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 +[[Release_Notes|<<​ List of all previous releases]]
 +====== Release 15.1 - Key Features ======
 +===== Feature: IndexedDB Storage =====
 +When ScoutsTracker was initially implemented the only widely-supported solution for cross-session persistance of records was the HTML5 feature called "local storage"​. ​ However local storage has a number of shortcomings including and extremely limited storage quota, typically about 5 MB.  For some extremely large accounts, this was proving to be insufficient.
 +Then, with iOS 13.2, Mobile Safari slashed the storage quota to around 2.6 MB, rendering it insufficient for moderately large accounts'​ data.
 +Consequently,​ the storage of schedule data has been migrated to the newer "​IndexedDB"​ mechanism which has a vastly-larger storage capacity. ​  From the user perspective,​ this new storage mechanism should have no visible. ​ I.e., what worked before, will still work in the same way.  However the chance of seeing an out-of-storage mechanism will be significantly reduced, and this migration now enables some future enhancements.
 +However, this does have the impact that with this release, **Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported**,​ as it does not implement enough of the ECMAScript 6 standard to support an IndexedDB implementation.  ​
 +===== Miscellaneous Enhancements =====
 +  * COMMISSIONER:​ SS-1770: Enable "​Schedule"​ | "​Options"​ | "Show personal events"​
 +  * SS-1823: Reset the navigation stack upon switching to an aux member, if the page shows the previous youth member'​s progress
 +  * SS-1820: Make phone number in printed Emergency list black
 +  * After clearing the browser cache, the account name could appear on the same line as the word "​Account"​ in the side bar menu
 +  * After Reload from Server, put up a "​checking for sync data..."​ message to span the 5-10 second interval in very large accounts
 +  * Increased the performance of synchronization by avoiding duplicate operations
 +===== Bug Fixes =====
 +  * RSVP: SS-1788: Couldn'​t send RSVP email to Other Participant that wasn't also associated with a youth
 +  * "​Owing"​ link on home page was showing as a blank item
 +  * AAF: SS-1770: Request timeout on AAF gave impression that it had hung
 +  * AAF: SS-1754: Viewing printable form when running from /mobile wasn't showing the checkbox images
 +  * MOBILE: App would appear to hang upon initial caching
 +  * SS-1823: The "​Switching to..." lightbox wasn't being dismissed for aux members
 +  * SS-1811: The "Use this login..."​ checkboxes weren'​t showing under "​Account"​ | "​Connect via my other logins"​
 +  * FIREFOX, EDGE: SS-1827: PIN characters not being masked when drilling down to Emergency List
 +  * IE: Tidied up HTML to suppress debug console warnings