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Release 15.0 - Key Features

Feature: SC Adventure Application Form

The new Scouts Canada Adventure Application form is integrated with ScoutsTracker. Specifically, any Category 2 or 3 event requires that an AAF be submitted. An AAF may be created for any event, and will be auto-populated with information from the event (e.g., name, date, location, scouter-in-charge, description/purpose, transportation plan, expected participants and their member #'s, emergency contact info, etc.) The scouter-in-charge then completes the form by checking off all the appropriate checkboxes. When complete, the form may be e-signed and submitted to your GC. Your GC then receives and email notification that contains the form, and any required attachments. If your GC is satisfied, they can click an “Approve” button and e-sign the application. The form is then marked as “approved” for that event, and forwarded to National for archiving.

Category 1 events may also have AAF's, but since they are not actually required for Category 1 events, they are simply sent to your GC to keep them in the loop, and do not need to be approved.

Attachments can be tagged as needing to be included in the AAF. I.e., the “Gear List” included in the event description for youth and their parents does not need to be included in the AAF, but the emergency plan does.

You can reopen and resubmit an AAF if a change the event details mandates that it should be resubmitted. Indeed, under certain circumstances (e.g., increasing the risk category), previously-submitted and/or -approved AAF's will automatically be flagged as obsolete.

If your GC does not use ScoutsTracker, they can still print off a copy of any completed AAF that they receive by email, and manually sign and archive it. If this is the case, there is a per-event switch that you can set that stops ScoutsTracker from always complaining about unsubmitted/unapproved AAF's.

Feature: Additional Event Fields

Events now have additional field to help comply with the updated SC BP&P policies. In particular events now have Risk Category (as per policy 29), Scouter-in-Charge, Tour Permit and Transportation Plan fields. The Risk Category is inferred from the type of activity (e.g., a more than 3-day outing would be category 3, anything with paddling is at Category 2, etc.).

The Risk Category also influences the defaults for the minimum Safety Qualifications.

Feature: Parents and other non-youth contacts

There is a now a new classification of person: “Other Participants”. This classification is used for people who are typically not members of the Organization, i.e., parents, instructors or other adult helpers.

The classification was warranted because of the integration with the new Adventure Application, in which there is a special section for the enumeration of adults who aren't Youth, and aren't Scouters.

Other Participants may be invited to events and may be cc'd on emails; but as non Youth members, they cannot progress through the Program.

By default, Other Participants are ineligible to attend most events and are hidden from lists (e.g., Emergency Contact info), so that your default experience will be the same as before Other Participants were supported. However, you can explicitly make certain Other Participants eligible to attend specific events, whereupon they'll show up in all the lists in an appropriate “Other Participants” section.

Feature: Customizable Email Recipient Lists

You can now create and save arbitrary lists of email recipients. This allows you to create, for example, a list of all the members who are heading to WJ'19, or all the members of the Troop Council, or a quick list of all the PL's.

These lists can be created/(re-)edited/deleted at any time.

