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 +[[Release_Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 14.0 - Key Features ======
 +===== Scouts Australia =====
 +G'day from down under! ​ Scouts Australia has now joined Scouts Canada in adopting the underlying technology for their members as they roll out their new "​Pioneer"​ Program (very similar to our "​Canadian Path", but they'​ve done some awesome things with their upper-stage OAS'​s... surfing anyone?).
 +The Australian edition of ScoutsTracker is branded as "​Pioneer Tracker",​ and is available via ​ So if you see any questions/​references to "​Pioneer Tracker"​ on the ScoutsTracker Discussion Group, there'​s a good chance that their questions will relate directly to features in ScoutsTracker. ​ They probably won't be asking any licensing questions, because Scouts Australia is making Pioneer Tracker freely available to Australian Scouting groups! (But, note, in order to create a Pioneer Tracker account, you need a special Group-specific validation code that you can only get from Scouts Australia.)
 +So how does this new Australian edition impact this release? ​ Well in addition to the user branding/​terminology/​content that varies from edition-to-edition,​ Scouts Australia'​s stringent youth data security requirements stipulated that their data have specific hosting requirements,​ so there was a significant amount of work in adding configuration issues to allow the server code to understand that it has different responsibilities over different data sets.
 +Scouts Australia has also opted to provide their own first-line support, so there was effort put in (behind the scenes) to allow their staff and volunteers to formally help out with their Help/​Support Desk portal.
 +These were all big changes that justify an release number upgrade from 13 to 14... even if it's not really obvious to ScoutsTracker users that much has changed.
 +===== Admin and Back-End changes =====
 +In addition to Scouts Australia changes, there were also signficant (overdue) back-end changes:
 +  * Revamp of Apache mod_rewrite rules
 +  * Added message for Chinook and NLC users re licensing
 +  * Added number of emails sent to account lookup
 +  * Updated protocol detection for development URL's
 +  * More exhaustive inference of volume'​s section type (for vocab)
 +  * Report the SOAP credentials
 +  * Added an isEmailMaster method to constrain the webhook polling
 +  * Add ability for Councils or Areas or NSO's that pay to get a logo and credit
 +  * Have a redeployment script for badges.manifest,​ so we can add fonts
 +  * Have a redeployment script for /​main/​index,​ so that the OG:image etc are correctly specified
 +  * Badge spreadsheet reader could return floats for some numeric cells
 +  * Avoid potential NPE when unlicensing accounts
 +  * doesn'​t redirect to
 +  * WIKI: Parameterize organization name/logo
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +  * Self-generation of invoices for payment by cheque and e-transfer
 +  * Added "​Copy"​ button to a number of fields
 +  * Add hints re adding Commissioner account to license mix
 +  * Improved presentation of creole formatting tips
 +  * Get rid of "​(imported)"​ annotation for newly-imported youth/​scouters
 +  * Removed red-herring log statement upon logout
 +  * BuildEventSummary list of attendees should be indented
 +  * Provided more information in the summary for the "​Do"​ section of edited events
 +  * Streamlined process for creating accounts (automatically guided through process of selecting Council/​Area/​Group)
 +  * "You must select a PIN" message concludes with setting the focus on the appropriate input
 +  * When entering other section'​s key, the resulting label "​Scouts"​ vs "1st Erindale - Scouts"​ depends on whether the key is from the same group
 +  * Deferred loading of invoice image
 +  * Filtering youth is now incremental with each key stroke
 +  * Phones, addresses and patrols and highlighted by filter text
 +  * If you're oversubscribed on a volume license, the number of accounts default to the current number of sections
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * Race condition means that you WYSIWYG editor is not initialized by the time you click on it
 +  * Fixed possible (but harmless) NPE upon entering an invalid email as a youth contact
 +  * Scouting year rollover meant that no emails were being shown, but also no "Fetch 2017-2018 Emails"​ button
 +  * Fixed ani-placeholder issues with Validation Key and Collab section name
 +  * Non-licensable editions should not prompt for renewal
 +  * Fixed incorrect URL in the the "your bookmark needs to be replaced"​ dialog
 +  * ani-placeholder text overlaps with field value until focus is set/changed
 +  * Can create area account with name "​undefined"​
 +  * Customizing name of related section didn't stick
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ "​Connect via my other logins"​ had poorly-worded text for the header of other commissioner logins
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Usage Report omitted Groups/​Areas that had previously invited the license-owning account.
