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Release 12.3 - Key Features

Database Administration and Configuration

  • PostgreSQL database upgraded from 9.3 → 9.6
  • Database moved to Canadian data centre
  • Support for domain specific-common database shards

Youth/Scouter Contact Fields

  • Can now define multiple Address fields (e.g., “Mom's Home”, “Dad's Home”). Addresses will be included in an “Import from MyScouts”.
  • Re-layout of contact detail fields when editing youth/scouters
  • Search now includes Youth/Scouters fields, including Address, Phone, and Health/Emergency
  • Youth and Scouters lists are now filterable

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Added 'isaux' field to roles that lets apprentices/companies to be appropriately grouped

Bug Fixes

  • Regular expression bug was resulting in a blank representation of a new phone number
  • Fixed a minor display issue with logins page when there were no youth logins
  • Fixed a bug when adding login to scouter who didn't previously have one
  • COMMISSIONER: error upon uninviting a section
  • Attendance check-off table could be too narrow
  • PayPal was tacking on “_1” after some parameters

Patch 12.3.1 (2017-08-04)

  • ENH: Variety of vendor-specific changes, including addition of tallypass logic elements
  • ENH: Made PIN expiry a parameter, now defaults to 10 minutes
  • BUG: Made sure PIN challenge is suppressed for all types of embedding
  • BUG: “Show all stages” button was appearing in search results, below matching badges
  • BUG: Empty “Roster” header was showing “OAS Skills” sections

Patch 12.3.2 (2017-08-09)

  • BUG: Added failover fetch for embedded outings
  • ENH: Removal/updating of some hard-coded IP addresses
  • ADMIN: Auto-registering with load balancer target groups
  • ADMIN: Reconfiguration of wiki data to better integrate with git

Patch 12.3.3 (2017-08-23)

  • BUG: broken link to Quick Reference Guide
  • BUG: couldn't import from SpreadSheet if the “Organization Sub Type” field was missing from the spreadsheet
  • BUG: trial status flag wasn't being reverted on a logout
  • BUG: challenge to resolve uniform difference in youth merging… but there is no uniform anymore

Patch 12.3.4 (2017-08-27)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • COMMISSIONER: list of sections in push picker (and others) is now sorted by name
  • Added support for “Patrol” field in the import spreadsheet
  • Added finer granularity in detecting changes in “Import from MyScouts” data

Bug Fixes

  • Parents/Youth had an (unusable) “Emergency List” link in events
  • Parents/Youth with “Can see youth” would see some empty list groups under “Account”
  • COMMISSIONER: pushing multiple events could leave some selections unselectable in the push section picker
  • Badge requirements with completion logic (e.g., a tally count) that were marked as complete in a previous section had a tooltip claiming that they were complete as a result of troop preference
  • The bulk update “filter by participation” toggle wasn't having any effect
  • Program cycle wasn't being updated when duplicating events

Patch 12.3.5 (2017-08-31)

  • BUG: badge requirements with completion logic (e.g., a tally count) that were marked as complete in a previous section had a tooltip claiming that they were complete as a result of troop preference
  • BUG: the bulk update “filter by participation” toggle wasn't having any effect
  • BUG: program cycle wasn't being updated when duplicating events
  • ENH: added support for auto-relicensing

Patch 12.3.6 (2017-09-05)

  • BUG: if you had both phone numbers and addresses with the same label, they could overwrite each other during “Import from MyScouts”

Patch 12.3.7 (2017-09-11)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Say “your changes won't be saved until you…” if there is a outstanding email preference

Bug Fixes

  • Changed a scouter's status to “Inactive” and got a choice to “Copy Records” or “Just update Status”
  • If your entire section were on the CP, and you did a bulk update of youth, it would suggest your were going to change the “Canadian Path” property (when really, you weren't)
  • Some MyScouts entries could be misformatted, causing an error upon import
  • The Group or Area licene's “master” login wasn't included in the “Quick Pick” list of Scouters… so if the master happened to actually be a scouter in that section, they couldn't be emailed
  • COMMISSIONERS: “tech contact” shouldn't be included in the list of “other roles”, because it's constantly regenerated, and not removable
  • COMMISSIONERS: The “master” login wasn't being created in all accounts that it should have been
  • COMMISSIONERS: The section names in the Emergency list were not being annotated with the section level
  • COMMISSIONERS: The Login permissions had a “can updated badges”, which is irrelevent because there are no badges in the Commissioner edition
  • COMMISSIONERS: “Account” | “Advanced” had a “Allow sections to help manage the account”. This is not supported in the Commissioner edition
  • COMMISSIONERS: If you hadn't previously defined any shared folders (for file sharing) then it was impossible to set one up

