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Release 13.0 - Key Features

Login-less Signup of Events in Emails

It can be a pain convincing parents/youth to connect to ScoutsTracker and sign up for events!

So now there is an “RSVP” button in the email editor that will insert a placeholder for signup buttons in an email. These buttons will be individually-customized when the email is sent out to include the information about the members who are being asked to sign up (e.g., name and event fee, if applicable).

If an email is associated with multiple members… e.g., a scouter and her child, or two siblings, then there will be a customized set of buttons for each member so that their individual signups can be appropriately recorded.

Additionally, if you add the RSVP buttons to an email for an event that didn't have sign-up enabled, the event will automatically be modified to have sign-up enabled.

Youth Can Create Personal Events

In order to assist with the youth-led nature of the Canadian Path, youth are now (optionally) allowed to create Personal events on the schedule. This lets the youth record their own adventures, or capture plans to be undertaken by their patrol/lair or by the entire section.

As personal events, they are only visible to the youth who created the event, and their scouters. But if you want the event to be visible to all youth/parents in the section (i.e., you're comfortable with a Scout's plan for a Troop event) then you can subsequently change the visibility.

You can enable this feature by going to “Account” | “Advanced”. Note that is a much softer section-wide version of the existing per-login permission of “Can Manage Schedule”. The latter gives a youth the ability to make any change to the schedule, whereas this new feature only lets youth create their own personal events.

Commissioners Can Email Scouters/Parents/Youth in Their Sections

A frequently-requested feature, Commissioners now have the ability to select “everyone” and/or “parents” and/or “leaders” on the email composition page.

This will then take advantage of the records kept by each section account, and send a BCC message to all sections in the Group.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Always show all OAS Stages in the list of related requirements
  • Add a “Do you want to navigate away from this page” warning when managing attendance
  • Many javascript confirm's changed to lightboxes
  • COMMISSIONERS: made “master” settings visible for all accounts, but with helpful tips if you're not qualified to set it
  • If an event has zero attendance, don't include it in the count of events used in the percentage attendance score in the Attendance table
  • The words “not me” and “maybe me” reports of your own signup should be bold
  • Optimized “Other Badges” page generation
  • Remove the “learn about transitioning to the canadian path” button on the Home Screen
  • Make the “Start a New Year” and “Wrap up the current Year” Home Screen buttons time-dependent * WIKI: auto open/close the wiki navigation tab based on screen size (because quick reference is unreadable on small screens, and people didn't know to click open/close button)
  • ADMIN: Tag purchases to volume licenses
  • ADMIN: Sending a receipt has option to send to different address than payer
  • ADMIN: should automatically send a receipt upon recording a non paypal payment

Bug Fixes

  • Catch a potential NPE when there is a delay getting the Logins data
  • CP: If same badge name were used in the old and CP Programs, it could cause a column to be missing in the “Give Credit” table
  • IMPORT: youth's year-in-program value wasn't being updated on re-import
  • Related Requirements picker needs a “Show all Stages” button, because oherwise Vents can't pick something from Camping Outdoor Skills #1.
  • Inactive scouts ready-to-award should not impact the inventory 'demand'
  • “Account” | “Youth” | <some kid> | “Add Login” does not add the new login as one of the youth's contacts
  • Fixed a typo in shared inventory error message
  • Removed some non-functional event options from parent/youth view
  • Fixed Nov 1st “nMonths not defined” message
  • Duplicate word “Scouts” in event summary when there is a different guest/youth price
  • Fixed an issue with left-over events when swapping between different accounts at the same level using logins with the same email address
  • ADMIN: Recording non-paypal doesn't update the license size
  • ADMIN: sendReceipt shows current size of license as opposed to # purchase
  • ADMIN: Use section's default domain if host is an IP address
  • COMMISSIONERS: Some commissioners couldn't unlicense accounts

Patch 13.0.1 (2017-11-06)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • RSVP: “Add non-rsvp'd” participants to compose email
  • RSVP: “Add signed up YES” participants to compose email
  • RSVP: Include “RSVP” annotation beside some emails
  • RSVP: Includes a dynamic image that shows member's current signup, in GMail/Outlook/etc.
  • Signup notification email now includes # guests and comments
  • Option to make signup for non-meetings on or off by default
  • Can specify a list of default recipients of event signup notification emails
  • Fixed some links recently broken by SC during the redesign

Bug Fixes

  • RSVP: Not including the sender in the list of the recipients… therefore no mergevars!
  • RSVP: Only sending out one email per youth (i.e., skipping multiple parents)
  • RSVP: sender was getting double button rows if they were also in the to/cc/bcc row
  • RSVP: was not sending out signup notification email when RSVP button used to change signup
  • Text error in “Account” | “Inventory” | “Options”

Patch 13.0.2 (2017-11-10)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • RSVP: better feedback upon resubmitting signup
  • RSVP: More informative messages about culling recipients from RSVP messages
  • “Add Recipients” should respect where the cursor is. E.g., if you have it it in “CC” field and click “Add Scouters” it should not insert them into “To” line. But must respect BCC requirements
  • Add a “exclude from emails” option for scouters (enabled by default for “master”, disabled by default for all other scouters)
  • Added ani-placeholders for event name/location
  • ADMIN: addNonPayPal should send receipt directly to payer_email