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ wrong label when creating 3rd party accounts
 +  * ParseMigrationKey was returning an entire JSON object for the sectiontype,​ as opposed to just a string
 +  * Overaggressive culling of unused attachments
 +  * Creole formats that had a "#"​ (for numbered list) as the first item weren'​t being treated correctly (actually shows up as "#"​)
 +  * Error on browsing to embedded event links
 +  * Import dates were not respecting timezone
 +  * Caught potential NPE in attachment-less notes
 +  * Was not actually supporting dd/mm/yyyy date format in ImportServlet
 +  * Catch possible NPE on invalid connections (no sectionID)
 +  * App wasn't launching due to query to BadgeImage returning null
 +  * Transferring youth wouldn'​t mark them as inactive
 +  * Updating custom inventory sometimes wouldn'​t work
 +  * COLONY: missing beaver map (no program areas or map locations on Home Page)
 +  * Fixed bad SQL in "​Master"​ login handling
 +  * Detect a NPE and ASSERT instead
 +===== Patch (2018-09-13) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * Trim whitespace from event notes before displaying them
 +  * IMPORT: Adapted to new official MyScouts Scouting Role value
 +  * Renamed "​Inactive Scouts: SHOW/​HIDE"​ to "Show inactive Scouts: YES/​NO"​
 +  * Set focus to section key input field when moving up youth
 +  * Share calendar needs labels for the checkboxes, needs a Copy button beside the URL.  Needs descriptive subtext
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Hide optino to show other schedules'​ meetings when only sharing your own schedule
 +  * Deselecting all labels no longer permitted when overriding youth'​s attendance at event
 +  * Tidied up logic for displaying opt-in email preferences
 +  * When creating new account, default creator to opting-in to all emails
 +  * IMPORT: detect invalid member numbers
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * AU: Wall Chart didn't find matches for OAS's if minStage != 1
 +  * AU: Can't set min/max OAS levels
 +  * Prevent trying to start a transaction on an already-transacting db session
 +  * Was sending signup notifications for Scouters marked as inactive
 +  * Timeout for fetching history was too short
 +  * Improved padding on toggle switches
 +  * Endless loop reverting dirty '​transactions'​
 +  * Caught potential NPE when volume section key refers to an inactive section
 +  * Couldn'​t select 0 nights as an youth attendance override value
 +  * ST-3: "​important date" events had signup
 +  * TROOP/PACK: Personal Achievement Badges were not visible
 +  * Links to trail cards was broken after latest SC website redesign
 +  * IMPORT: ST-4: youth role was always being reset
 +  * IMPORT: ST-5: "​Import from MyScouts"​ couldn'​t handle extended characters in MyScouts official group names
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ Sharing Group calendar was ignoring "​include other sections'​ schedules"​ setting
 +  * Fixed vocab for optin label used in no-email glyph
 +  * IMPORT: handling of group names with special characters
 +  * Prevent endless recursion on deleting account
 +  * Reload page upon importing to ensure logins are presented correctly
 +  * Wasn't reporting the reason why very large images couldn'​t be embedded
 +===== Patch (2018-09-27) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * IMPORT: better effort at guessing year-in-program
 +  * Combined Windsor and Essex Areas
 +  * Prevent addition of deleted sections in "​Account"​ | "​Collaboration"​ | "Add other Section"​
 +  * Added X-ALT-EVENT descriptions to iCalendar file so you can have HTML descriptions in Outlook
 +  * Send license renewal message to people who pay by cheque or e-transfer. ​ Also include payer and master login in list of recipients
 +  * Licensing alert glyph should have a tooltip explaining what it's alerting about
 +  * Make non-badgemasters/​youth be able to see all the "​account"​ fields... but tell them why they can't click on them (to reduce support requests)
 +  * Enable asynchronous sendMail, with automatic resends on failure
 +  * Related Events listing nominally only shows events that occur after the youth joins the section, but should also look at earliest badge records, in case the  joined-the-pack date is wrong
 +  * Queue up messages to send to work around mandrill Bad Gateway errors?