Additionally, by popular demand, the Commissioner edition's Email “Quick Pick” allows the selection of youth/scouters/other in addition to the selection of the sections. I.e., you can send out a message to all the Beaver+Cub parents, or all the scouters in Venturers+Rovers, or any other combination of member role and section.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Added hasnote requirement completion logic
  • Added support for calendar requirements (coupled with hasnote, enables automatic completion of requirements when a date is selected)
  • Optimized speed of uploads
  • Added nicer tab title to shared calendars
  • “Home” | “My Signups” no longer sorts the results in reverse chronological order
  • Notes are now located at the end of the competency text, rather than after the (possibly hidden) details
  • If a badge only has a single requirement, then don't bother showing a (un)completion message
  • SS-1111: Filter signup sheet to exclude the NO's
  • EMAIL: Eliminated need for separate “Scout/Scouter” quick pick pages
  • SS-1191: Optimized uploading performance
  • Improvements in the presentation and organizing of event fields
  • Filter out personal events that only have deleted youth in them (e.g., pack-1012, oct 7 2015)
  • HELLO: Add signup deadline reminders to /embed and /hello
  • Added missing unsaved changes flags to some edit-event fields
  • Improved consistency of back button terminology and case-use in event editing
  • When creating youth, if you enable “add login” and you enable “Is parent”, you'll be able to give a name to the created login
  • Optionally show signup instructions on signup sheet (because it's not needed for taking attendance)
  • Add member number to signup/attendance worksheet
  • Add option to include emergency info on signup/attendance worksheet
  • Major overhaul of the UI for generating signup/attendance worksheets
  • Split buildEventSummary to have a dedicated item for “Signup Options / Fees”, and the existing view “Signup / Payment / Attendance” list
  • Gave the “My Path” report a dedicated “Print” button
  • Events found by search are sorted by descending date, rather than ascending
  • Prepended “Real” to front of label for First and Last Name fields
  • Minor presentation improvements
  • SC: QUALS: Support new First Aid standards (and deprecate EFA) for events:
  • SC: QUALS: Support new Swimming standards (and deprecate SG) for events:
  • SC: QUALS: Add “Food Safety”
  • SC: Adopted new “Two-Scouter” terminology (replaces “Two-Deep” terminology)
  • SC: SS-1277: When a youth is moved up, we can automatically set the Canadian Path link badge requirement
  • SC: SS-1277: Include the previous “Canadian Path - <section>” badges in the list of badges that are copied up when a youth moves up
  • AU: “Intro to Scouting” transactions are moved up with a Youth
  • AU: You can pick which OAS stream you want to use to mark the badges as complete

Bug Fixes

  • SS-1133: Connections of some accounts were timing out
  • SS-1138: Couldn't drill down to events that had youth with deposits paid, but never signed up
  • A sync error could leave you trapped in a situation in which you couldn't do a manual sync
  • SS-1153: Link in RSVP email fails to go to the event
  • SS-1148: Unlicensing Group account could leave dangling master logins that couldn't change their PIN/password
  • Badges that had named and unnamed requirement sections were not showing the first (unnamed) section in the Bulk Initialization report
  • Some network failures could leave g_activeSync set, preventing further syncs
  • Prevent editing of implicit events (birthdays, signup deadlines)
  • SS-1200: Attendance wasn't being recalculated after merge, requiring a “Reload from Server”
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-1218: Some sections impacted by enabling 'auto collaborate' weren't showing in list of pushable sections
  • SS-1231: Couldn't see mandatory auto-collaboration sections in your Schedule Options “Other Schedule” or in the shared inventory picker
  • Drilling down to the youth Status page could generate a “There are unsaved changes” message
  • SS-1260: Licensed Group account holders creating new additional accounts were also having new accounts licensed
  • Grouping dropdown in Signup/Attendance worksheet was being misaligned if you toggled IN/OUT
  • Typo in an instance of the word “upcoming”
  • Manually inserted youth weren't persisting the quals or contacts that were specified before the youth was created
  • Adding a note to a badge requirement caused the checkbox to be misaligned
  • Triggering an updateReloadTimestamp wasn't actually forcing a refetch of the badge metadata
  • Sometimes you were getting an unnecessary warning about unsaved changes to youth that hadn't been changed
  • EMAIL: Better sanity testing of editor save issues
  • Creating a new Important Date would allow you to edit min-qualification fields
  • SS-1213: You could transfer a Scouter to an Area, Council or National account
  • Column misalignment in signup/attendance worksheet when IN/OUT option is selected
  • Cancelling out of new event creation (not picking a label) doesn't take you back to the calendar
  • MOBILE: Long attachment names aren't truncated, and cause the event display to screw up
  • MOBILE: Swiping up/down could sometimes result in a flip to the previous/next badge/event
  • SS-1236: The number of rows option on Pack News has no effect if you had cut-and-pasted the text from the “Home” screen
  • COMMISSIONERS: Attempting to delete an attachment from the “Hello” website's Custom Page failed
  • SS-1236: If you copy and paste in text to the News editor that includes a div with the class of “attachmemts”, any lines in that div will get stomped on
  • SS-1279: Transferring a member not triggering a reload in the target section
  • SS-1278: List of related events showed upcoming events that a youth isn't eligible to attend
  • RELEVANT_OUTINGS_ONLY setting suppressed all events if there were no attendees for any event
  • SS-1303: “Some qualifications will be provided by external” toggle wasn't being saved, if there were no min qualifications defined
  • If there was a network delay during the upload/refetch of member information, you could potentially immediately print out reports that showed the member's old name
  • Adding a scouter, and clicking on “Preview” welcome message was annoyingly alerting you that you had unsaved changes
  • SS-1315: Multi-day events from previous month that spanned the first day of the current month wouldn't show on the calendar
  • PTS-159: Stop doing recordPresence for 3rd-party account creation
  • You could try to create a 3rd-Party account without a Group selection
  • PTS-143: Marking entire milestone badge as complete was including some virtual requiremnet ID's that were preventing subsequent sync
  • PTS-166: Converting SIA's to Special Awards wasn't scrubbing subrequirements
  • HELLO: If you expanded the news item of a section that had a lot of text, it was overflowing the container
  • HELLO: SS-1298: Upcoming event names were showing as 'undefined'
  • SC: Fixed favicon lost due to last SC website redesign
  • SC: Fixed broken links due to last SC website redesign
  • AU: updateUnitGroup was using SC organizational hierarchy
  • AU: Fixed an issue where multi-stream OAS' didn't have all three segments (e.g., Aquatics 8 Kayaking has no “Review” segment)
  • AU: Licensing information was available to non-National Commissioners

