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Release 14.0 - Key Features

Scouts Australia

G'day from down under! Scouts Australia has now joined Scouts Canada in adopting the underlying technology for their members as they roll out their new “Pioneer” Program (very similar to our “Canadian Path”, but they've done some awesome things with their upper-stage OAS's… surfing anyone?).

The Australian edition of ScoutsTracker is branded as “Pioneer Tracker”, and is available via So if you see any questions/references to “Pioneer Tracker” on the ScoutsTracker Discussion Group, there's a good chance that their questions will relate directly to features in ScoutsTracker. They probably won't be asking any licensing questions, because Scouts Australia is making Pioneer Tracker freely available to Australian Scouting groups! (But, note, in order to create a Pioneer Tracker account, you need a special Group-specific validation code that you can only get from Scouts Australia.)

So how does this new Australian edition impact this release? Well in addition to the user branding/terminology/content that varies from edition-to-edition, Scouts Australia's stringent youth data security requirements stipulated that their data have specific hosting requirements, so there was a significant amount of work in adding configuration issues to allow the server code to understand that it has different responsibilities over different data sets.

Scouts Australia has also opted to provide their own first-line support, so there was effort put in (behind the scenes) to allow their staff and volunteers to formally help out with their Help/Support Desk portal.

These were all big changes that justify an release number upgrade from 13 to 14… even if it's not really obvious to ScoutsTracker users that much has changed.

Admin and Back-End changes

In addition to Scouts Australia changes, there were also signficant (overdue) back-end changes:

  • Revamp of Apache mod_rewrite rules
  • Added message for Chinook and NLC users re licensing
  • Added number of emails sent to account lookup
  • Updated protocol detection for development URL's
  • More exhaustive inference of volume's section type (for vocab)
  • Report the SOAP credentials
  • Added an isEmailMaster method to constrain the webhook polling
  • Add ability for Councils or Areas or NSO's that pay to get a logo and credit
  • Have a redeployment script for badges.manifest, so we can add fonts
  • Have a redeployment script for /main/index, so that the OG:image etc are correctly specified
  • Badge spreadsheet reader could return floats for some numeric cells
  • Avoid potential NPE when unlicensing accounts
  • doesn't redirect to
  • WIKI: Parameterize organization name/logo

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Self-generation of invoices for payment by cheque and e-transfer
  • Added “Copy” button to a number of fields
  • Add hints re adding Commissioner account to license mix
  • Improved presentation of creole formatting tips
  • Get rid of “(imported)” annotation for newly-imported youth/scouters
  • Removed red-herring log statement upon logout
  • BuildEventSummary list of attendees should be indented
  • Provided more information in the summary for the “Do” section of edited events
  • Streamlined process for creating accounts (automatically guided through process of selecting Council/Area/Group)
  • “You must select a PIN” message concludes with setting the focus on the appropriate input
  • When entering other section's key, the resulting label “Scouts” vs “1st Erindale - Scouts” depends on whether the key is from the same group
  • Deferred loading of invoice image
  • Filtering youth is now incremental with each key stroke
  • Phones, addresses and patrols and highlighted by filter text
  • If you're oversubscribed on a volume license, the number of accounts default to the current number of sections

Bug Fixes

  • Race condition means that you WYSIWYG editor is not initialized by the time you click on it
  • Fixed possible (but harmless) NPE upon entering an invalid email as a youth contact
  • Scouting year rollover meant that no emails were being shown, but also no “Fetch 2017-2018 Emails” button
  • Fixed ani-placeholder issues with Validation Key and Collab section name
  • Non-licensable editions should not prompt for renewal
  • Fixed incorrect URL in the the “your bookmark needs to be replaced” dialog
  • ani-placeholder text overlaps with field value until focus is set/changed
  • Can create area account with name “undefined”
  • Customizing name of related section didn't stick
  • COMMISSIONERS: “Connect via my other logins” had poorly-worded text for the header of other commissioner logins
  • COMMISSIONERS: Usage Report omitted Groups/Areas that had previously invited the license-owning account.
  • COMMISSIONERS: wrong label when creating 3rd party accounts
  • ParseMigrationKey was returning an entire JSON object for the sectiontype, as opposed to just a string
  • Overaggressive culling of unused attachments
  • Creole formats that had a “#” (for numbered list) as the first item weren't being treated correctly (actually shows up as “#”)
  • Error on browsing to embedded event links
  • Import dates were not respecting timezone
  • Caught potential NPE in attachment-less notes
  • Was not actually supporting dd/mm/yyyy date format in ImportServlet
  • Catch possible NPE on invalid connections (no sectionID)
  • App wasn't launching due to query to BadgeImage returning null
  • Transferring youth wouldn't mark them as inactive
  • Updating custom inventory sometimes wouldn't work
  • COLONY: missing beaver map (no program areas or map locations on Home Page)
  • Fixed bad SQL in “Master” login handling
  • Detect a NPE and ASSERT instead

