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Release 13.3 - Key Features

Auto-Filling Pond Map

The Beaver's Pond Map now automatically fills itself out. E.g., each time a Beaver participates in a “Healthy and Active Living” activity, they'll find another dot filled out on the Map, under “Rusty's Meadow”.

Additionally, the Northern Lights Quest has been clarified to align more closely with the official Program Materials, which now lean heavily on Aurora's Northern Lights with its “Follow the Lights/Stars/Moon” framework.

The auto-filling Pond Map allows you to filter events by a particular year, to demonstrate to the youth (and parents) what you've undertaken during the current scouting year.

There is a also a bulk report whereby you can select a bunch of youth (e.g., a Lodge, a year-in-program, or just individually) and print out all the pond maps for the selected youth.

Canadian Path Changes

Beavers can now be awarded the Northern Lights Tail they receive in the Northern Lights Quest Ceremony.

Cubs, Scouts and Venturers can now complete their World Scout Environment Awards. The Cub and Venturer version of the requirements are still under review by the Canadian Path team, so are marked as guidelines for completing the WOSM framework. When ultimately approved, you can expect some more age-appropriate suggestions for activities to complete each requirement.

Bug Fixes

  • COMISSIONERS: constantly getting nagged about PIN if you happened to be the “master” login in a section account
  • Viewing an event's email history would show a “Fetch 1969-1970 Emails” button
  • COMMISSIONERS: couldn't set an account to be “official”
  • Rovers couldn't set year-in-program
  • Badges under “Other” link weren't showning correct % completion
  • “Who's working on What” report wasn't including the Top Section Awards
  • Personal Record Sheets was missing icon for “Personal” events
  • When viewing events in other sections' schedule, there was an unneeded “forward” glyph beside each related badge
  • When viewing events in other sections' schedule, there was an unneeded hint about finalizing the event
  • Fixed an issue trying to save “Troop News”
  • ENH: made “Troop News” editable in-line (don't have to go to separate page)

Patch (2018-06-20)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • More helpful error message when trying to change the “master” login pin/password/email in a section account
  • Remind event creator to consider nights of camping if the other labels span multiple days (e.g., Paddle Expedition, Training)
  • Remember last list/calendar setting as preference
  • Add an “Active - Linked Up” status to “Update Multiple Youth”

Bug Fixes

  • MOBILE: big tables (go to “Sailing Skills 6” and click “In Bulk”) can't be scrolled
  • Section “master” logins kept having an invalid PIN error
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