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Release 15.2 - Key Features

Feature: AAF Updates

SC has updated the Adventure Application Form slightly, so ScoutsTracker now conforms to the latest version.

Additionally, due to popular demand, the members' relevant safety quals are now shown beside their name in the list of participants. In this manner, the GC can quickly be reassured that there are sufficient members with the appropriate quals attending the event.

As well there were the following minor changes

  • BUG: Clicking tour permit button on AAF wasn't actually doing anything
  • ENH: Hide the program description select, if “Leave Blank” is the only option available

"Hamburger" Menu

In keeping with modern design practices, the left-hand sidebar can now be shown/hidden by clicking on ☰ in the toolbar. Normally, the menu is open when on wide screens, and hidden on narrow screens, but on medium screens (like tablets or smartphones in landscape mode) where the menu would normally display by default it's sometimes nice to be able to hide the menu and gain yourself some more real estate.

Mobile Calendar Enhancements

The calendar now shrinks down the information it displays as the screen gets smaller. E.g., when the display is small, it'll hide some of the icons it normally shows (e.g., favourite, subscription), hide the time/location, and reduce the event title to a single (clipped) line. This means that on very small screens (where you may only have a paltry 80-100 pixels) you'll still see that there's a Hike on Saturday, without having lots of information being displayed in ridiculously tall and narrow column.

Push Enhancements

Re-worked the push interface, so that the pusher is now explicitly prompted for how the event should be visible in the target accounts… e.g., should it be visible to everyone or just Scouters? Appropriate warnings are given to force the Commissioner to consider whether making something visible to everyone might be confusing if a section has alternative plans for that date.

Additionally, the pusher now has the ability to control whether the accounts' scouters are notified of the event, and if so, there is the ability to add some personalized text to the push notification (e.g., “I finally got around to creating the “BP Banquet” event that we discussed at the GC”)

Login Process Tweaks

Changed the Security PIN challenge dialog to

  • Show you how you are connecting (Scouter, Youth, Other Participant)
  • Let you directly switch to another Login
  • Replaced instructional text with a more helpful “Forgot PIN?” link

Additionally, under “Accounts” the item formerly known as “Connect via my other logins” has now been relabelled “Use a different login”

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • EMAIL: Added “unblock” link for SPAM rejections
  • Show youth's name on Delete Youth dialog
  • Work-around a PayPal bug in which they are returning the “Security Challenge (Prove you're not a robot)” HTML instead of the word “VERIFIED” or “INVALID”.
  • Update timestamp of source event upon deleting of a subscription so Commission event can more quickly reflect the correct list/number of pushed sections
  • Better national/council support for embedded calendars
  • Added a refresh button to the calendar, so impatient users don't have to wait for the next sync

Bug Fixes

  • SS-1851: Couldn't mark youth as Inactive
  • Drilling down to “Account” | “Public Profile” would change the hamburger to “Cancel”
  • Could get a null pointer exception if the sidebar wasn't visible
  • Couldn't cancel out of “Reports” | “Qualifications”

Patch (2019-11-21)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Improved error message when launching in a Firefox 'Private' window
  • Catch a harmless exception in Personal accounts
  • Add tip and link upon connecting to non-official Group accounts
  • Add tip and link upon connecting to Group accounts in which you're an administrator but not opted-in to notification emails
  • Improved the scary warning when Group administrators opt out of receiving notification emails
  • ADMIN: added UA parser to searchUsers
  • AAF: Added a list of tips upon failing to approve an AAF
  • ADMIN: update the license contact with the most recent payer's details

Bug Fixes

  • The “Account” | “Advanced” | “Only working on new Program” toggle always say “YES” regardless of the actual value
  • AAF: SS-1926: Couldn't create AAF if there was no member-in-charge
  • Trying to build the list of event summary signups indexes into wrong table
  • Not resetting section ID when underlying login is moved (support only)
  • SS-1933: Annual Report selector (and other year selectors) had no entries after Reload from Server