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed blank edit-email page
  • COMMISSIONERS: Restored 'Quick Pick' to composition add recipients drop-down
  • COMMISSIONERS: Selecting “Add Key People” was actually adding all section scouters
  • COMMISSIONERS: Only the license contact_email could set the “master” login, but they don't always have logins…
  • After signing out, the “Collaboration” link remained visible
  • Disabling 'allow youth led' still left the youth who'd previously been granted extra permission with the same access
  • Updating collaboration color wasn't updating list in “Account” | “Collaboration” until next reconnection
  • ADMIN: Export was spitting out “null” for missing transaction.outing_key

Patch 13.0.3 (2017-11-15)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • IMPORT: Changed the way that “pending” and “inactive” members are handled, for both youth and Scouters, and for both new and existing members
  • IMPORT: Report members who were, or ought to be, inactivatied
  • Improved tooltip for signups where the parental login that signed it up has no display name
  • RSVP: Make a best-effort attempt to infer who is doing the signup, based on the recipient's email address
  • EMAIL: Email add distinct “Add Recipients” buttons for each of the to/bcc/cc fields, except when “alway Bcc is set”

Bug Fixes

  • EMAIL: Fixed a bug selecting names from quick pick
  • RSVP: mergevars were using a email→member mapping that incorrectly took a login's “delegate” email address into consideration
  • If you toggled “Account” | “Advanced” | “Allow youth to help manage the account”, then “Account” | “Logins” | <some youth> wasn't showing/hiding the youth's login permissions until you next connected (i.e., refreshed)
  • If you went to “Account” | “Logins” and set show by “Email Addresses” AND you had “Allow youth to help manage the account” set, then any youth with the “Can see all youth” permission was being hidden from this list of logins
  • Updating inventory was failing if you were editing a uniform-invariant item, and you'd never previously edited any uniform-invariant item

Patch 13.0.4 (2017-12-11)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • RSVP: Better inference of who the signer-upper is when there are no YouthContact records
  • The 'All' button for recording attendance/payment now works on Scouters as well as Youth
  • Exclude youth attendance from the attendance report for scouter-only events, even when youth were previously-marked as attending
  • Resend license key upon group license renewal
  • Rename “Section Key” to “Customer” in the PayPal form to reduce confusion
  • Flag members who were NOT in the Import from MyScouts file (for subsequent culling)
  • Changed the sort order of Group Names in the “Account” | “Public Profile” | “Groups” selector
  • COMMISSIONERS: When you *unlicense* an account, it shouldn't be necessary have to refetch the “Usage Report” (since there's no *new* data)

Bug Fixes

  • Error trying to print signup sheet from event details pages
  • Avoid an error when the connection is taking too long
  • Detect a case where the login name is shown as 'undefined' rather than 'Unknown'
  • RSVP: When dealing with Scouters with very old logins, there was a rare change that “Thank you, <NAME>” would show the wrong name
  • Clicking on “Print as Signup Sheet” from the event's signup management page wasn't doing anything
  • When you connect to an expired account, it says “You can't do that with an expired account”, before you even try to do anything
  • When creating a new event from the calendar, and deselecting the eligible flag, you'd get a message incorrectly saying the event had already started
  • “Home” | “Pond Map” | “Ringtail's Hollow” | “next” | “prev” gives you an empty list of events
  • ROVERS: “Canadian Rover Badge” wasn't selectable on the Related Badges list, or on the list of selcetable badges for “Completion” report
  • COMMISSIONERS: If you invite/uninvite/re-invite a section, you can't subsequently uninvite it
  • COMMISSIONERS: Drilling down to a Group/Area account under “Account” | “Sections”, the “License” field was incorrectly showing as “Free”
  • COMMISSIONERS: Sometimes when creating a new section, after having clicked on “Home” | “Sections”, you wouldn't be able to see your Group selection
  • COMMISSIONERS: When creating Group/Area section accounts, the entered license key would be scrubbed… leaving the new account in a 'Trial' state
  • ADMIN: Volume's expiry date could, in some cases, use the customer section ID's expiry

Patch 13.0.5 (2018-02-21)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Added “Troop Leader” woggles for Scouts/Sea Scouts

Bug Fixes

  • COMMISSIONER: misleading error message when trying to change “master” login in non-licensing account
  • Catch potential exception in getRequirementWeight
  • Fixed an issue in which a birthday event was missing the 'isimplicit' flag, and was therefore getting stuck in the “Queued Events” list
  • Fixed a typo in the renewed Group license email
  • Badge requirements that were marked as complete, and associated with an event, via the “In Bulk” interface weren't having those events show up in the “Related Events” listing for the badge
  • Fixed potential exception upon startup synchronization problem
  • Fixed harmless DOM error
  • COMMISSIONERS: you could get a mismatch between a new section's canononical name “1st Muddy Paw - Group” and the actual level of the account being created.
  • Fixed link to Thanks submission page, that was broken in the latest SC website redesign
  • Forbid payment until the council/area/group have been selected (for establishing taxation)
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