Patch (2019-08-30)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Signup summary when editing events now wraps the list of YES/NO/MAYBE/UNKNOWN signups
  • QUADRANT: Add telephone numbers below Company name
  • Skip unneeded draft email save
  • iOS: Removed old restriction on uploading from Apple mobile devices
  • CREW: Rovers can now be labeled as “7th Years”
  • Better checking for when moved-up youth need to be annotated with “needs merge?”
  • AU: wired off all event risk category functionality, including application forms

Bug Fixes

  • SS-1324: Extra comma was preventing ST from launching on old versions of Chrome (49)
  • COMMISSIONER: SS-1325: Custom email lists had key people being listed with an arbitary section annotion (e.g., “ - Cubs”)
  • “Other Participants” was still wired off
  • SS-1328: Editing or adding new youth was showing the “Other Participant” roles
  • SS-1329: Event location in embedded calendar can display a '%' instead of a ';'
  • SS-1330: “Add all xxxx” wasn't actually inserting the everyone/parents/leader email addresses
  • SS-1332: When there were no leaders with unknown signup status, then ALL leaders (including inactive) were being listed as unknowns
  • Trying to “add all Signed up YES” wasn't working
  • SS-1339: Some references to “Scout” where it should be “Other Participant”
  • SS-1338: Couldn't create/edit an AAF if launching with /mobile
  • COMMISSIONERS: EMAIL: SS-1330, SS-1335: “Add section scouters” and “Add Key People” weren't working
  • COMMISSIONERS: EMAIL: Sections' youth that had “Other Email Addresses” specified were now showing up in “Add Parents”
  • SS-1340: “Add Non-RSVP'd” wasn't working
  • Incremental filtering of roster members wasn't working
  • COMMISSIONERS: EMAIL: SS-1330: Editing list was ignoring the include flags when saving
  • SS-1331: Important Dates that were pushed/imported from another account were incorrectly adding the default event contacts
  • SS-1355: Accounts needed a “Reload from Server” after migrating youth
  • SS-1354: “Related requirements” couldn't be edited for pushed events
  • Signup option “Allow guests” toggles were misaligned
  • “Account” | “Youth” was redundantly showing Other Participants
  • Events in which there were no youth with unknown status were listing all the youth
  • “History” report was showing an empty event name for progress earned in previous sections
  • SS-1368: AAF: when using custom selections for Other Participants, the pickable list of friends vs adult helpers was swapped
  • Adding a new Scouter record would report that “Scout added.” (not “Scouter added.”)
  • SS-1360: The “parent name” field of a new youth's login wasn't getting cleared each time you added a new youth
  • QUADRANT: Show the Other Participants who have “unknown” signup status
  • SS-1378: Double escaping of apostrophes in confirmation message box
  • SS-1376: AAF approval wasn't working if the GC also had a parent login to the Commissioner account
  • SS-1380: Allergy/Diet/Health info summary wasn't showing up for youth until you drilled down to the details
  • SS-1367 (and others): update tinymce library to 4.9.5
  • COMMISSIONERS: Display of section data was messed up (ugly)
  • When editing list of patrols, when none had been defined, the “Add Patrol” button was misaligned
  • Couldn't manually add new Youth
  • SS-1391: Adding custom lists was adding recipients in the defined line (to/bcc) rather than the selected line
  • Updating of RELOAD_TIMESTAMP after a merge of two youth wasn't wrapped in a transaction
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-1402: Was presenting a red-herring message about no Section receipients being selected
  • List View events say “see listing below”, should actually list the reqs