Patch 12.3.8 (2017-09-15)

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • ADMIN: add “copy to clipboard” to price calculator (e.g., “50.00 + 6.50 HST = $56.50”)
  • Add “in” “out” columns to the signup sheet

Bug Fixes

  • Could not drill down on scouters with undefined “other roles” property
  • MyScouts import could create malformed JSON representations of addresses that contain specific typos
  • Tech Contact (aka, master) login couldn't change their own “other roles”
  • COMMISSIONERS: “Welcome Messages” button wasn't visible in “Account” | “Logins”
  • Sometimes, clicking on “Emergency List” in an event would pop up a message, but not actually take you to the emergency list report

Patch 12.3.9 (2017-09-30)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Leave the “Tech Contact” off the PRC Report unless they actually have a role in your section
  • Renamed “license key” to “activation code”
  • Cleaned up old assumption of binary values in grouping login
  • Increased sanity monitoring from 5 minutes to 1 minute
  • Updates to NLC and Chinnook Area/Group organization

Bug Fixes

  • You couldn't see “Emails” | “Options” unless you had sent an email
  • “Use legacy lanyards” option was showing up for non-Troop sections under “Account” | “Advanced”
  • When drilling down to a badge from Related Requirements, you could see the wiki formatting codes
  • File attachment icons were blank if your document extension was uppercase (e.g., docx vs DOCX)
  • COMMISSIONERS: No “add new account” when starting out with a blank Area/Group
  • COMMISSIONERS: The “is official account” checkbox was showing up when clicking “Account” | “Sections” | “Add New Account”
  • The test for conflicts/relatedsections was not returning leader logins if the login was used both by an inactive and active leader
  • COMMISSIONERS: Switching between grouping by 'section level' or 'label' was not changing whether a section's name was annotated with it's level
  • COMMISSIONERS: Using the section 'filter' command was always suppressing the section's level annotation
  • COMMISSIONERS: The “(pending)” annotation doesn't show up when using the filter
  • COMMISSIONERS: unaccepted email invites to other commissioners showed “- undefined” in their name when grouped by section level
  • If you deleted a leader always deleted the associated login, even if there was another active leader using the same login
  • Watchdog timer wasn't running

Patch 12.3.10 (2017-10-09)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Changed security PIN expiry so that iOS users don't get prompted everytime they toggle between apps, and all users get pinged a little less frequently
  • COMMISSIONERS: change “(Pending)” invitation annotation to “(No Response)” because “pending” has a quite different meaning re MyScouts

Bug Fixes

  • Add a test for Chrome 61 storage problem
  • Participation by Program Area was showing Program Map Locations (which additionally was blank for Venturers and Rovers)
  • WYSIWYG editor can inject inappropriate HTML elements into the event descriptions, seriously screwing up subsequent navigation
  • Minor tweak in layout spacing of “Program Areas” list
  • IE: fixed a error message that could appear when being prompted for security PIN
  • IE: fixed a Journey Card printing problem
  • SCOUTS: conflicting names in old/CP Programs was causing incorrect labels to be shown in Personal Record Sheet

Patch 12.3.11 (2017-10-19)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Logging out would cause each connection to do an “initial sync” of all records, instead of just an incremental sync
  • Parent logins couldn't use the “master” email address, making it tough for the “master” login who happened to be a parent of youth in one of the sections
  • Minor tweak to the wording of the unused related requirements message when giving credit

Bug Fixes

  • Ability to change “master” login was disappearing on subsequent clicks on “Account” | “License”
  • Some duplicate events could cause each connection to do an “initial sync” of all records, instead of just an incremental sync
  • You could be on the email blacklist for a couple of reasons, but only one was getting cleared when you opted into receive emails of a particular type
  • There was an unnecessary border around bullet point lists in the event descriptions section of a printed-out attendance sheet
  • Going to “Reports” | “Unfinalized Events”, clicking on an event, and then clicking on the “Manage” button to update the attendance was presenting you with a “this is a print-only worksheet” message
  • Some sign-up lists has a column misalignment, and/or separate IN/OUT columns
  • Going to “Reports” | “Event Signup/Attendance” and clicking on an event with no signup or payment enabled was taking you to the event signup/payement options page, instead of just letting you print the report
  • Worked around Chrome 61 bug
  • Ready-to-award badges for inactive youth were still showing up as inventory demand
  • Changing inventory of shared item would save to wrong uniform
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