's inventory.

Also, OAS badges can now be managed (and shared) at a Group level. Since all section levels are capable of awarding Vertical Skills #2, it made sense that the OAS badges become a shared resource within a Group, rather than maintained separately by each section.

Custom inventory items now have three new fields that you can optionally set to any value you want.

  • a “Location” field (e.g., “Trailer” or “Don's Basement”) that you can use to help remind people where stuff is currently stored.
  • a “Category” field (e.g., “Gear”, “Program Materials”, “Kub Kar Supplies”) that simply groups the items in the Inventory and Shopping reports.
  • a “Notes” field that you can use for anything you want (e.g., lighting instructions for a stove, reports of damage to specific tents).

The new inventory options can be found via “Account” | “Inventory” | “Options”.

Finally, support has been removed for NEW vs OLD uniforms. It's been more than 5 years since the new uniforms were introduced, and the Canadian Path doesn't support new/old uniform variants, so it's reasonable to stop supporting differentiated inventories of the new and old pre-CP badges.

"Import from MyScouts" Changes

The biggest change is that you can now do Group-wide imports. E.g, each Fall, the Group registrar can update all sections' youth/scouter records. This also allows a GC to license ScoutsTracker for their Group (see below), do an initial import, and thus get their entire Group off to a running start.

The UI was also completely revamped, so that you can get a preview of which youth/scouters will be added (or modified) as a result of the import.

Finally, ScoutsTracker detects names in ALL-CAPS during MyScouts import, and converts them to Mixed Case.

Commissioner-based Licensing and "Master" Login

The Commissioner Edition now allows you to license your entire Group/Area/Council, and self-manage who's in your license. I.e., if two of your Pack scouters created a ScoutsTracker account, and both redeemed your license Key, you can now unlicense one of the redundant accounts directly from the Usage Report.

Accounts that redeem your Group/Area/Council license are automatically linked to the licensing account. So you no longer need to send a license key to a section, and then separately invite it to join your Group/Area/Council account.

Accounts that redeem your Group/Area/Council license will have a non-deletable “master” login automatically created that will allow a specific key person (of your choosing) at the Group Level to connect to any account in your Group. This is crucial when you a large turn-over in your Colony leadership suddenly leaves you with no account administrators.

From the Usage Report, you can directly license any account that is collaborating with your Group/Area/Council report, and even if they haven't accepted your invite, you can still easily send them a customizable “here's your license key” email directly from the Report.

One downside of this release is that the Commissioner Edition is no longer free. Unfortunately the amount of R&D and support the Commissioner Edition requires is not sustainable if it's free. Additionally, there were a number of common support issues that had to be repeatedly handled that were greatly simplified if the Commissioner edition was a paid account like the Section accounts (same price, same discounting).

Consequently, all existing Commissioner accounts have all been turned into a trial that will last until July 1st, 2017. After that time, any expired accounts will be “frozen” until they are subsequently licensed (i.e., the same as happens with a Section account that expires).

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • “Collaboration” | “Organizations” now shows a) the scope of the organization (i.e., Group or Area) and b) whether it's an official account
  • ADMIN: added inventory to section backup/restore

Bug Fixes

  • PROGRAM_MAP field was showing up in editions that don't have program maps, for events that imported from sections that DO have program maps
  • Sending yourself a “Welcome Message” was respecting the “invitations” opt-out, which meant you wouldn't get the message that specifically asked to receive
  • COMMISSIONERS: if a section that you were already collaborating with subsequently accepted your invitation to join, it wasn't being included in one of the sections you could push an event to.
  • VENTURERS/ROVERS: “My PROGRAM_MAP Events” was visible
  • COMMISSIONERS/VENTURERS/ROVERS: “PROGRAM_MAP Locations” was visible during event edit
  • Usage Report was being inappropriately (but ineffectively) shown to non-Commissioner accounts
  • Fixed exception during youth merge