Patch (2019-09-04)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-1410: Minor improvement to “Import from MyScouts” instructions

Bug Fixes

  • Deprecated support for creole formatting
  • Streamlined tinymce initialization process
  • SS-1427: AAF was showing ScoutsTracker's member ID, not SC's member #
  • SS-1430: Custom recipient list fields weren't being hidden if you subsequently went to “Quick Pick”
  • SS-1411: Email picker and find members shouldn't filter based on Scouters' event participation attribute
  • RSVP: Other Participants who hadn't yet signed up were generating an RSVP NPE
  • EMAIL: SS-1449: “Add Scouters” logic was including Scouters' “Participates in events” setting
  • Reversed changes in which all tinymce editors are created dynamically
  • AU: Wired off emergency info from Signup/Attendance worksheet

Patch (2019-09-14)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Added autosetOfficialGroupStatus to reduce the number of cases when Groups only have one good candidate account
  • “Connect via my other logins” now directs to the correct actual account, instead of just the edition
  • COMMISSIONER: Expose Section Key when drilling down to sections
  • AAF: Support creation of AAF's from Personal accounts (but not submitting them)
  • SS-1440: Date picker month is now a fixed-width element, so the “»” buttons never move
  • SS-1238: Related Requirement for Top Section award #3 (community service) is now migrated when you import/push from/to other sections
  • AU: Improved performance of generating Youth Progress Report
  • AU: Added “Bushwalking (by km)” label
  • QUADRANT: Allow changing categories (Apprentice → MST)

Bug Fixes

  • SS-1479: Former parents who had been given the “is default contact” setting were still being listed as default contacts, event after their kids had aged out
  • All BP&P “Sep 1” policies need to be updated to not say “-sep30”
  • SS-1464: “Update multiple Youth” was allowing you to convert Youth to Other Participants
  • AAF: SS-1465: AAF was only picking up saved values of program description / transporation, etc.
  • “Ready to Award” report was showing nothing when grouped by Scout (rather than by badge)
  • SS-1454: Blank lines being inserted between lines of signature
  • SS-1516: Couldn't uncheck Scouters from event attendance
  • Couldn't drill down on “Home” | “My Path”
  • BEAVERS: Couldn't drill down to Pond Map
  • Embedded calendar still sometimes showed color swatch even when that section was unselected for display
  • Couldn't edit your own Scouter Details from “Account” | “My Login”
  • Downloaded notes were being treated as queued notes
  • SS-1547: Fundraising events were being incorrectly set as Risk Category 2
  • SS-1513: Managing event signup could incorrectly change the Risk Category
  • AU: PT-207: Streamed OAS relied on finding empty segments