 +  * Prevent assertion after Mandrill time-out error
 +  * Better handling of Mandrill errors when checking isMailable
 +  * Mark finalized in bulk
 +  * Check year-in-program and/or select-all when moving up youth (to prevent against moving up entire section)
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * Catch potential NPE during janitor process
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ hard-deleting a section needs to check the Volumes for usage of the section as the tech_section_key
 +  * Moving up was tacking "needs merge?"​ onto all youth
 +  * If you belonged to a deprecated Area, the price calculator was reporting zero
 +  * PACK: new accounts being created without the "​Canadian Path Only" setting
 +  * QUADRANT: delete old '​a2'​ badge
 +  * Disable "no admins"​ ASSERT (getSectionAdminEmails:​665) for sections that were merged (and consequently have *no* leaders)
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ when sharing with "show other sections'​ schedule"​ set, some section calendars were missing from aggregate calendar
 +  * Getting a red-herring "You don't have permission to do that" when changing the start-of-week calendar option if you're a youth/​parent or viewing an embedded calendar
 +  * Couldn'​t see meetings in embedded/​shared schedule of a single account
 +  * Invitations from deleted Groups/​Areas would linger forever under "​Account"​ | "​Collaboration"​
 +  * Passing in wrong argument to extendVolumeInfo
 +  * Conversion of outing notes to plaintext was missing lots of HTML that could be converted
 +  * Addressed issued of multiple loginemail entries screwing up attempts to sign in
 +  * Inserting RSVP buttons was giving error message when the deadline was today
 +  * RSVP: can't include RSVP buttons for events with no signup deadline (recently added bug)
 +  * ADMIN: summary report was trying to lookup common DB ID using the domain
 +  * SEA SCOUTS: had to sign in everytime you connected
 +  * RSPV: can't include RSVP buttons for events with no signup deadline (recently added bug)
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ corrected URL in collaboration invite
 +  * ROVERS: if you weren'​t exclusively on the Canadian Path, then the OAS were showing up twice in "​Reports"​ | "Wall Chart"
 +  * Some old manually-added collaboration sections were showing up as scouter-only
 +  * AU: "​Copy"​ button beside event sharing URL is misaligned
 +  * Incorrect fields were being displayed in the group-plan when editing subscribed event
 +  * Mirroring events wasn't creating (or destroying) an outingSubscription object. ​ This meant that changes to source items weren'​t being reflected in home account
 +  * AU: Rovers can go to 7th year
 +  * With two tabs open to different account at the same section level, both would share the same customized welcome text
 +===== Patch (2018-10-02) =====
 +==== Quadrant Enhancements ====
 +  * Non-apprentice members are automatically not eligible for classes
 +  * Remove birthdays from schedule
 +  * Can no longer add/edit companies explicitly
 +  * Adding marine company now auto-adds company name, just like employer
 +  * Added MST as contact role
 +  * Added Classes L1-L4, and migrated existing classes
 +  * "​Personal"​ events is no longer a concept
 +  * Levels now have use "​tallypass"​ auto-logic to determine whether a requirement is complete
 +  * Implememented the "​tallypercent"​ link
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * Just show "​Dues"​ (rather than "​Special Dues") when displaying section events
 +  * Better check for empty notes (include blank paragraphs) when displaying event summary
 +  * Make section-dependent defaults for whether new logins are parent, youth or indeterminate
 +  * Adding logins that already exists now explains that the welcome message didn't need to be sent
 +  * Adding a login via "​Account"​ | "​Youth"​ | <​name>​ | "Add a Login" should report an error if the login already exists
 +  * Filtering the list of youth now checks the youths'​ email contacts
 +  * Opt-in by default to invitations
 +  * COMMISSIONERS:​ filtering the list of youth now checks the sections'​ email list
 +  * Added live filter for scouters (just like it works for youth)
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ Schedule wasn't showing related section events unless you first went to "​Schedule"​ | "​Options"​
 +  * Adding a login via "​Account"​ | "​Youth"​ | <​name>​ | "Add a Login" wasn't correctly updating the access table
 +  * Creation of new meetings by clicking on the right day-of-week wasn't respecting the auto-enable signup setting
 +  * A couple of instances of "​Scouters"​ weren'​t localized
 +===== Patch (2018-10-10) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * Made WelcomeMessages and Troop messages asynchronous
 +  * ADMIN: minimized the number of database sessions created when editing events
 +  * ADMIN: updated cleanupTechPermission to detect non-master logins with the master permission
 +  * Better hint if trying to upload an image with an invalid extension
 +  * Back up to list of leaders after completing a leader-merge
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * Deal with signups on a youth-by-youth basis, so parents can sign up even if the scouter has the event open (and hasn't changed the signups) (ST-7)
 +  * Couldn'​t set youth'​s year-in-program back to "0th year" (SS-428)
