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Release 15.3 - Key Features

According to the Scouts Canada Adventure Standard, Parent/Guardian consent to participate is required for all events that involve any out-of-country travel (even for short/nearby trips that don't require a Tour Permit) or that are risk category 3. When either of those two conditions are met, ScoutsTracker will automatically help you collect that consent.

To support this, there is now a new “out-of-country” checkbox for events.

When an event requires Parent/Guardian Consent, scouters and/or parents will be record consent for that event. Most easily, it can be done by completely a pre-filled form, and clicking submit. This can be done parents or Scouters who happen to be parents of members. Additionally, consent can be provided via scan(s)/photograph(s) of a printed-out and signed pre-filled form.

Consent can also be provided via the RSVP email buttons.

Consent is fully-integrated into the Adventure Application Form, with the GC being able to click on a link beside each under-18 member (youth or Scouter) to see what was recorded.

Consent is also integrated into the “Quick Pick” mechanism so, for example, you can select all “YES” signups and add them as recipients, then select all those that submitted consent and removed them from the recipient list, leaving on the people you have to send a nag message to.

For more details, see the quick reference guide (

Feature: Organization-Wide Licensing Prep

The information website ( and the “Account” | “License” page have been updated to explain the details of the new license, which will kick in on July 1st.

The “Account” | “License” page also includes details about whether you will be offered the option to request a refund, and exactly how much that refund would be.

Feature: National/Council Calendar Synchronization

In anticipation of the new organization-wide license, there is now a mechanism in place to automatically synchronize events from the official Scouts Canada national and Council Calendars. I.e., when staff add an event to the national calendar, that event will be automatically visible to any account that has opted to display the national calendar.

Adventure Application Form Enhancements

  • ENH: SS-2206: Don't allow resend of AAF if the event category has changed
  • ENH: Offer an “attendance list is attached” option
  • ENH: Explicitly mention the Section Level of the submitted, e.g., “1st Muddy Paw - Scouts” rather than just “1st Muddy Paw”. Yes, it's inferrable from the word “Scouts” in the participation list, but it could explicit?
  • ENH: SS-2074: Allow modifications of all-day events within the first 24 hours of the start time
  • ENH: Feedback to submitter before submission if the GC has opted out of receiving emails
  • ENH: Confirmation to submitter before submission if the GC email address isn't on the list of GC's
  • BUG: “target=_blank” link icon is left-aligned in approval email
  • BUG: SS-2004: Misleading error message when attempting to modify submitted forms
  • BUG: SS-2129: “form too large” errors eventually kick you offline, rather than reporting a useful message

PRC Support Removed

PRC dates are no longer tracked for Scouter and Rover members, and the the “PRC Expiry” report has been removed.

SC was concerned that having data in ScoutsTracker might mean that people wouldn't be too concerned about making sure that MyScouts was promptly updated, and for liability reasons, it is imperative that MyScouts be the sole “record of truth” for PRC's.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Fixed SC typos in risk categories descriptions
  • SS-2109: When changing the Grouping on the signup worksheets, don't warn about losing work (since it's just a printable worksheet)
  • Keep lightboxes displayed until page is updated after adding/removing attachments
  • Sync doesn't dismiss extent lightboxes
  • Consolidate all alertIcons on calendar to show that there's something missing (e.g., no SFA, no AAF, missing consent) rather than showing multiple icons
  • SS-2132: Offer the ability to hide inactive logins when editing a Youth's logins
  • Prevent migration notifications from being sent if no recipients have opted in (was defaulting to no-reply)
  • EMAIL: Show/Hide 'Add all Signed up YES' and 'Add all Non-RSVP'd' for events that do/don't have signup enabled
  • Add “By Risk Category” to event grouping
  • Improved warning when deleting event that has signup or payment information
  • SS-2103: Pasting into editor needs to strip out id (and class?) tags
  • Added volume-based transaction lookup

Bug Fixes

  • Adding a new login via “Account” | “Logins” | <Youth Name> | “Add” was showing the wrong name in a message box if the added email address also accessed another youth in the section
  • SS-2143: Events in calendar collapse after saving event and clicking “« Schedule” button
  • SS-2144: Clicking “Accept” on the EULA page doesn't take you anywhere
  • SS-2131: “Account” | “Logins” logins was showing “0” for all “Other Participants”, even if they did have some logins
  • SS-2135: Horizontal charts grouping of youth wasn't always reflecting the “Group by” toggle if changed on an other page, first
  • SS-2123: Clicking “Accept” on the EULA doesn't do anything
  • SS-2167: Quick Pick shouldn't select non-paying members if the fee for that member is zero
  • PayPal refund doesn't update volume expiry
  • SS-2214: Meetings with signup and guests allowed but zero costs for guests was causing the prepaid dues setting to be ignored for youth who were bringing guests
  • SS-2208: Facebook-appended parameters were screwing up links to badges
  • EMAIL: Could open wrong draft after viewing event between draft sessions
  • EMAIL: Could end up with a long breadtrail crumb when navigating in and out of email archive report
  • COMMISSIONERS: Hide empty line that shows up in unaccepted section invitations