Patch (2017-04-17)

  • BUG: signup/attendance/payment was trying to list scouters as youth

Patch (2017-04-27)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Add “group by: name” to drop down list of grouping options for youth
  • Persist your last selected “group by” choice as your default choice when you next connect
  • Show event name on signup page
  • Persist last selection of “Schedule” | “Options” | “Include other's meetings”
  • COMMISSIONER: add a “you've been switched to Trial” startup message
  • COMMISSIONER: show number of remaining licenses in Usage Report or on “License” page

Bug Fixes

  • “Schedule” | “Options” | “Show Personal Events” couldn't be reset to “No”
  • Informational website still claimed the Commissioner edition was free
  • COLONY: UK Stages were being messed up by OAS stage logic
  • Inventory of OAS badges could be recorded with the wrong uniformID

Patch (2017-05-09)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • You can now merge scouter records
  • Replace “Start a New Year” with “Finish up This Year”
  • Slightly improved wording on the merge conflict resolution page
  • Updated the “Benefits for Commissioners” text on the informational website

Bug Fixes

  • Some mandrill unsubs weren't being processed
  • Some by-month licenses were being converted to 1 year
  • Reduced risk of StaleStateExceptions by signalling appropriate HTTP status codes
  • Inventory bug (update stock, shows in list, but not when drilling down to item)
  • Youth who had completed the most senior level of Progression (e.g., Howler) were just seeing “Completed!” in their “My Path” Report
  • Get rid of ugly wiki formatting in the requires show in the “My Path” report
  • Top Section Award was missing from “Account” | “Advanced” | “Customize Badges” list
  • Customizing most badges (e.g., “Spirit Beaver”) shows raw creole text
  • Toggles that showed group by section level/label weren't letting you switch to 'level'

Patch (2017-05-15)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Clarified that licensed accounts includes Commissioner accounts as well as just sections
  • Added a “past events”, and a “this event” to the insert link.
  • Enabled “Journey Cards” for youth/parents
  • Move “Account” | “Advanced” File URL's “Pack Files” page (which should always be visible for Scouters)
  • Move “Account” | “Advanced” Email Options into Email page
  • Move “Account” | “Advanced” Calendar options into Schedule options

Bug Fixes

  • COMMISSIONERS: Transfer/Merge wasn't available for Key People
  • Non-secure website wasn't accepting secure connections
  • Contrary to the documentation, non-featured events were being included in the Personal Journey cards if they were also non-meetings
  • Couldn't merge an inactive youth
  • IOS: Apple deprecated the Chalkboard font it used to replace the deprecated Comic Sans font

Patch (2017-05-22)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • COMMISSIONERS: added “Copy” button to Usage Report
  • Added an “Import” button below the calendar, for importing by event key
  • Personal Record Sheet Patrol/Lair/Lodge is now left blank if 'Unassigned'
  • Return a list of other sections that the login email works with, if the current selection has no login for the email address

Bug Fixes

  • Trying to view PDF's attached to emails or events using a Mac or iPhone gets a .txt extension added and shows the encoding using a text editor rather than opening in a PDF viewer

Patch (2017-05-25)

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the list of Groups with some new Groups
  • Changing youths status in Bulk to “Inactive - Transferred” would present some terminology suggesting they'd be moved up

Patch (2017-05-30)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • “Schedule” | “Options” | “Start of Week” and “View Calendar|List” are now stored as cross-account personal preferences
  • Changed Password Reset email link to be valid for 6 hours, instead of one

Bug Fixes

  • Miscalculation of Top Section Award completion for youth who overshoot the OAS stage completion
  • Incorrect regular expression for detecting staged badges when they've been customized
  • BEAVERS: Customizing UK Staged badges was resulting in those UK badges being included in the calculation of North Star Award #2
  • BEAVERS: could not finalize camping/hiking events created when you were using the UK badge system, but which you're no longer using
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