Patch (2018-09-13)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Trim whitespace from event notes before displaying them
  • IMPORT: Adapted to new official MyScouts Scouting Role value
  • Renamed “Inactive Scouts: SHOW/HIDE” to “Show inactive Scouts: YES/NO”
  • Set focus to section key input field when moving up youth
  • Share calendar needs labels for the checkboxes, needs a Copy button beside the URL. Needs descriptive subtext
  • COMMISSIONERS: Hide optino to show other schedules' meetings when only sharing your own schedule
  • Deselecting all labels no longer permitted when overriding youth's attendance at event
  • Tidied up logic for displaying opt-in email preferences
  • When creating new account, default creator to opting-in to all emails
  • IMPORT: detect invalid member numbers

Bug Fixes

  • AU: Wall Chart didn't find matches for OAS's if minStage != 1
  • AU: Can't set min/max OAS levels
  • Prevent trying to start a transaction on an already-transacting db session
  • Was sending signup notifications for Scouters marked as inactive
  • Timeout for fetching history was too short
  • Improved padding on toggle switches
  • Endless loop reverting dirty 'transactions'
  • Caught potential NPE when volume section key refers to an inactive section
  • Couldn't select 0 nights as an youth attendance override value
  • ST-3: “important date” events had signup
  • TROOP/PACK: Personal Achievement Badges were not visible
  • Links to trail cards was broken after latest SC website redesign
  • IMPORT: ST-4: youth role was always being reset
  • IMPORT: ST-5: “Import from MyScouts” couldn't handle extended characters in MyScouts official group names
  • COMMISSIONERS: Sharing Group calendar was ignoring “include other sections' schedules” setting
  • Fixed vocab for optin label used in no-email glyph
  • IMPORT: handling of group names with special characters
  • Prevent endless recursion on deleting account
  • Reload page upon importing to ensure logins are presented correctly
  • Wasn't reporting the reason why very large images couldn't be embedded

Patch (2018-09-27)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • IMPORT: better effort at guessing year-in-program
  • Combined Windsor and Essex Areas
  • Prevent addition of deleted sections in “Account” | “Collaboration” | “Add other Section”
  • Added X-ALT-EVENT descriptions to iCalendar file so you can have HTML descriptions in Outlook
  • Send license renewal message to people who pay by cheque or e-transfer. Also include payer and master login in list of recipients
  • Licensing alert glyph should have a tooltip explaining what it's alerting about
  • Make non-badgemasters/youth be able to see all the “account” fields… but tell them why they can't click on them (to reduce support requests)
  • Enable asynchronous sendMail, with automatic resends on failure
  • Related Events listing nominally only shows events that occur after the youth joins the section, but should also look at earliest badge records, in case the joined-the-pack date is wrong
  • Queue up messages to send to work around mandrill Bad Gateway errors?
  • Prevent assertion after Mandrill time-out error
  • Better handling of Mandrill errors when checking isMailable
  • Mark finalized in bulk
  • Check year-in-program and/or select-all when moving up youth (to prevent against moving up entire section)