Patch (2019-10-07)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • “Exclude from Troop Emails” now defaults to true for Group tech contacts and false for Area/Council tech contacts
  • AAF: Updated Quick Reference
  • ImportServlet should use “Birth Year” rather than “Age”
  • AAF: Better message upon rejecting GC's login attempt
  • Disabled multi-year licenses
  • AAF: Prevent creation/editing of forms if event is missing name/labels/dates
  • SS-1673: AAF: NLC approvals are also archived at the Council
  • SS-1735: Now allow GC's to do last-minute approvals on first day of all-day events (i.e., when the organizer never entered a start time)
  • SS-1740: Sped up download processing by doing it in larger blocks
  • SS-1723: CC'ing the archived AAF was scaring users, so send them a simple notification instead

Bug Fixes

  • SS-1564: Signup notification people could get two copies of email
  • Signup/attendance worksheet was showing Other Participant totals even though “Show Other Participanst” was set to NO
  • Signup/attendance worksheet was not showing guest totals once event had started
  • SS-1548: Signup comments not showing in printed version of the worksheet
  • SS-1491: Suppress emails to Area/Council Tech Contacts
  • SS-1600: Sea Scouts still showed a few references to “Patrol” rather than “Boat's Crew”
  • SS-1584: Bad myscouts data was causing some youth to be imported as “Other Participant”
  • SS-1596: Having multiple sections at the same level in the Group could result in attempts to import the records to the other section
  • SS-1622: Related requirements link in email weren't using the correct URL
  • SS-1608: WHERE clause relating to RELEVANT_OUTINGS_ONLY was using wrong column
  • SS-1597: Updated attachment Servlet to use X-Robots-Tag
  • SS-1625: Blank signatures could cause problems trying to compose event-based emails
  • SS-1583: Transferring youth to another section (same level) wasn't marking them as inactive in their original account
  • SS-1580: Couldn't transfer a Scouter to another section if there had previously been a Scouter with that login email address
  • SS-1571: A few issues relating to import from MyScouts for “Other Participant” records
  • SS-1719: Cancelled events showed HTML in the email editor's insertion menu
  • AAF: SS-1738: Non all-day events could get a message saying that the start time had to be greater than the end time
  • SS-1745: Without admin permission, you couldn't see members' BCC email addresses
  • HELLO: re-editing custom page info would show blank text

Patch (2019-10-15)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • AAF: SS-1695: Added council-specific archiving address for Battlefields
  • AAF: When selecting “Print” | “AAF”, give the user the opportunity to switch to edit mode
  • AAF: SS-1770: Replace text of approval page upon successful approval
  • SS-1721: Auto-infer risk category and first aid quals for legacy events, and add auto-safety setting in “Advanced”
  • SS-1721: Update inferred safety quals to not require swimming for paddling activities

Bug Fixes

  • SS-1671: Area/Council masters couldn't sign up for events in their own sections
  • SS-1765: Attendance report was briefly broken
  • SS-1767: Group-wide import uses org_sc vocab for sections (e.g., “Modify section 'Billy Smith'”)
  • AAF: SS-1772: Wired off ability to create AAF's from a Commissioner account
  • Parents don't need print attendance/signup option in event action menu?
  • “Schedule” | “Options” | “Show other schedules” wasn't annotating the other accounts' names with their section level
  • AAF: SS-1781: Email validation was incorrectly case sensitive
  • AAF: SS-1780: Could not create/edit/view AAF's when offline
  • MOBILE: Scrolling up on any page under #upcoming would set scroll to the top of the page
  • SS-1778: When showing multiple sections on the calendar, the current section was not being lumped in with other subscribing sections
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