 +  * AU: removed a hard-coded reference to "​MyScouts"​
 +===== Patch (2018-10-12) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * Reduced number of server calls on connecting
 +  * Eliminated unneeded youthProgress upload on connecting
 +  * Multi-row signup notes display in auto-resizing text box
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * Going to "​Account"​ | "My Login" didn't look like changes to Opt-In Email Preferences were being saved (they were, but just weren'​t displaying correctly)
 +  * Tooltip on Account alert says "will expire in 60" (missing "​days"​)
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ couldn'​t filter sections if one of the sections had no email metadata
 +  * Couldn'​t update Scouters'​ dietary restrictions
 +  * FIREFOX/​ANDROID:​ got a error message on first attempt to enter PIN
 +  * Updating signup notes not triggering change
 +===== Patch (2018-11-14) =====
 +==== Miscellaneous Enhancements ====
 +  * COLONY: Added target fundraising label/badge
 +  * Added YLT badges
 +  * Added means to have embedded images in badge requirements (as required by YLT)
 +  * PAB's that have been converted to Special Awards weren'​t showing up correctly in PRS
 +  * COLONY: Added "​Other"​ section for YLT and converted PAB's
 +  * Re-enabled event label glyph for reminders and implicit events
 +  * Added filter highlighting to summary of allergies/​diet/​notes
 +  * Replaced "​ASM"​ with "​SRM"​ to reflect the new SC terminology
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ Re-enabled Emergency Contact Info for Key People
 +  * LOG: Downgraded RSVP ASSERT to a warning
 +  * LOG: Catch poorly-formed transactions and skip them
 +  * LOG: Downgraded Janitor ASSERT to a warning
 +  * Better attempt to process mis-encoded email addresses (
 +  * ADMIN: Don't send youth transfer emails to support
 +  * Merging wasn't merging member contact details (address, phone)
 +  * RSVP: Always default to "​first,​ last" format for MEMBER_NAME
 +==== Bug Fixes ====
 +  * When editing event times, start/stop day wasn't being dynamically update (i.e., only after saving)
 +  * When editing event times, determination of next day was incorrect if the event'​s rollup was hours, and the number of hours was less than the event duration
 +  * Reinstated the statusbar in the tinymce editor
 +  * Dakemi logo doesn'​t show up in invoices if using /mobile url
 +  * AU: Scouter role of '​Other'​ wasn't enabled
 +  * AU: Check for a potential error on sharing calendar mode
 +  * AU: COMMISSIONER:​ Some sections were showing up in the usage report as expired
 +  * Saving scouter record wasn't backing up to the correct page due to undefined variable reference
 +  * An empty "​Section Identifier"​ field was being being shown when updating your own account'​s collaboration label/​colour swatch
 +  * Replaced use of "​Section Identifier"​ with "​Section Key" and also made sure that all instances of "​section"​ were localized
 +  * If you filtered the list of youth by an email address that was an "​Other"​ contact, the display in the list of email contacts contain HTML snippets relating to the highlighting
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ Corrected some typos in the welcome message sent when creating a new account
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ Login created during 3rd Party account creation didn't have update notified timestamp
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ Email welcoming additional scouter created during 3rd Party account creation was using the wrong sender name
 +  * SS-542: All special awards coming up as "Chief Scout'​s Award" on the personal record sheet
 +  * Undefined function when creating a new trial account
 +  * ADMIN: Default state of missing boolean params didn't match documentation
 +  * Changing single youth'​s status to Active, and get asked if you want to copy records or just update the status
 +  * If you drill down to a runner/​tracker,​ then click on "​Transfer to another Pack", you get a warning about moving up a non-Howler
 +  * When a master is an inactive scouter in a section, you can't connect to the account (despite being master). ​ Need to override the active flag to ensure that the master is always active (check appearance in lists)
 +  * SS-544: Were getting a misleading "​unknown user" login failure if there were two LoginEmail records, even if one wasn't actually being used
 +  * ST-9: Duplicating events also duplicates the post-event notes
 +  * Revamped the way tallies are recorded, allowing retroactively going back and reversing credit for old events
 +  * SS-550: Quick pick not marking BCC recipients if they'​re two-deep scouters (but they'​re on the CC line)
 +  * Merging members wasn't displaying home account key
 +  * SS-567: Force inactivated techcontacts to be active
 +  * Catch a potential re-scorecarding error after merging two youth
 +  * Prevent a red-herring log message about deleted youth
 +  * Missing YLT images on Personal Record Sheets
 +  * COLONY: Missing northern nights tail image on Personal Record Sheets
 +  * SS-556, SS-171: SS-586: Can you build the list of map locations (e.g., Jungle Map) with multiple instances of each location (e.g., "​Baloo'​s Cave")
 +  * SS-550: When section-wide BCC-only option is selected, and you compose an email and "Add Everyone",​ if you subsequently go to "Quick Pick" it's not putting a checkmark beside the two-deep scouters'​ emails