Patch (2020-03-10)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Don't use scary deletion warning for youth with no meaningful records
  • Show scary warning when deleting events with meaningful records
  • SS-2238: Subscribing to an event with a Transportation Plan should let you edit your own copy of that plan
  • Reject emails that end with “.cm”, “.ocm” or “.om”
  • Move change password and change security PIN into their own pages
  • Prevent browser from asking if you want save the security PIN as a password
  • Eliminate need for re-signing in after changing your own email address
  • Lists of logins are now dynamically created
  • Resetting the password and/or PIN of a section master login should update the commissioner login
  • SS-2248: Permit pasting of HTML-styled text into editor, while still stripping out id and class attributes
  • ADMIN: Special license message for Carleton Area accounts
  • Suppress red-herring asserts for login -1
  • ADMIN: Added a SOAP method to record a nat'l license refund

Bug Fixes

  • SS-2232: Clicking EULA on sometimes doesn't navigate to anywhere
  • Drilling down youth details to “Amounts Owed” report has a back button erroneously labelled as “Home”
  • “Amounts Owed” icons were overlapping
  • SS-2227: Exception when trying to determine if deleted member had provided consent
  • SS-2235: More bad links from SC website redesign
  • SS-2234: Couldn't send emails from some events with guests
  • SS-2231: RSVP-generated parent/guardian contsent wasn't being tagged with an account ID
  • Couldn't merge youth
  • Individual purchases made after a multi-section purchase were skewing the refund entitlement calculation
  • SS-2244: Couldn't send emails for events with required deposits
  • QUADRANT: Marks of zero not included in transcript
  • Subscription events have a non-editable Transportation field in summary AND an editable Transportation textarea
  • Prevent metadata decryption exceptions after changing the PIN
  • Fixed HashSet ConcurrentModificationException when importing Pack events into the Troop
  • SS-2250: Auto-collaborate toggle switch not being initialized correctly after Group sets mandatory auto-collaborate

Patch (2020-03-24)

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • ADMIN: Added constrained options to SoapTest
  • Removed deprecated “bring a buddy pin” from inventory
  • Added an “include youth” toggle to qualifications report
  • SS-1108, SS-2281: CP: Cub woggles
  • Only permit a single GC per group
  • SS-2284: Added “Cancelled” tweaks to VCalendar export
  • Better tracking of subscription status of re-pushed events
  • Added “Trouble signing in” topics to help and welcome page
  • AAF: Tweaked wording in Tour Permit section
  • When merging, Wasn't showing discrepancy in the no-contact-permitted setting
  • SS-2283: Some “Other Participants” were being listed as Youth in Attendance summary
  • AAF: COMMISSIONERS: Add “John Doe, since this application requires a Tour Permit, it is your responsibility as GC to forward this approved AAF to the appropriate [Scouting Service Centre], along with all the attachments required by a Tour Permit, at least FOUR weeks in advance of the event.” text to archiving email
  • AAF: Tweak text associated with Tour Permit to make sure it's clear that it's the same thing as the AAF
  • Tweaked styling of cancelled events
  • SS-2279: Applied enhanced styling of cancelled events to embedded calendar
  • Massive eslint cleanup
  • SS-2290: Implicitly give Scouters the “GC” label if they are defined as such in the Commissioner edition
  • Don't prompt for security PIN if the authentication token has also expired
  • Allow 'Use a Different Login' to work even when off-line
  • Renamed table Catalog to CatalogBadge
  • Replaced deprecated 'id' column with 'hibernate_id', removed unused methods

Bug Fixes

  • SAFARI: SS-2259: Duplicate variable name was preventing ScoutsTracker from launching
  • Renewal of volume purchases was generating a NPE
  • EMAIL: SS-2282: Links to badges not correct
  • The “unsaved changes to youth” message could reference “other participant” instead of youth
  • Couldn't re-enable youth contact-permitted for a youth with no logins and no other email addresses
  • Could get overlaid toolbar buttons on some pages
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-2288: Clicking on “Connect” badges might not do anything
  • SS-2291: Some sections couldn't launch ScoutsTracker, based their Scouters' “Other roles” fields
  • SS-2274: Scouters that signed up for an event, and then were marked as not participating in events, were affecting the min qual satisfaction but you couldn't see why
  • Deprecated old program setting and catalog
  • PRS was generating an exception when there was only a single permit available to a section
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