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Release 13.1 - Key Features

Canadian Path Alignment

  • Updated names of “Section Scouter” to “Contact Scouter”
  • Replaced “Advisor” with “Scouter” for Venturers and Rovers
  • Modified wording of Camping Skills 8.4 Competency
  • Adapted to shuffled requirements in Camping Skills 2/3/7
  • Broke out Scoutcraft Skills 2.1 and 3.1 into subrequirements


There were two big changes: the first was that users that had opted out or had marked a previous Section email as spam can now opt in without contacting support. I.e., in any list of email addresses, those that are flagged as undeliverable because of opt-out/spam now have an “unblock” link beside their email. Clicking this link will cause a special “Opt In” email sent to the recipient. If the recipient clicks on the opt-in link contained in the email, they'll be removed from all black lists.

The second big change is an optimization of email fetching. In particular:

  • Emails are no longer fetched every time you go to “Emails”. There is now a “Refresh” button.
  • Emails now grouped by year
  • Not all years' emails are fetched when you first go to “Emails”. But you can optionally fetch previous years' emails

As well there were a number of enhancements/bug fixes relating to emails:

  • Clicking next/prev on email (or swiping) onto a draft email now opens the composition window
  • Scouters can send blacklist-delisting emails to opted-out/spam recipients
  • “(Draft)” annotation was being lost in the emails report after filtering
  • Clicking next/prev on email (or swiping) was not always showing the correct email if you had filtered the list

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Allow youth members to be listed as signup notification recipients
  • Better information displayed for signup notification lists
  • Auto-generated list of most-recently used locations
  • ARCH: more flexible way of specifying inline notes

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking the 'Add' button at the top of the Manage signup/attendance/payment column would incorrectly include scouters who had their “participates in events” setting set to “No”
  • Searching for badge names didn't always find all badges
  • Most recent redesign of SC website resulted in broken links that had to be updated
  • Was showing current tally in “In Bulk” badge updater for requirements that were complete, instead of checkmark
  • Phone number entered during new member creation wasn't being saved
  • Sync was sometimes incorrectly reporting the number of elements being synced
  • Clean up of unmatched HTML elements
  • Import: all members were erroneously being reported as being updated during upload
  • Could update tallies in expired accounts, and update badges via Bulk Edit
  • Cleaned up some antiquated badge transactions with incorrect requirement ID's
  • Badge requirements that are tallies triggered by certain event labels inappropriately had a dashed checked box instead of a solid one
  • Tally requirements were shows text in black even though the tally has been met
  • Cleaned up duplicate MemberContactDetails
  • When you sign out/sign in, need to clear all filters
  • Don't show Troop/Pack/Colony News until after login is verified

Patch 2018-05-24

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • New “Start Another…” link allows youth to work on multiple PAB's (sequentially)
  • Deprecated Facebook support
  • Made “about” page multi-NSO ready
  • Check for section-key format during activation code redemption
  • Cleaned up duplicate badge requirement sorting code

Bug Fixes

  • Missing parent.png file was resulting in a broken image in the Personal Record Sheets
  • WYSIWYG: could have vertically-clipped text if you used large text within a line
  • Bold text (400) in Special Award preview
  • “Delete” button was available when creating a new Special Award
  • RSVP: double signup notifications could be emailed out
  • “Wrap up Year…” button wasn't showing because it was looking at last years' hide selection
  • Cleaned up inconsistent “master” login permission checking
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