Bug Fixes

  • Catch potential NPE during janitor process
  • COMMISSIONERS: hard-deleting a section needs to check the Volumes for usage of the section as the tech_section_key
  • Moving up was tacking “needs merge?” onto all youth
  • If you belonged to a deprecated Area, the price calculator was reporting zero
  • PACK: new accounts being created without the “Canadian Path Only” setting
  • QUADRANT: delete old 'a2' badge
  • Disable “no admins” ASSERT (getSectionAdminEmails:665) for sections that were merged (and consequently have *no* leaders)
  • COMMISSIONER: when sharing with “show other sections' schedule” set, some section calendars were missing from aggregate calendar
  • Getting a red-herring “You don't have permission to do that” when changing the start-of-week calendar option if you're a youth/parent or viewing an embedded calendar
  • Couldn't see meetings in embedded/shared schedule of a single account
  • Invitations from deleted Groups/Areas would linger forever under “Account” | “Collaboration”
  • Passing in wrong argument to extendVolumeInfo
  • Conversion of outing notes to plaintext was missing lots of HTML that could be converted
  • Addressed issued of multiple loginemail entries screwing up attempts to sign in
  • Inserting RSVP buttons was giving error message when the deadline was today
  • RSVP: can't include RSVP buttons for events with no signup deadline (recently added bug)
  • ADMIN: summary report was trying to lookup common DB ID using the domain
  • SEA SCOUTS: had to sign in everytime you connected
  • RSPV: can't include RSVP buttons for events with no signup deadline (recently added bug)
  • COMMISSIONER: corrected URL in collaboration invite
  • ROVERS: if you weren't exclusively on the Canadian Path, then the OAS were showing up twice in “Reports” | “Wall Chart”
  • Some old manually-added collaboration sections were showing up as scouter-only
  • AU: “Copy” button beside event sharing URL is misaligned
  • Incorrect fields were being displayed in the group-plan when editing subscribed event
  • Mirroring events wasn't creating (or destroying) an outingSubscription object. This meant that changes to source items weren't being reflected in home account
  • AU: Rovers can go to 7th year
  • With two tabs open to different account at the same section level, both would share the same customized welcome text

Patch (2018-10-02)

Quadrant Enhancements

  • Non-apprentice members are automatically not eligible for classes
  • Remove birthdays from schedule
  • Can no longer add/edit companies explicitly
  • Adding marine company now auto-adds company name, just like employer
  • Added MST as contact role
  • Added Classes L1-L4, and migrated existing classes
  • “Personal” events is no longer a concept
  • Levels now have use “tallypass” auto-logic to determine whether a requirement is complete
  • Implememented the “tallypercent” link

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Just show “Dues” (rather than “Special Dues”) when displaying section events
  • Better check for empty notes (include blank paragraphs) when displaying event summary
  • Make section-dependent defaults for whether new logins are parent, youth or indeterminate
  • Adding logins that already exists now explains that the welcome message didn't need to be sent
  • Adding a login via “Account” | “Youth” | <name> | “Add a Login” should report an error if the login already exists
  • Filtering the list of youth now checks the youths' email contacts
  • Opt-in by default to invitations
  • COMMISSIONERS: filtering the list of youth now checks the sections' email list
  • Added live filter for scouters (just like it works for youth)

Bug Fixes

  • COMMISSIONER: Schedule wasn't showing related section events unless you first went to “Schedule” | “Options”
  • Adding a login via “Account” | “Youth” | <name> | “Add a Login” wasn't correctly updating the access table
  • Creation of new meetings by clicking on the right day-of-week wasn't respecting the auto-enable signup setting
  • A couple of instances of “Scouters” weren't localized

Patch (2018-10-10)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Made WelcomeMessages and Troop messages asynchronous
  • ADMIN: minimized the number of database sessions created when editing events
  • ADMIN: updated cleanupTechPermission to detect non-master logins with the master permission
  • Better hint if trying to upload an image with an invalid extension
  • Back up to list of leaders after completing a leader-merge

Bug Fixes

  • Deal with signups on a youth-by-youth basis, so parents can sign up even if the scouter has the event open (and hasn't changed the signups) (ST-7)
  • Couldn't set youth's year-in-program back to “0th year” (SS-428)
  • AU: removed a hard-coded reference to “MyScouts”

Patch (2018-10-12)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Reduced number of server calls on connecting
  • Eliminated unneeded youthProgress upload on connecting
  • Multi-row signup notes display in auto-resizing text box

