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Release 5.1 - Key Features

Personalizable, per-requirement notes!

Leaders can now added comments/suggestions to individual requirements, and those notes will be visible to all youth.

Youth can add personal comments that will only be visible to themselves and the leader. In this manner, a youth can mark a requirement as ready to test, and include some text, or a link to prove they are complete. A leader can add something to the youth's personal note indicating what he thinks of the youth needs to accomplish.

The new Notes support full wiki formatting, same as can be done in event descriptions.

Youth/Login Creation Improvements

You now can (indeed, must) pick the youth that a new parent login will access

If when creating a youth and you specify an email that is already in use (e.g., a sibling), it'll just add the new youth to the existing Login.

Account Deletion

You can now can delete a personal or trial account. This is useful when multiple leaders have created trials, and now want to consolidate on a single account.

Sign In Persistence

A checkbox controls whether you stay signed in between sessions.

Bug Fixes

  • TROOP: whether lanyards show up in the ready-to-award report for Scouts with new uniform is now an option.
  • PACK: wintercubbing #5a/b didn't need to be tallies, but #5c did
  • PACK: naturalist #7 didn't need to be a tally
  • COLONY: fixed the requirements for the Bronze Beaver award

Patch 5.1.1 (2012-03-05)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • PACK: Tenderpad requirements now added
  • “Other” activity can now be multi-day

Bug Fixes

  • Inactive scouts are no longer included in summary report
  • Pasting from clipboard into an input field resulted in double text
  • PACK: error in Reader #3a,#3b completion logic
  • PACK: typo in Geocaching bug

Patch 5.1.2 (2012-03-07)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • You can now customize the completion logic for a requirement (e.g., change it to completion by subrequirements) from the floaty. You could previously do this via the “Account” | “Advanced' | “Customize' | <Badge> | <Requirement>, but that's a bit cumbersome
  • Adaptively compress the font/layout of outings when there are many, so that you can fit more than 32 on a record sheet

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a publish error of the Section Summary for large, highly active sections
  • Fixed a bug in which one-day events were showing up as two-day events
  • Fixed a badge completion logic error for “complete 1 of N” expressions
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