Patch (2019-11-29)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Added ability to directly jump to FAQ question
  • Improved “error opening database” warning for Firefox problems
  • Improved detection of Edge in “InPrivate” mode
  • Renewal notice has link to “org-sc” rather than “commissioners”
  • SS-1967: COMMISSIONER: Ensure that tech contacts are updated upon changing login email address
  • ADMIN: support ^ at beginning of searches
  • ADMIN: Ensure that master login is reset to none upon deleting a login that is a tech contact
  • ADMIN: Ensure that accounts are unlicensed before deleting them, and that license contacts are updated
  • ADMIN: Don't bother sending volume status updates for expired volumes

Bug Fixes

  • The commissioner's “not an official account” warning was being displayed in section accounts
  • COMMISSIONER: ScoutsTracker would appear to do nothing when updating “official” status after getting the Group “you're not official” message at launch time
  • SS-1944: Generating calendar bogged down browser when showing large numbers of sections all subscribing to the same event
  • SS-1970: Some links to BP&P policy-29, had bad links
  • SS-1972: COMMISSIONER: Some sections were incorrectly showing the “no photo consent” icon
  • SS-1974: COMMISSIONER: Were getting unsuccessfully prompted to pick a PIN, if you connected from the Commissioner edition and you already had a pre-existing contact, and you had the wrong hash order

Patch (2019-12-18)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Revamped authentication
  • SS-1988: Removed “Add all 1st Muddy Paw Sections” collab option if you were a Group account under an Area/Council license
  • SS-1998: Updated SC text explaining Risk Categories to reference the AAF instead of the COAA
  • “Stay signed in” now has a limit of two weeks
  • AU: Clearer wording when importing events from other age sections
  • QUADRANT: Add an ALWAYS_RESYNC property
  • List of scouters during merge now shows their role/other roles annotations
  • COLONY: Beaver hat tails now annotated with “(Hat)” rather than “(Old)”
  • Hide all perm-master logins from “Use a Different Account” page
  • Can now sign into mastered sections without having to go through licensing account

Bug Fixes

  • Endless recursion changing the email address of the tech contact
  • COLONY/PACK: SS-1980: Events defined in other editions that are linking events are not adding linking map location (e.g., “Akela's Jungle”)
  • VENTURES: Wrong indent for some badges in “Other” category
  • SS-1982: Clicking on next/prev in list of “Other” badges was progressing through arbitrary sequence of all badges
  • “History” report was showing the “(Total = 12)” annotation twice for events that occured in the youths' previous sections
  • Calendar wasn't showing subscription and favourite icons on events, upon first navigating to the Schedule
  • SS-1999, SS-2000, SS-2001, SS-2003, SS-2006, SS-2007: Myriad of tweaks, bug fixes and admin support for auto-created master logins
  • EMAIL: Quick Pick table cell borders were misaligned
  • HELLO: SS-2009: Section accounts that hadn't agreed to join a Group Commissioner account were being listed in the /hello website
  • Malformed /embed end-point was resulting in a NPE rather than a helpful message
  • SS-2020: Cancelled events should not have warnings about missing/unapproved AAF's or unmet safety quals
  • SS-2024: “Ready to Demonstrate” report wasn't showing “final requirements”
  • COMMISSIONERS: sometimes couldn't see birthday reminders after connect as master to a section account
  • AAF: Cat 1 events that had submitted AAF's that were converted to Cat 2+ events were not showing the “your previous AAF is obsolete” flags
  • AAF: Couldn't sign AAF's if you were connected as master

Patch (2020-01-09)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Let scouters be added to an expired account, so former admin can hand-off reins to new scouter
  • Let youth/scouters be transferred OUT of an expired account
  • SS-2078: Yet another SC website redesign broke links, yet again
  • AAF: Archive an actual rendered copy of the form with Council/National, rather than just the fields

Bug Fixes

  • SS-2026: Error clicking on shared event link when logged out
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-2071: Attempting to do an expired “connect” login was kicking to you off-line mode
  • SS-2076: Removed incomplete attachments “Options” button
  • SS-2044: Sea Scout variants got caught in an endless sign in loop
  • SS-2037: Updated link for the Transporation Standards
  • SS-2034: It wasn't posssible to set an event fee for Other Participants, unless you enabled Guests
  • Sea Scout variants were showing “undefined” for the list headers of Other Participants
  • SS-2055: The page title when adding a new Other Participant used the youth moniker
  • AAF: SS-2082: Subscription event's descriptions weren't being included in the Program Description field
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