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Release 14.3 - Key Features

ScoutsTracker "Hello"

The Commissioner account (for Groups) now includes the ability to create an instant automatically-updated website that aggregates all the information (News, Events, Contacts) from your section accounts in a single website for your Group.

Parents, Youth and Scouters can pick which sections they are interested in seeing, and filter the information that's presented to them.

It also contains an “About Us” page that you can customize to highlight your Group's specific strengths/focuses at each section level, and augment with some of your favourite photos of the youth having great adventures.

There's also an optional page that you can customize with whatever information you want… be it details on the Group-wide fundraising, season reminders about summer Camp Programs, re-registration details, etc.

And of course, there are the obligatory links back to some key SC pages (JOIN, MyScouts, Safe Scouting, Uniform badge placement, etc.)

Shared/Embedded Schedule Performance

The performance of an embedded schedule was increased by about 10x. The speed with which the details of event links loads also improved.

Embedded section and Group calendars now have toggles to control which accounts are shown on the calendar

The code for embedding a calendar in an existing website has been moved from “Account” | “Advanced” | “Embedding” to “Schedule” | “Share”.

The UI for embedding the entire app in a custom website has been deprecated, as this functionality is now better served through ScoutsTracker “Hello”.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Cleaned up keyup code for lightboxes to reduce the number of callbacks
  • COMMISSIONER: Enabled Home Account for GYC's, AYC's
  • Print a meaningful message when trying to import pre Excel 97/2003 spreadsheet
  • AU: added roster report

Bug Fixes

  • SS-730: no sections offered under “Account's” “Inventory” | “Options” | “Use another account's inventory”
  • Searching for events was ignoring the 'show personal events' setting
  • Amount owing report was looking through personal events
  • Make isPaymentApplicable not consider personal events
  • Inactive leaders were still being added as default event contacts
  • SS-828: Transfer/Moveup list of sections wasn't including auto-collaboration sections
  • Now only do selective deletion of embedded noteAttachments
  • AU: PT-50: EMAIL: Clicking on insert links wasn't doing anything
  • AU: PT-52: Collaborating units weren't showing up in the Move Up list
  • AU: Found two instances of “Section” that should have been “Unit”
  • AU: PRS: should use “blank.gif” for any badge that has no image
  • AU: PRS: SIA's had wrong label (PAB's)
  • AU: PRS: SIA's were overflowing the column box

Patch (2019-02-15)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • UNSUB: Unsubscribe takes you to a landing page, where you can undo an accidental unsubscribe
  • Search now allows you to find email addresses used by members, including Scouters' BCC emails
  • A variety of REST-ful servlets now use consistent product branding
  • AU: Rebranded to support New Look

Bug Fixes

  • Migrating youth and using a raw key wasn't trimming whitespace
  • UNSUB: Unsubscribe link in many emails says “Signed in as” instead of “My Login”
  • RSVP: PT-59: Placeholder could get corrupted if copy-n-pasted, so now do a cleanup
  • RSVP: Doesn't recognize bcc email addresses for scouters
  • Quick Pick wasn't highlighting the Add/Remove buttons if you manually seleceted an individual or patrol
  • Report of event labels no longer shows missing images
  • AU: Challenge areas images were just blank
  • AU: SIA “In Bulk” header was blank

Patch (2019-02-25)

"Hello" Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • ENH: Sections now sorted alphabetically
  • ENH: Added privacy notes to the Hello website description
  • ENH: Added new “is 'general inquiry' contact” setting to logins
  • ENH: Tidied-up printing of calendars (also in /embed)
  • BUG: “Today” link shows up on wrong month (also in /embed)
  • BUG: Fixed a logic bug that determined whether the “Visit” button was shown on the Hello configuration page
  • BUG: Inactive (but not deleted) scouters were being included in the list of contacts

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • COMMISSIONERS: Added an “Add All 1st Muddy Paw Accounts” button to “Collaboration” that guides you through the process
  • COMMISSIONERS: “Uninvite” now called “Unlicensed” if the account is known to be licensed. Actually still does an uninvite
  • Suppress assertion when no remote keys selected, offer useful message when viewing embedded calendar
  • Hovering over one event in the calendar highlights all other days' entries for the same event
  • Got rid of annoying autocompletion in sidebar search and PIN dialog
  • Radically sped up the time it takes to do a big Give Credit

Bug Fixes

  • AU: “Reports” | “All Events” had SC terminology
  • AU: “Reports” | “All Events” | “By Challenge Area” images were too big
  • After a “show all stages” in OAS, one of the list items didn't have a top border
  • Queue uploaded tallies for subsequent processing to prevent timeout look
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