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Release 16.1 - Key Features

COVID-19 Support

This release is centred around changes required to support the running of Program during the pandemic.

The current pandemic staged is tracked by Council, so each account can know its current stage.

The Attendance taking page now has a “Screened?” checkbox, and the ability to record attendance notes for contact tracing. A new self-assessment page is accessible from the attendance page, in case you need to ask the parents/youths the self-assessment questions. And there's a new “Only collect attendance” option on the attendance page that hides all the signup-related columns, making it less cluttered

The Adventure Application Form (AAF) has been modified to confirm to the new Pandemic form, and includes minor bug fixes and presentation enhancements. The AAF is now required for ALL non-virtual events (event Risk Category 1), as long as your Council is operating under a pandemic stage.

As well, the following tweaks were made:

  • COVID-19: Renamed “Adventure Teams” to “Cohorts / Adventure Teams” for the duration of the pandemic
  • COVID-19: BUG: Click on “I'll deal with this later” results in a callbackFalse error

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • SS-2548: Made instructions for receiving Area/Council invites more explicit
  • Don't scorecard Other Contacts
  • QUADRANT: Eliminated max youth check
  • Hide option to bulk update the Youth role if there is only one youth role
  • Updated base AAF to comply with recent changes

Bug Fixes

  • SS-2544: Caught instance where undefined Adventure Teams was interferring with initialization of edit page
  • SS-2550: Mirrored Personal Events were being created in Home Accounts where the youth had been marked as “inactive”
  • SS-2547: SAFARI: Safari no longer accepts the new .webp image format
  • SS-2550: No longer create mirrored Personal events in Home accounts where the youth is inactive
  • SS-2522: Manual “Add Scouter” wasn't working
  • SS-2551: Cleaned up red-herring invites under Collaboration
  • COMMISSIONERS: Council accounts weren't seeing sections automatically grouped by Area
  • COMMISSIONERS: SS-2543: Migration had neglected to include Commissioner inventories
  • QUADRANT: Logic to auto-create companies when adding an employer has a SQL error
  • QUADRANT: Logic to update Other Contacts had a SQL error
  • Initial patrol assignment during youth creation was being ignored
  • For accounts that weren't tracking payments, Bulk updating of youth could still prompt you to confirm that you wanted to change the prepaid dues
  • Error when selecting “Active - Linked up” during Bulk updating of youth, if edition has no MOVEUP_SECTION (e.g., Rovers, Quadrant)
  • Couldn't delete Qualifications
  • SS-2570: Clicking on reactivate hard-locked accounts wasn't displaying the “contact support” message
  • The “Use this login” checkbox wasn't showing up in many cases
  • Had nested transactions error when deleting a patrol
  • ADMIN: mergeAccounts was using the wrong db type when migrating PatrolMembers
  • SS-2569: Former Group licence tech contacts were being omitted from list of “Key People” in Group emails
  • SS-2598: Invalid refresh of youth after deleting patrol
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