Bug Fixes

  • Going to “Account” | “My Login” didn't look like changes to Opt-In Email Preferences were being saved (they were, but just weren't displaying correctly)
  • Tooltip on Account alert says “will expire in 60” (missing “days”)
  • COMMISSIONER: couldn't filter sections if one of the sections had no email metadata
  • Couldn't update Scouters' dietary restrictions
  • FIREFOX/ANDROID: got a error message on first attempt to enter PIN
  • Updating signup notes not triggering change

Patch (2018-11-14)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • COLONY: Added target fundraising label/badge
  • Added YLT badges
  • Added means to have embedded images in badge requirements (as required by YLT)
  • PAB's that have been converted to Special Awards weren't showing up correctly in PRS
  • COLONY: Added “Other” section for YLT and converted PAB's
  • Re-enabled event label glyph for reminders and implicit events
  • Added filter highlighting to summary of allergies/diet/notes
  • Replaced “ASM” with “SRM” to reflect the new SC terminology
  • COMMISSIONER: Re-enabled Emergency Contact Info for Key People
  • LOG: Downgraded RSVP ASSERT to a warning
  • LOG: Catch poorly-formed transactions and skip them
  • LOG: Downgraded Janitor ASSERT to a warning
  • Better attempt to process mis-encoded email addresses (
  • ADMIN: Don't send youth transfer emails to support
  • Merging wasn't merging member contact details (address, phone)
  • RSVP: Always default to “first, last” format for MEMBER_NAME

Bug Fixes

  • When editing event times, start/stop day wasn't being dynamically update (i.e., only after saving)
  • When editing event times, determination of next day was incorrect if the event's rollup was hours, and the number of hours was less than the event duration
  • Reinstated the statusbar in the tinymce editor
  • Dakemi logo doesn't show up in invoices if using /mobile url
  • AU: Scouter role of 'Other' wasn't enabled
  • AU: Check for a potential error on sharing calendar mode
  • AU: COMMISSIONER: Some sections were showing up in the usage report as expired
  • Saving scouter record wasn't backing up to the correct page due to undefined variable reference
  • An empty “Section Identifier” field was being being shown when updating your own account's collaboration label/colour swatch
  • Replaced use of “Section Identifier” with “Section Key” and also made sure that all instances of “section” were localized
  • If you filtered the list of youth by an email address that was an “Other” contact, the display in the list of email contacts contain HTML snippets relating to the highlighting
  • COMMISSIONER: Corrected some typos in the welcome message sent when creating a new account
  • COMMISSIONER: Login created during 3rd Party account creation didn't have update notified timestamp
  • COMMISSIONER: Email welcoming additional scouter created during 3rd Party account creation was using the wrong sender name
  • SS-542: All special awards coming up as “Chief Scout's Award” on the personal record sheet
  • Undefined function when creating a new trial account
  • ADMIN: Default state of missing boolean params didn't match documentation
  • Changing single youth's status to Active, and get asked if you want to copy records or just update the status
  • If you drill down to a runner/tracker, then click on “Transfer to another Pack”, you get a warning about moving up a non-Howler
  • When a master is an inactive scouter in a section, you can't connect to the account (despite being master). Need to override the active flag to ensure that the master is always active (check appearance in lists)
  • SS-544: Were getting a misleading “unknown user” login failure if there were two LoginEmail records, even if one wasn't actually being used
  • ST-9: Duplicating events also duplicates the post-event notes
  • Revamped the way tallies are recorded, allowing retroactively going back and reversing credit for old events
  • SS-550: Quick pick not marking BCC recipients if they're two-deep scouters (but they're on the CC line)
  • Merging members wasn't displaying home account key
  • SS-567: Force inactivated techcontacts to be active
  • Catch a potential re-scorecarding error after merging two youth
  • Prevent a red-herring log message about deleted youth
  • Missing YLT images on Personal Record Sheets
  • COLONY: Missing northern nights tail image on Personal Record Sheets
  • SS-556, SS-171: SS-586: Can you build the list of map locations (e.g., Jungle Map) with multiple instances of each location (e.g., “Baloo's Cave”)
  • SS-550: When section-wide BCC-only option is selected, and you compose an email and “Add Everyone”, if you subsequently go to “Quick Pick” it's not putting a checkmark beside the two-deep scouters' emails
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