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Release 15.1 - Key Features

Feature: IndexedDB Storage

When ScoutsTracker was initially implemented the only widely-supported solution for cross-session persistance of records was the HTML5 feature called “local storage”. However local storage has a number of shortcomings including and extremely limited storage quota, typically about 5 MB. For some extremely large accounts, this was proving to be insufficient.

Then, with iOS 13.2, Mobile Safari slashed the storage quota to around 2.6 MB, rendering it insufficient for moderately large accounts' data.

Consequently, the storage of schedule data has been migrated to the newer “IndexedDB” mechanism which has a vastly-larger storage capacity. From the user perspective, this new storage mechanism should have no visible. I.e., what worked before, will still work in the same way. However the chance of seeing an out-of-storage mechanism will be significantly reduced, and this migration now enables some future enhancements.

However, this does have the impact that with this release, Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported, as it does not implement enough of the ECMAScript 6 standard to support an IndexedDB implementation.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • COMMISSIONER: SS-1770: Enable “Schedule” | “Options” | “Show personal events”
  • SS-1823: Reset the navigation stack upon switching to an aux member, if the page shows the previous youth member's progress
  • SS-1820: Make phone number in printed Emergency list black
  • After clearing the browser cache, the account name could appear on the same line as the word “Account” in the side bar menu
  • After Reload from Server, put up a “checking for sync data…” message to span the 5-10 second interval in very large accounts
  • Increased the performance of synchronization by avoiding duplicate operations

Bug Fixes

  • RSVP: SS-1788: Couldn't send RSVP email to Other Participant that wasn't also associated with a youth
  • “Owing” link on home page was showing as a blank item
  • AAF: SS-1770: Request timeout on AAF gave impression that it had hung
  • AAF: SS-1754: Viewing printable form when running from /mobile wasn't showing the checkbox images
  • MOBILE: App would appear to hang upon initial caching
  • SS-1823: The “Switching to…” lightbox wasn't being dismissed for aux members
  • SS-1811: The “Use this login…” checkboxes weren't showing under “Account” | “Connect via my other logins”
  • FIREFOX, EDGE: SS-1827: PIN characters not being masked when drilling down to Emergency List
  • IE: Tidied up HTML to suppress debug console warnings
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