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Release 12.2 - Key Features

Health and Emergency

ScoutsTracker now allows you to add any number of phone numbers per youth/scouter (e.g., “Dad(cell)”, “Home”, “Mom(work)”, “Step-Mom(home)”, “Jenny: Cottage”).

Additionally, there are additional health fields, i.e., Allergies, Dietary Restrictions and miscellaneous Health Notes (e.g., “Diabetic”, or “Suffers from anxiety attacks”) that you deem to be important to record about the member.

The phone numbers and health fields are available in a concise summary sheet for either the entire section, or, for each event (i.e., if signup or attendance information has been recorded, then the summary will be pared down to include only participants).

You can click on any phone number in the list, and it will immediately call that number. Or, you can print out the list.

The Health and Emergency information is moved up with the youth when they advance to the next section, so the Troop scouter will be able to benefit from the complete list of contacts compiled by the Pack scouter.

Enhanced Security

Keeping personal information about members on any device requires greater security to counteract the risk that the device could be lost/stolen, or simply left unattended on the picnic table with “inquisitive” people around.

Consequently, ScoutsTracker now requires that all connections (on- or off-line) provide a security PIN before you can access private data (e.g., edit a youth record, or view the Health and Emergency information).

Furthermore, to protect against more involved hacking, the sensitive information is actually encrypted before being stored on the device, so that even if someone were to steal your phone, and use advanced debugging tools snoop through the browser's memory, they'd only find gibberish unless they knew your PIN.

If you forget your security PIN, you'll have to sign in again (with your email/password) in order to reset your PIN.

PRC Expiry for Adult Members

MyScouts is the only official repository for PRC, but that doesn't mean it's not really useful to see the PRC expiry dates in ScoutsTracker! There is now a “Account” | “Scouters” | “PRC Expiry” report which additionally shows alerts beside any Scouter who is within 2 months of PRC expiry.

Canadian Path Badges

The old linking badges (which nominally required participation in specific linking events) have been replaced with “Canadian Path” badges that show which younger sections the youth had participated in. These can now be tracked in ScoutsTracker, and the record of these badges are moved up with the youth as they progress between sections.

Youth are entitled to wear a small version of the top section awards they've earned in previous sections. E.g., a Venturer can show that she earned the North Star Award and the Seeonee Award. These can now be tracked in ScoutsTracker, and the record of these badges are moved up with the youth as they progress between sections.

All badges shown ScoutsTracker now have a link to “Show on Uniform” that displays a Uniform Insignia Placement guide.

For sections that are not completely on the Canadian Path, any non-CP badges will be visibly annotated with “Old Program”, so there will be less confusion for youth/parents.

Bug fixes

  • Search now looks through the customized PAB badge names for the current youth
  • Fixed a potential issue scrubbing localstorage

Patch (2017-06-23)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Support for seasonal assessments
  • ADMIN: improved logic re showing/hiding of elements with multiple dimensions (features, permissions, editions)
  • ADMIN: moved repository from SVN to Git
  • ADMIN: started paramaterizing feature sets

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken Patrol/Lair/Lodge editing
  • Queued debugging logs in other sections were creating a warning when ScoutsTracker was automatically freeing up other sections' memory
  • You could reconnect to a deleted account
  • Fixed an introduced a bug that prevent initial PIN picking
  • Fixed endless “Please sign in” message
  • Fixed potential javascript errors after signout
  • COMMISSIONERS: Got “Incorrect PIN” messages when connecting as auto-created master login
  • COMMISSIONERS: connecting now requires a Security PIN, just like section accounts

Patch (2017-06-26)

  • BUG: adding new youth would pre-populate phone numbers with that of previous youth
  • BUG: NPE during event push
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